24 Season 8 Episode 5 Promo (8:00PM-9:00PM) #2

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×05 (8:00PM – 9:00PM) Promo #2 (HD)


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[..YouTube..] Perfect. It seems Renee has a death wish, just like Jack has had a death wish many times before.

[..YouTube..] Jack shouldn’t complain! As I recall HE was just like Renee!

[..YouTube..] Renee is being reckless for the sake of it. Jack had reasons to go nuts on a suspect.

[..YouTube..] uhm no? She lost her “moral compass” (ie. Larry) she saw tragic things and had to do terrible acts in s7 with Jack. Then she almost killed a man by torturing him which cost her her job and then she had a breakdown. Completely believable imo

[..YouTube..] I can believe Tony’s transformation to the dark side, but Renee’s reasons to loose her morals just seems weak and without foundation. So basically, she just lost her morals literally overnight. The writers need to show more reasons or at least show what she had been doing for the past 8 months for me to believe that she had any reason to suddenly turn when people who had seen more darkness than her didn’t.

Honestly, this just makes Renee seem weak-minded to turn so quick.

[..YouTube..] difference is, Jack was thrown to the wolves so many times before he started to loose that sense of high morality. It didn’t happen in one season. Jack suffered through years and years of darkness and heart-break to get to where he is now.

Renee on the other hand only was caught in the fight recently and somehow she literally lost her morals overnight and broke down. If anything, it just shows that she is weak-minded.

[..YouTube..] Looks like a very good episode to me, I’m looking forward to it =)

[..YouTube..] so you can believe that Tony went from by the book, do anything to save innocent lives Tony, to being able to willingly kille 20,000 people on the subway because his wife died?

But you CANT believe that Renee is a little darker now after she lost EVERYTHING? I can see if Renee was a terrorist, but shes not. She’s still on the good guys side, she just has nothing to lose so her methods are a little more extreme. JUST like jack in s2. But Im sure no one was complaining then.

[..YouTube..] Tony suffered alot more than just his wife died. Michelle was killed on the orders of the President of the United States, the very same person that he and Michelle spent their lives protecting. The government sold them out and never batted an eye when Tony, Michelle, and his child became collateral damage. Tony died and was brought back by the bad guys who used his grief and anger at the injustice of the government who could care less to fuel his hatred……

[..YouTube..] ….so yes, I can believe that Tony fell into the darkness and snapped. The very government he shed blood for turned its back on him, how was he suppose to act when he has lost everything dear to him.

Renee is hardly just a “little” darker, she has gone from rigid FBI rule follower to someone who just doesn’t give a damn and is willing to kill anyone and do anything to get her way. And she didn’t loose everything, she lost Larry, that is hardly everything. But somehow she snapped overnight…

[..YouTube..] …I’m suppose to believe that in one season, she’s turned into a Jack Bauer wannabe? It took Tony at least 3 seasons and years passing in between before he arrived at the dark twisted place he did. Renee did it in 8 months. And as for Jack, he was CTU and military, the extreme tactics were there from the beginning. Renee however never even used torture before Day 7 and now she’s suddenly on some happy torture juice.

Like I said, her sudden transformation makes her seem weak-minded.

[..YouTube..] Oy! Renee is not a terrorist like Tony. She is NOT willing to kill innocent people.

She cut off the thumb of a child molester in order to recapture the fuel rods. She even says it was her “only play”.

And yeah actually, Renee did lose everything, her job, her honor, her bestfriend/boyfriend, and she almost killed a man by torturing him so much. Completely understandable why she’s had this change.

Btw in case you forget, Jack shot a witness and sawed off his head in s2 just to “do his job”

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[..YouTube..] She got her wish!

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