24 Season 8 Promo: Suspense Never Ends (Extended)

This is an extended version of “The Suspense Never Ends” promo which has a few additional scenes including a great Jack and Renee one (“This door opens again, you start shooting.”)

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8 “Suspense Never Ends” extended (HD)


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[..YouTube..] I wonder what Renee is up to.

Thank you for uploading all the trailers!

[..YouTube..] looks like Renee is undercover. I hope they didn’t turn her into this seasons Tony.

[..YouTube..] Yeah Renee is undercover, and i hope she’s still with Jack !

[..YouTube..] I can’t wait but please do a 9th season. Complete the three trilogies.

[..YouTube..] ohhh wow :)

[..YouTube..] i didn’t see enough of renee in this video to change my mind about her.

[..YouTube..] renee says “i’m going dark” ? okay, thats pretty fucked up…

[..YouTube..] hopefully renee gets killed off in the first 4 hours of this day. she’s dumb.

[..YouTube..] @Podifo She probably has to in order to keep her cover…

[..YouTube..] Just watching this made me smile from ear to ear! Looks like there’ll be lots of Renee action! OH YES!

[..YouTube..] Well Renee is in a cark place this season!

[..YouTube..] damn I HATE RENEE

[..YouTube..] She was never “with” Jack

[..YouTube..] I hope this season they will be ;)

Hell Yeah they will be!

[..YouTube..] Renne! i love renne! renne rocks

[..YouTube..] I just heard about Renee being bad this season, I now I’m scared they did turn her into Tony.

[..YouTube..] i think its good renee is back but i dont want her and jack to date because jack has had a lot of girlfriends and they never work out

[..YouTube..] I hope NOT. THAT WOULD SUCK!!!

I don’t think she’s gonna turn bad. Maybe a darker/harder agent like season 2 Jack?

[..YouTube..] Source?

[..YouTube..] @sistaspice24

You’ve got to remember that Renee is the first woman Jack has met that can actually take care of herself. Maybe she’ll survive the series and the movie?

On the subject, do you think Day 8 should be the last one, and end the story with the movie? I’d say yes, because I want the series to go out while it’s still strong.

[..YouTube..] @BiGRiCeD

Day 8 should NOT be the last one. Who’s to say the next season after day 8 will suck?

24 needs more seasons after day 8!!!

[..YouTube..] @BiGRiCeD

Almost forgot.

Agreed with Renee surviving beyond day 8 though :D

[..YouTube..] At least Renee isn’t another Audrey! Audrey is painful to watch!

[..YouTube..] i love Renne

[..YouTube..] you are right about the rene thing thing. i really dont want 24 to end though but a movie would be kinda cool i guess

I love see Jack and Renee everytime they appear together in the show. I just hope things turn out okay for them later on. Renee isn’t Audrey, which is good. Audrey is a pathetic excuse in 24 and in Jack’s life.