Gregory Itzin and Kim Raver Interviewed at 2007 SAG Awards

TV Guide’s Melissa Rivers and Greg Proops interview Gregory Itzin and then Kim Raver on the red carpet at the 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

YouTube Link: 2007 SAG Awards – Gregory Itzin

YouTube Link: 2007 SAG Awards – Kim Raver and Becki Newton


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[..YouTube..] becki’s husband?

[..YouTube..] who? becki newton? she plays Amanda at Ugly Betty

[..YouTube..] who the hell is kim raver? woo! becki newton!!

[..YouTube..] i like her shes so nice and a good person!

[..YouTube..] Kim Raver has a bit long face but she is pretty:) and very nice person.

[..YouTube..] she look better in live camera then in pitures.

her inner beauty make her more beautyfull

[..YouTube..] if you look closly you will see at point: 2:01

becki newton thought that kim has planed that her earring will fell of that way she would get the attention back so kim has thought to her self omg i didnt meen that so she planned to go (kim so nice and good person)

[..YouTube..] I read in Cookie Magazine on Kim Raver. I read that she doesn’t want a social life. Kim surrounds herself with her husband and two children. They go on the beach every weekend. It is a sacred time for them. I don’t really blame her. From what I get is that I don’t really think that Kim cares if she has a career or not. She’s a very happy person.

[..YouTube..] Difference – Kim is not desperate for attention and even goes to walk away in order to allow Becki some limelight. Now that is class.

[..YouTube..] That is so true. Plus, Kim Raver, to me, is more of a working actress that a big star. Kim loves the art of acting. She also chooses her roles very carefully, too. I don’t see Kim Raver playing a slut, prostitute, hooker, and a bimbo anytime soon. That is not in her nature.

[..YouTube..] you know kim have a bit unusual face , her face dosnt have proportion,but she is very pretty and have lots of class , i think she is the only person in hollywood that have class.
brouk shilds have a proportion in her face and she is pretty but i think that there is somthing preetier in kim then in brouk .

[..YouTube..] Kim is so smart. she is such a fast thinker!!

[..YouTube..] YOU RIGHT:)

[..YouTube..] I love Becki <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

[..YouTube..] Becki is awesome!

[..YouTube..] kim is much more pretty then Becki , kim look like a super model!
why do people think that kim isnt verry pretty??

[..YouTube..] I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!

[..YouTube..] Yer thats not a difference though thats just saying what you think about kim.

[..YouTube..] i LOVE becki, she is sooo much prettier than kim

[..YouTube..] Kim is a goddess

[..YouTube..] I love love love love becki mewton, she IS amanda. will miss her

[..YouTube..] @BrookieDavis kim is prettier

[..YouTube..] Becki Newton is fake and evil! Kim Raver is good angel and beautiful!!

[..YouTube..] @gayisrael well, i don’t think so :D

[..YouTube..] gayisrael right Becki is a bit devilish look how she Laughed on kim raver when her Earring fell of. and i think kim is much prettier