Scott Dawson joins cast of 24

Scott Dawson

Actor Scott Dawson will guest star in 24 season 8. He is shooting scenes this morning for either episode 17 or 18 which are filming now.

ya know that show where every episode is 1 hr of the day and there are 24 of them? guess who just booked a role on it!
3:57 PM Dec 4th from web

didn’t realize that Katee Sackoff is on 24’s next season. Man, if I get to work with Jack Bauer AND Starbuck… geek heaven!
4:43 PM Dec 4th from web

Source: Official website, Twitter

Update: Scott tells us in the comments that it was a co-star role and not a guest star. He has also revealed on his Twitter page that he is playing a businessman and has already finished shooting his part.

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Hey, thanks for picking up this news. :) To be specific, the role’s actually a co-star but it’s great being here on a very rainy location in downtown.