New video interviews with 24 cast

FOX Source has conducted some red carpet interviews with 24 cast members at the 2010 Television Critics Association press tour.

YouTube Link: Cherry Jones – 24 Day 8 – What’s Happened to her Emmy (HD)

YouTube Link: Katee Sackhoff – 24 Day 8 – Kiefer’s Ringtone on Set (HD)

YouTube Link: 24 Day 8 – Freddie Prinze Jr – Jack Bauer’s Mentee? (HD)

YouTube Link: Chris Diamantopoulus – 24 Day 8 – A Young Chief of Staff (HD)


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[..YouTube..] i remember when he was hot in she’s all that!

[..YouTube..] hes like the only reason im going to start watching 24 now! lol

[..YouTube..] 24 is gonna b AWESOME

[..YouTube..] It is not surprising to me that Cherry gave her Emmy to the crew, as she has such a generoous spirit. It is so cute that she has photos of the cast members and their families with it!

[..YouTube..] Cherry’s generosity is to be commended. Hope the Emmy is now back in her hands for safe keeping. Next up: Emmy #2….an Oscar…..

And most importantly, Cherry Jones’ own TV show! (Feature-length film would be okay, too.)

I cant standing anymore, i need to watch 24 NOW xD
This season is gonna be great, i know

[..YouTube..] she seems sweet :)

[..YouTube..] Now Freddie Prinze Jr. is still amazing:)! Every time!

Did you check out “Freddie”, the ABC sitcom, which aired in 2005?

I really hope to see more of Freddie in more movies and TV series to come!

[..YouTube..] Yeah I’m so gonna check out 24 too because of Freedie’s presence! :D

[..YouTube..] Surprised that he can do more than just romcoms.

[..YouTube..] i thought ‘freddie’ was hilarious. too bad it got cancelled

[..YouTube..] he reminds me of keanu

[..YouTube..] whens this show come on

[..YouTube..] it comes on at 9pm on Mondays

[..YouTube..] even freddie’s notorious reputation at being box office poison is not powerful enough to damage 24! hopin they kill off his character asap, as well as his dumb bitch gf dana

[..YouTube..] yea he seems like a dumbass, just like keanu seems like a dumbass lol

[..YouTube..] so far we have been a bit disappointed in the “Cherry Factor” of Fox’s show, 24, Season 8. We still have hope that they will pull it out in the end.

Go Cherry! Yea!

[..YouTube..] 24 sucks this season.. wow jack got tortured. been there done that

[..YouTube..] the people who did the audio recording is terrible

[..YouTube..] @TheLiquidBlaze stop watching then

[..YouTube..] @TheLiquidBlaze give them a break its their last season, and the Dialogue is getting much much better. i dont know whats up ur butt, whatever it is, take it out and start watching !

[..YouTube..] Hey you guys. Episode 14 (5am – 6am) was fantastic. Cherry Jones appears at the beginning, and really struts her stuff. Cherry Jones makes a fantastic Commander-in-Chief!

[..YouTube..] You’ve got that right. We have been impatiently waiting for President Cherry Taylor-Jones to have some kind of meaningful role in ths horse-opera and it took 14 episodes to get there. Now we are at the brink of a double-header, because tomorrow night (April 5) episodes 15/16 are set to run. Cherry Jones must share screen time with another “president,” Gregory Itzin.

We hope that Cherry Jones gets enough lines to qualify for another Emmy, becz that is what we want!

[..YouTube..] Its AMAZING so far!… Dana.. SO EVIL! She MAKES the season.

[..YouTube..] LIES!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Dana is a terrible character, and the actress playing her is ugly (from the neck up). She has weird eyes and makes some really strange facial expressions.

[..YouTube..] 1:34 I’m sure the guy who plays Arlo was just thrilled to learn that this is the way women look at him.

[..YouTube..] dana walsh is pretty wat r u talking about

[..YouTube..] Nevermind that. We have endured 22 Episodes of Season 8; the finale is Monday. So we’re hopeful that when this show wraps we will find out if Cherry Jones now has the EMMY STATUE in her possession or not.

[..YouTube..] haha Kiefer’s ringtone … a romantic song??? niiiiiiceee

[..YouTube..] So did Cherry Jones get her Emmy back, or is it just out there somewhere? Today on Ebay they were selling Cherry Jones’ wine colored President Taylor skirt (Season 7), ‘size 12’ as made by 24 wardrobe department. It wasn’t expensive but what good is it without the jacket?

[..YouTube..] @silentrascal

..and you make some strange verbal expressions..

[..YouTube..] She OWNED the season!
Got Katee

[..YouTube..] I loved the end to Allison’s story in Day 8. Extremely emotional and intense material.

[..YouTube..] @RiokaSon She’s the only good thing about the otherwise forgettable season of an otherwise good show

[..YouTube..] Katee looks kinda like Jennifer Schwalbach Smith.

[..YouTube..] Kiefer said one of the crew members on the show set his rongtone to that song because Kiefer is very low-tech and doesn’t know how to change it back. There’s a clip of him saying that somewhere on YouTube. God I love him. That makes him even more adorable.

[..YouTube..] NEROPS: just this week Ebay had President Allison Cherry Jones Taylor’s dress from Season 8 up for bid, along with her gold (plated) Anne Klein earrings. Today they have ‘President Taylor’s size 9B Bruno Magli 1-inch heel shoes up for auction. They looked really worn though. And dirty insoles, too.
Imagine that: Bruno Magli, the brand “O.J” made famous.
P. S. Like you, I wonder where Cherry Jones’ Emmy statue is. Hope she recovered it.

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos You mean, the show wouldn’t have been good without her?! I just FRKN LOVED the whole season, with double agents and the new high-tech layout and stuff and the realistic terrorist situation, and all of the treasons and inside-jobs, the one working for the other without the other one even having a clue, accept for the very good guys like Jack and Chloe …… 1 word …A-MA-ZING!!!!

[..YouTube..] No, this season was predictable. I love all 7 Seasons but hate this one.

The ending was anticlimatic & they repeated too many subplots.

Katee Sackhoff was a Nina-wannabe although she was pretty cool.

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos Well, to be honest, I downloaded the last season because I only saw the last episode of 24 when it was on air and I thought: Waw, I just have to download this. I never really followed 24 until half a week ago. In 3 days or so I saw the whole season (8) . I thought the last season was very emotionally loaded, eventhough I didn’t see the previous episodes or seasons yet at that very moment, I was very very touched when Jack was thanking Chloe and Chloe was stunned…

[..YouTube..] Well if this had been the first season I ever saw then I would’ve never been hooked

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos Well, it reminded me so hard of the Splinter Cell series, which I am a GREAT GREAT FAN of. Hastings was exactly like Lambert and Jack Bauer was exactly like sam fisher in Splinter Cell Conviction. Chloe was Grim and Arlo was Will. And then ofcourse Reed Diamond as Jason Pillar was – even the name is the same!!! AMAZING!!!! – Conviction’s new Third Echelon director Reed. And even president Taylor reminded me of the president in Conviction!!!

[..YouTube..] @splintercellfan1 And I still forgot one: Jacks old friend who equipes him with the gadgets and has his own little hack station-hideout, I can’t remember his name, but he was just like Victor in Conviciton.

[..YouTube..] Well, Dennis Haysbert, who voiced Lambert for the first Splinter Cell sequel, plays the President of the U.S. in the first 4 Seasons.

Anyway, buy the first 7 seasons of 24 or watch them online. It’s worth it.

I played Splinter Cell & saw Bourne Identity way before I got into Jack Bauer but he ranks up there for good reason

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos Really, waw, Lambert as president…cool :d I’m planning on downloading the whole thing, it’s about 25 GB in total, but I bet it’s worth it :)

[..YouTube..] Is this in iTunes or one stuff like Megaupload, torrents,etc.?

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos Yeah, Utorrent ;p Why? You wanna do it too? XD

[..YouTube..] @splintercellfan1 And ofcourse – i forgot to mention – what reminded me the most of Convicton was the big EMP bomb that went off inside of CTU, AWESOME!!! XD

[..YouTube..] Torrents don’t seem to work on Macs plus they’re not healthy.

I use Megaupload because it doesn’t access your computer

[..YouTube..] @WatchMyAwesomeVideos Is it free aswell?

[..YouTube..] Yes as long as you don’t do the premium.

Just type in any random name of a tv show or movie and then add megaupload at the end of it. You’ll get lots of results


[..YouTube..] what happen with his emmy: jack bauer take to explode some terrorists, or better, take that in some terrorist’s asses


[..YouTube..] For this mp3 goto ezmp3grab doht cohm.

[..YouTube..] lol. Rewatching this vid and just had to point out in 0:49 is a full body scanner picture sort of like the ones the TSA just put in the airports, except the CTU version can see your skeleton too… like how 24 is always ahead of its time in technology (and presidents) too.

[..YouTube..] Okay now I kind of like her.

[..YouTube..] @DTRENCO 24 IS awesome

[..YouTube..] Dana Walsh freaked me out. great actress, evil, but great.

[..YouTube..] She was an amatuer. When she was tipping off the terrorists she was using her cell phone, signed out with her name, that was on file at CTU not to mention telling the terrorists how to escape while in the same room with her colleagues trying to track the terrorists. Now if it was nina myers you wouldn’t know if the terrorists knew anything or not. Nina Myers was my favorite villiam. She was smart but not too smart for Jack Bauer.