Kurtwood Smith

Kurtwood Smith to appear in six episodes of 24 Season 7

Kurtwood Smith says he’ll be appearing in six episodes of 24‘s seventh season and that he’s filming his last big scene. They are currently shooting episode 14.

I can offer a little scoop from Kurtwood Smith, who is a recurring character this season. He said, “I’m doing what I think is six episodes [this season]. I’m in the first episode, and then I don’t come back until episode 10. I’m a U.S. senator, and the first episode is in a hearing room—where I’m grilling Jack—and then a good deal of the rest of it takes place in the White House, and what we’re shooting this week is my last big scene, and it’s just Kiefer and I. It’s a very interesting scene. It really addresses the argument between my character and Kiefer’s attempt at justifying what he has to do.” Kurtwood Smith vs. Kiefer Sutherland? Awesome.

Source E! Online