James Morrison interviewed by Zap2It

Zap2It interviews James Morrison (24‘s Bill Buchanan) about being asked back for the seventh season of the show and more.

YouTube Link: James Morrison of ’24’ Shares His Excitement With Zap2it About Being Back


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[..YouTube..] Oh No! I hope Bill doesn’t die!

[..YouTube..] new haircut, new look!

hot, hot, hot!!!

[..YouTube..] He just died in the series…too bad

[..YouTube..] Guess that excitement and glee were short-lived… just like he was. Oh well.

[..YouTube..] I believe in the jack bauer curse.

[..YouTube..] Morrison had already filmed Bill Buchanan’s death at the time of this interview. He “gleefully” kept the secret for 8 months after his character’s demise. There was nothing “short-lived” about his experience on the show in any regard.

[..YouTube..] : ) i know¡¡¡

[..YouTube..] nobody just ‘dies’, he’ll be back.

[..YouTube..] Bill Buchanan had the “silent clock” tribute after his death, which means that the character is gone. To bring him back would break the 24 Golden Rule of the Silent Clock considering they used that technicality to bring back Tony since Tony never got the silent clock.

So sadly, Bill Buchanan will not be back, unless it’s flashback scenes.

[..YouTube..] Not familiar with the ‘silent clock’ tribute. Will look that one up.

[..YouTube..] the silent clock is when they show the count down with no tick-tock sound, usually shown after an important character’s death or an really emotional/turmoil moment.

the arguement they used for Tony’s revival was that when Tony died in Jack’s arms in season 5, there was no silent clock after the scene, whereas when Edgar died in the episode before had the silent clock tribute.

[..YouTube..] It was so tough to see him die.

[..YouTube..] he is not looking to good now although i was very sad to see bill die, R.I.P