24 Season 8 Promo: I’m Not Bluffing

One of my favorite 24 Season 8 promos so far. Check out what Jack Bauer does at the 0:08 mark using his FEET.

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8 “I’m Not Bluffing” Promo (HD)


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[..YouTube..] Ahhh! Pause at the end of :01 …Jack touching Renee’s face–looks like she was just crying…maybe he finally got through to her…

[..YouTube..] Best promo yet :)

[..YouTube..] Or maybe they will kiss?

[..YouTube..] anyone know what the music in the background is?

[..YouTube..] That was definitely the best promo ever!

[..YouTube..] Holy crap, Jack’s a TOTAL badass, and sexy as hell to boot!! And the Jack/Renee scene oh I hope he is getting through to her, that looked so sweet.

ojala que en esa escena ocurra un beso

yo creoo que jack siente algo por renee y ella siente algo por el

yo creo que jack siente algo por renee y ella siente algo por el

[..YouTube..] 0:30 wtf is that?

[..YouTube..] great I can wait in my country only in May :(

[..YouTube..] awesome trailer, best i’ve seen ever. kiefer is so über hot this season he never looked better. can’t wait for next episode!

”He’s badder then ever” you got that right. the best ultimate badass in tv history imo. Love him to death. I liked the split second bit with him and Renee. Sweet,and kinda sad too. They both have suffered terribly and in a way their both in a battle for their souls this season. I hope Jack and Renee share a kiss sometime.

[..YouTube..] Totally agree :he’s never be so hot and I hope he’s going to become more badass !!

[..YouTube..] 0:12 who’s that?

[..YouTube..] The actor’s name is Rami Malek

[..YouTube..] I thank Cisco’s WebEx technology for sponsoring 24 into giving terrorists the capabilities to video conference with each other such as this next episode.

[..YouTube..] i dont think terrorists are gona go watch 24 to find intel or something they have their own ways dumbass

[..YouTube..] I’m not talking about the terrorists in real life. Cisco’s systems has been sponsoring 24 to use their equipment. What you saw at 0:13 was Jack video conferencing with a terrorist using their technology.

[..YouTube..] ohh ok my bad lol and this isnt a preview of the next episode i think its like a season preview from the clips it looks like its taken from each of the 1st 4 episodes but i could be wrong

[..YouTube..] are you saying you have to wait till May to watch the episodes? you know, there is another way

[..YouTube..] Holy shit. At 0:08 Jack is tied up and electrocuted by a guard with a switch. But he uses his feet to grab the cables and turn the tables on the guy and all the while he is still tied up.

This might be his best kill yet. Better than the running neck twister in the Season 2 finale and in the Season 5 premiere when he blew up a terrorist in the airport by using his cell phone!

[..YouTube..] Till season 7 i got scarred of one women, but now im afraid from Renee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , I love her

[..YouTube..] the best of all

[..YouTube..] I just hope Jack gets through to Renee since she is the opposite this season compared to last season.

[..YouTube..] They copie than straight from Lethal weapon.

[..YouTube..] what does jack say at 0:13

[..YouTube..] That scene right after Kim and Little Teri and Jack in 0:01 is Jack and Renee, right? If so OMG SQUEE!

[..YouTube..] LMFAO webcam torture at 0:12

[..YouTube..] My favorite kill was Jack hanging Fayed in Season 7 Episode 18.

[..YouTube..] LOL man jack can be brutal

[..YouTube..] I think Jack says to the afraid guy : “You look into my eyes… look in my eyes !”

The first five episodes were great. Looks like it’s gonna be a nuclear threat. I’m not really fond of it but I’m sure the writers won’t deal with this kind of threat the same way they did in s6. S7 was great on that matter: the threat was biological during the 2nd part of the day but fortunately, it was just in the background (not like in season 5 with Bierko, not fond of him, Henderson and Logan rocked though).

[..YouTube..] the best trailer ever this season. I like it, I love it. I don’t know who he’s talking to but man as the vid says “he’s badder than ever”!!! So you should cooperate!

[..YouTube..] @swiftjt How?

[..YouTube..] At the end of Lethal weapon Mel gibson is tied to the ceiling and electrocuted the exact same way Jack is here, he escapes a different way though. At least they have stopped copying Die hard now lol.

[..YouTube..] Oh that´s cool boy…but shit i don´t like spoilers…my fault

[..YouTube..] You mean Season 6 Episode 16.

[..YouTube..] Haven’t they learned..DON”T leave Jack’s legs loose…he killed about 5 dude’s that i can remember like that…Suckers!!!
To be fair he killed a dude with just his teeth in Season 6 so,,,

[..YouTube..] season 6 episode 17

[..YouTube..] Oh yes, you are absolutly right!^^

[..YouTube..] lol yeah Jack Bauer fucking rules dude

[..YouTube..] Amazing promo…some spoilers but i love that beat in the back!

[..YouTube..] Does anyone know the name of the music?

[..YouTube..] I love how Jack can intimidate a terrorist through a computer screen…gotta keep up with technology! ^__^

[..YouTube..] 0:14 marcooooo

[..YouTube..] 24 is such an amazing show it never gets boring i remmeber switching channels when i was a kid and i see this swat team and i go like hmm interesting and it was 24

[..YouTube..] anyone notice that jacks the person getting blown up at :14?

[..YouTube..] @a7secondsfan , if you hit pause in sequences to capture the scenes, it looks like the kid pushed Jack off(or the other way) and ran back inside to get blown, bcse jack was standing in front of the chamber when the explosion occurred inside hmmm will see How that goes

[..YouTube..] I don’t think its Jack, i think its Agent Owen. (the guy who was really nervous)

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer is a ninja.

[..YouTube..] @Pelch07 Jack is a federal agent!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @Nickof24 – duh he’s a federal agent. He’s also a ninja! He rocks!

[..YouTube..] nah hes just a ninja now he was both before :)

[..YouTube..] He was also Waldo for a couple episodes.

[..YouTube..] best show on TV… Yes i said it

[..YouTube..] Epic promo.

[..YouTube..] @Nickof24 No, he’s not. He was* a federal agent.

[..YouTube..] This is the last season… :( :( :( :(

[..YouTube..] @KyeKy3 I like how you said “Majestic” and then your comments were followed by “12” thumbs up…

[..YouTube..] @twentyfourspoilers I loved him in 24 and he’s amazing in The Pacific as well

[..YouTube..] @Pelch07 Jack hasn’t been a federal agent for ages.

[..YouTube..] Im not bluffing!

[..YouTube..] @KyeKy3 YESS!!!! if you Youtube “jack bauer kills” they show most of his kills,,, that kill in season 6 was by FAR the baddest of em all… he went right for the JUGULAR with his hands tied behind his back,,, Face first in to the dudes neck,, Clamped down,, took a chunk, and spit it out,,, looked like he just ate a cherry pie!!!

[..YouTube..] @KyeKy3 when he was turned over and jack bit the dudes neck?

[..YouTube..] So extremely explosive promo of Bauer!!!! Scooby-Doo/Jack Bauer, a total explosive mix of slam-bang & very badass fully locked & loaded with excitement; that I really hope!!! Thanks for the promo!!!!

[..YouTube..] new york gets jacked! i love it…. along with other promo’s jacks back, you don’t know jack and so on….i love 24 and the build up to the new seasons and now the wonderful film that will come out from this amazing series.

every hour a man is destroyed by jack bauer!

[..YouTube..] omg, thats very cool ;D

[..YouTube..] @gillenpantera you mean every 24 hours