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David Anders
David Anders

Sasha in Phoenix, Ariz: I’m so excited to see David Anders on 24! Can you tell us anything about his character?
David Anders’ character on 24 is in league with a bunch of nefarious Russians with access to fissile materials. (They want to make the world go boom.) Anders doesn’t appear live in the Jan. 17-18 eps of 24, but we will see a glimpse of his character in a dossier. Other familiar faces popping up in minor roles in the 24 four-hour premiere include Vampire Diaries’ Paul Wesley as Kim’s baby daddy and The Wire’s Domenick Lombardozzi as a NYC patrolman who doesn’t much like Jack Bauer. Oh, and by the time the first four hours of day eight are done, you’ll find yourself taking Freddie Prinze Jr. seriously. (We were sorta shocked too.)

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