24 Season 8 Episode 9 Promo (12:00AM-1:00AM)

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×09 (12:00AM – 1:00AM) Promo (HD)


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[..YouTube..] son you better put that down.

[..YouTube..] “Son, you better put that down or you’re gunna get hurt.”

and his son, and his son. ..

Fear Jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] Can’t wait for next week! This epsiode was okay but I think it would of been better if we could of seen Renee phyceatric( however u spell it) evaluation ,
Don’t know why Jack needs to protect her, she could just knife the way out of CTU,

[..YouTube..] Let’s see how next week is when it airs. Tonight’s episode wasn’t the greatest, but the shootout between Jack and Sergei was good. Sergei was great with that shotgun.

[..YouTube..] Can’t wait for this episode! Bet it’ll be a good one! I don’t think they’ll get the nuclear rods this quick, though.

[..YouTube..] OOOO seems good right now i m watching season 7 but downloaded the new Season 8 episodes on 720P from thepiratebay EZTV

[..YouTube..] ep 8 was a better than the last few
but man im finding hard to care for any character besides jack, renee, and cloe

24 has killed off way to many good characters and replaced them with horrible ones

Michelle> Arlo

and plus the threat this year is boring, for 8 eps all that happened to NY city was basically nothing, there’s no suspense, peoples lives arent at stake, no demands have been made, stupid rods have been traveling for like 8 hours

[..YouTube..] ur right, ep 8 was good only when jack started to do his thing!

[..YouTube..] nice sneak peak and does anybody know if tony will be here

[..YouTube..] They need to blow something up soon. It feels like there has been no real threat this season. The nuke going off towards the beginning of the season a few seasons ago really set the stage for the rest of the season.

[..YouTube..] Dana is one stupid woman.. she gonna get herself into serious trouble with CTU!!

[..YouTube..] i hate renee she is soooooo boring and her character changed wayyyyyyyy to much

[..YouTube..] @koollegomovies wow no one agrees with you… Renee is amazing. One of the best characters on the show by far.

February 16, 2010 at 10:57 pm
CTU has really gone down through the seasons. Here, terrorists have nuclear power and Dana is out there chasing her past leaving every five minutes, Cole and Arlo are following her, and Hastings and the presidents cheif of staff (Rob Wesis?) are blaming one of the only people who has done something, Renee. Chole new CTU director? Heck! We’ll even have zombie Bill come back from the dead.

[..YouTube..] I agree!
and Annie Wersching as Renee is just amazing

[..YouTube..] Renee is so annoying. She had depression, because of torturing Alan Wilson, so what about Jack, Kim, Tony or David? They had more serious problems and they didn’t behave so stupid like Walker.

When she almost killed Jack with her knife, I started to hate her . Earlier she was just average, now she really pisses me off!

[..YouTube..] Nina Myers, Mandy and Cara Bowden were strong and evil. Renee and her “i’m not gotta cut the brace” things were much worse than those 3 women’s actions. After that weak trial of copy genious female characters, nowadays Walker is just like pathetic Emo Teen.

I hope that she won’t be Jack’s girlfriend. Nina, Kate, Claudia and Audrey were better for him. Apart from that Renee is ugly, so she doesn’t suit to Jack.

[..YouTube..] Get rid of Renee and useless country bumpkin Allison Taylor!

Where the hell is Tony Almeida, who was the real leader of season 7 ?

Season 8 is really weak. After average start, we could see some boring episodes, and the good one came barely the day before yesterday.

I miss such great characters like David Palmer, Tony Almeida, Nina Myers, Bill Buchanan, Ryan Chapelle and others.

[..YouTube..] You are true moron and gay :D

[..YouTube..] really? because it’s almost unanimous that that season was the worst in 24 history.

[..YouTube..] “Son, you better put that down, or you’re gonna get hurt.”

February 21, 2010 at 8:25 pm
Renee is an amazing character and I hope her and Jack get together. As for the season so far, sure things aren’t getting blown up every three seconds and there are major idiots running CTU but it’s still a good season. And if you don’t like it that much then don’t watch it.

[..YouTube..] @The24 “Wow no one agrees with you.”

…except me. :D

[..YouTube..] @lubiepiernik Renee is the best character on the show besides Jack. No question about it.

[..YouTube..] Is Tony Almeida and Chloe O’brian still playin in Season 8?

[..YouTube..] nope no more tony, carlos bernard himself said that he won’t be involved in season 8

[..YouTube..] I luv this how soo much, can’t wait till episode 12 comes out

[..YouTube..] HAHAHAHHAH jack is fucking awesome

April 4, 2010 at 8:47 pm
it’s a dark place