24 Season 8 Promo: The Suspense Never Ends

YouTube Link: 24 season 8 “Suspense Never Ends” promo (HD)


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[..YouTube..] Thank you Fox for listening to my begging from the other video! Pause at :07 seconds wet Renee coming from a shower half-naked in nothing but a towel. OMG. Whoever wrote that episode is truly a god amongst men. Annie Wersching is one hot mama!

[..YouTube..] Renee seems to be undercover. And Callum Keith Rennie’s character is the bad guy behind her. I love this actor, he was awesome in BSG and Californication, it’s so great he’s on 24.

It confirms what the writers said about Renee being darker this season. I thnk I’ll enjoy it, I love when it’s dark (that’s why the last 10 episodes of season 3 are my favourite episodes of all).

[..YouTube..] Is that really Callum Keith behind Renee? I though its jack at first.

[..YouTube..] i bet u 20 bux that renee is a bad guy

[..YouTube..] Renee looking very hot there…can’t wait

[..YouTube..] There are two possibilities– A) Renee really is working for the other side and B) she’s undercover. I’m leaning towards undercover because even though the writers said that she’s dark and damaged this season, I doubt she’ll become another Tony. She doesn’t have any incentive like Tony did, she doesn’t have anything against the US government. I’m pretty sure she’s undercover … I just wonder how Jack’s going to take this when he finds out that she’s been with a terrorist.

[..YouTube..] renee and jack must get together eventually? otherwise whats the point of all that tension between them in season 7…

[..YouTube..] THANK GOD RENEE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] because renee is actually a bad guy

[..YouTube..] All these season 8 vids everyone talks about Renee. She’s hot but I think Chloe is the hottest. Sexy. It’s amazing…

S3 – Ugly
S4 – Pretty/Cute
S5 – Hot
S6 – HOT
S7 – Hotter!!!

I love Mary Lynn

[..YouTube..] damn it at 0:07 that better be jack….it better be!!!!:( it doesn’t look like it i want them to have a romance god damn it!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @preppyrunnergirl

well too bad because its a 99% rate that shes bad

[..YouTube..] I think renee turns into jack cuz at the end of season 7 she’s beats a suspect keep that in mind she’ll be more like jack then jack being jack

[..YouTube..] still no audrey :/

[..YouTube..] @OCgurl840 lol I want her to come back to :(
But I like renee more XD

Im scarred of the new Renee, but i like her very much