James Morrison interviewed on TV Guide’s Hollywood 411

James Morrison stops by TV Guide’s Hollywood 411 to chat about Bill Buchanan’s death and working on the 24 series.

YouTube Link: 24: James Morrison


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[..YouTube..] hes the best Character next to jack,,,, hands down,, i love tony too, but Bill is the Bomb Diggity

[..YouTube..] bill is cool. james is the coolest :D

[..YouTube..] Damnit Bill! Why is your voice so friggin hot? I always lose focus when James is in a scene. It’s a shame you got blown up, I hope you get back from the dead.

[..YouTube..] I miss you Bill!!!!!!!!!!! :(

[..YouTube..] I wish they redo Space Above and Beyond and bring him back Col. MQueen.

[..YouTube..] Bill was awesome. At least he died an honorable death & went down fighting.

[..YouTube..] Love James Morrison since Space above and beyond, but he was a cool dude on 24 as well.

[..YouTube..] Awww! Bill I miss you:-(

[..YouTube..] Hahahahaha anyone else noticed at about 2:12 the presentator says: ‘This is a show around Jack Bauer’s character, Kiefer Shutherland’
Lol laughed at that, anyway =P James is awesome! miss him as Bill =(

[..YouTube..] It is so rare to find people in positions of authority take courageous stands so 24 is wrong to bump these people off, it makes the rest of us feel the good people never win.

[..YouTube..] 24 is and it will be best tv show ever

[..YouTube..] @soundtrack795 Amen Brother

[..YouTube..] @FenstenSpn

lol nice i didn’t notice that.. LOL! jack bauers character Kiefer Shuterland

[..YouTube..] Wait… Bill Buchanan was in four seasons, not three…

[..YouTube..] He played his character very good, very good and was Jacks friend even giving away his life for Jacks. Thanks Bill

[..YouTube..] Bill is like the Dumbledore of 24 lol,
Also he was in for 4 seasons not 3

[..YouTube..] @AlphaSniper001 Yeah! LOL! He is also the Gandalf of 24.

[..YouTube..] @japkap I agree

[..YouTube..] Bill is like the father of the show. The one everyone looks up to. (:

[..YouTube..] we like him a lot like jack and chloe….

[..YouTube..] we like him a lot like jack and chloe….and tony….but jack is no. 1….lol

[..YouTube..] @Y2Dude
ur so right

[..YouTube..] What an awesome voice… I love it.

[..YouTube..] At least Bill went down swinging.