24 Season 8 Episode 5 Promo (8:00PM-9:00PM) #3

Third promo for 24 Season 8 episode 5 with ten seconds of additional scenes including Jack tackling someone and Renee/Vladimir.

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×05 (8:00PM – 9:00PM) Promo #3


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[..YouTube..] Renee’s gonna set a record on her body count!

[..YouTube..] Nooo! Renee!!! Oh I’m going to cry if she’s this dark the entire season…

Uooh Yeah Baby, Jack is totally back and so is 24 like Renee said last episode (we’re just getting started) those first four eps were only the warm up. can’t wait.

[..YouTube..] Renee has some issues! Can;t wait for Monday!