Mido Hamada’s role on 24 extended to 10+ episodes

Mido Hamada
Mido Hamada

Earlier it was reported that Mido Hamada joined the cast of 24 as villain Mehran, the leader of a group of operatives in an Islamic country working against President Omar Hassan (played by Anil Kapoor). It seems as if the crew behind 24 were impressed with Hamada: we’ve been informed he’s been asked to continue for several more episodes.

The full details are as follows:

The extension is secured for seven more episodes with an option of three more. Together with the three he already shot makes it 10 granted, optionally 13.

Ten episodes (with a possibility of thirteen) is certainly a long time for a villain to last on 24. It would appear as if Jack Bauer has his work cut out for him this season.