24 Season 7 Casting call for Clea Bowden, Alan Wilson

24 producers are looking for two new characters – an attorney for Jonas Hodges and a powerful figure named Alan Wilson that sounds ominous.

Question: Is Kim Bauer’s return related to the 24 writers shutting down production for two weeks? Or is there any specific reason for them doing so? — Yong
Wrong, Yong — Elisha Cuthbert’s comeback and the production time-out are unrelated; the powers that be simply wanted a stronger finish to the season. Apparently, they also needed some new characters, as a bunch more are being cast as I type this. One, Clea Bowden, is a thirtysomething Mata Hari who’s as hot as she is cold; she’s an attorney for the day’s public enemy No. 1, Jonas Hodges (Jon Voight). Another recurring newbie is Alan Wilson, a forty-to-fiftysomething Trump who is as powerful as Jonas.

Source Entertainment Weekly