Freddie Prinze Jr. on Jimmy Kimmel

TwitVid Mirror: Video of Freddie Prinze Jr. on Jimmy Kimmel Live – Feb 18th (Full Segment)


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[..YouTube..] i love this guy hes so funny and awesome in 24!

[..YouTube..] 24 kinda fell off in my opinion

[..YouTube..] freddy seems like a pretty cool guy from this interview, a lot fo the celebs that normally come on the show are a bit nervous and their convos are a bit more scripted

[..YouTube..] maaan, i remember when my sister had this guy all over her room.

[..YouTube..] he sounds chill

[..YouTube..] I member when he had his own show Freddie Prince Jr.!! That was an amazing show, I miss it!!

[..YouTube..] he’s easily one of his best guest’s. at least to me, he sounds like a cool ass dude to kick it with

[..YouTube..] wow Freddy is on a sugar rush! LOVE IT!

[..YouTube..] I love him, he’s so cute.

[..YouTube..] Yea I like how he makes fun of his earlier movies where he was just a pretty boy.

[..YouTube..] what happend to this guy? he looks like hes on cocaine… my cousin use to love this guy.

[..YouTube..] Great 2 see him back on tv!

[..YouTube..] I always thought Freddy was a faggott (not in the gay way). But he seems pretty cool.

[..YouTube..] What other way is there??? I’m embarrassed to be Canadian now.

[..YouTube..] Sorry if i offended you but when see weakness i call call people faggots. In my eyes “fags” are weak.I do understand homos are people aswell and i understand that it might be pretty hateful to use that word fag but I am just a product of my environment. I know a few fags and they are some of the nicest people in the world.I don’t hate them.I just call some people faggots.I call niggers, niggers, I call chinks, chinks and crackers crackers. I have no beef with you or your homo activities.

[..YouTube..] We are all people and we are all in it together.Quit acting like a faggot.If i did offend you I’m sorry.

[..YouTube..] You really give canadians a bad name. Are you really from Canada? Because if you’re a product of your environment… That’s a little confusing. The majority of your own country would frown upon your words and actions. And yes you’re being very offensive. It’s very socially irresponsible to just say whatever you want then blame your surroundings. You’re an adult now, not a child. Grow up.

[..YouTube..] haha he has a stoner laugh

[..YouTube..] LOL pause at 0:58 :P

[..YouTube..] Read what I posted on your page. :/

[..YouTube..] hes so cool

[..YouTube..] wow lol hes nothing like his character in 24.

[..YouTube..] watch the south park episode about fags

[..YouTube..] Wow his accent really came out in this interview, at least I’ve never heard it before. If the did a cheech and chong prequel he could play the young cheech.

[..YouTube..] this dude is funny

[..YouTube..] its called…aging, and hes doing it pretty gracefully if you ask me.

[..YouTube..] @TheCanadianDefendant omg, you do realise thats kinda horrible.

[..YouTube..] he was funny on friends

[..YouTube..] why..he funny …don’t you think

[..YouTube..] Evil laugh at 4:02 lmao

[..YouTube..] Man this guy is hilarious, and i like how he made fun of himself and his previous teen movies. Very charismatic, i always figured him to be some kind of cocky asshole

[..YouTube..] is it me or does his face seem to be a different colour than his neck?
or am i looking way to closely at something that’s not there

[..YouTube..] tv makeup probs

[..YouTube..] He seems like a genuine sweet guy. I liked how the latino came out in the interview. lol

[..YouTube..] why is his neck red?

[..YouTube..] okay, as long as u no it

[..YouTube..] he looks like hes on cocaine because of the way hes acting not because of his physical appearance.

[..YouTube..] yeah, but i think his acting odd.

[..YouTube..] i guess he just got back from a mission, with Jack of course. lol!

[..YouTube..] Such a great guy, still normal.

[..YouTube..] @jamarianne nerves/makeup

[..YouTube..] I love him! such a sweet guy…

[..YouTube..] lmao thats so funny

[..YouTube..] he’s so cute!

[..YouTube..] Hes starting to resemble pee wee

[..YouTube..] southpark rules.

[..YouTube..] You do know that being a homo is wrong right?

[..YouTube..] no, i dont think so

[..YouTube..] Read the bible.. It tells all about it.

[..YouTube..] @TheCanadianDefendant I have, and I underdstand it and live by it. But as I said, No I don’t think its wrong. And before you tell me that doesn’t make me a good christian or that Im some sort of *******. Just remember no one gives a shit what you say, people only want to read nice comments. And don’t bother to reply. unlike you, it seems, i think youtube is for watching the things you LIKE and sharing opinions with other people who like that thing. Not for silly arguments.

[..YouTube..] @FandPrulethesky apparently you care………..Who do you think will with the war Christians or Muslims?Who do you think will burn?

[..YouTube..] whatever dude. Have a nice life.

[..YouTube..] @FandPrulethesky That would be a good war to watch.

[..YouTube..] He’s married? why do they keep saying he’s gay?

[..YouTube..] whaa? god what a cunt you are… i don’t think your mom is acting right. must be all the dick she gets, eh? is that troll enough for you? jesus christ…

[..YouTube..] Who is the morons saying Freddie is gay?lmao He has never been called gay in any magazines or tabloid shows. He has been dating hollywood leading ladies since I can remember and married to Sarah Michelle Gellar(buffy the vampire slayer) for like 6 years. Get your head OUT of your asses!!! Freddie Prinze Jr. is NOT and has NEVER been a frakking homo!!!!!

[..YouTube..] are you mad my mom is getting some and your not? though it seems to you have one up your ass..

[..YouTube..] Who is the moron saying Freddie is gay?lmao He has never been called gay in any magazines or tabloid shows. He has been dating hollywood leading ladies since I can remember and married to Sarah Michelle Gellar(buffy the vampire slayer) for like 6 years. Get your head OUT of your asses!!! Freddie Prinze Jr. is NOT and has NEVER been a frakking homo!!!!!

[..YouTube..] such a great guy!…love him on 24!

[..YouTube..] @TheCanadianDefendant you know that ignorance is wrong right? and at any rate what does this have to do with this interview?

[..YouTube..] he’s sooooooooooooo cute

[..YouTube..] i love Freddie he is just an amazing actor !

[..YouTube..] mabe he is just a hyper dude! lol

[..YouTube..] i love freaddie just an amazing man!

[..YouTube..] Is it strange that I had pictures of him all over my room? Haha.

[..YouTube..] Yeah to Sarah Michelle Gellar. They just had a baby girl.

[..YouTube..] he sounds like he has a spanish accent

[..YouTube..] I’ll be honest, I like Freddie Prinze Jr. a lot. I saw a lot of his films as a teenager and yes he is half latino which is awesome. But as a latino myself, I feel that he kind of exploits his “ethnic” side too much. It’s not just him but so does Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey too who is black, white and Venezuelan.

[..YouTube..] How does he do that?
He grew up around his hispanic family.

Mariah is black(afro venezuelan)/ white she calls herself black and mixed.

At least they knowledge it and not hide from it.

I agree with you, about Christina though.

[..YouTube..] I think Freddie refers to himself as latino to separate himself from the other “white” actors in Hollywood. Back in the mid 90’s, he never discussed his half latino heritage but then once he became successful, he claimed to be latino. That is what I see and I don’t expect others to agree with me. But I still like the guy a lot. I’m a big fan of his and he is a good guy too.

[..YouTube..] @dollpapier i think hes like half latino

[..YouTube..] it was just odd to hear him talk like that because in all his movies he sounds so differerent.

[..YouTube..] what did andre the giant do?

[..YouTube..] happiest guy in the world

[..YouTube..] I liked him in friends lol x

[..YouTube..] Freddie i am your biggest Fan

[..YouTube..] omg. what happened to him. gross.

[..YouTube..] @elmando5 It probably because Latino’s and many other non-whites find it very hard to make it in hollywood when they look like a visable minoirty. He was probably just trying to make first without embracing any hertiage so that he could land as many roles as possible.

[..YouTube..] He’s such a cutie:D!! I love Freddie, plus he’s talented!!! =D

[..YouTube..] aw he’s adorable :)

[..YouTube..] that guy looks like keanu reeves

[..YouTube..] he is a lucky motherfucker being married to sarah michelle gellar… huh i wish i was him

[..YouTube..] He’s lovely but he looks old now wow

[..YouTube..] @bigbumpaa
its called getting ever heard of it?
it happens to should look it up sometime.

[..YouTube..] @machogamer.. rhetorical question. look it up.

[..YouTube..] @bewareoftheleapard omg i was just bout to post that… like what the fuck happened?

[..YouTube..] @BustedWhiteCoupon omg yes he does lol

[..YouTube..] he’s proud of being half puertorican (:

[..YouTube..] woow…i remember when i had a crush on him…
i guess that’s what old age does to ya…
and now look at him…he gained a few extra pounds and started losing hair :\

[..YouTube..] @musikismine

You mean his pictures…right? haha.

[..YouTube..] he doesn’t seem latino AT ALL!! serisouly i had no idea he looks very “american”

[..YouTube..] @axelle32 You mean white, lol

[..YouTube..] @373544jonasbrothers It’s harder to lose weight the older you get and many men lose hair when they past their 20’s.

Comparing him to most guy’s his age, he’s in great shape.

Once you hit a certain age you’ll have to work your butt off just to stay slim.

[..YouTube..] @theinoccent1 lool yes

[..YouTube..] omg what happened to him???????!!

[..YouTube..] I love his smile :D. He seems like such a friendly guy.

[..YouTube..] how old is he now???

[..YouTube..] he’s such an awesome guy!

[..YouTube..] Awwwww Maaaannnn…….HOLY CRAP! FREDDIE PRINZE JR IS SO DAMN HOT!!!!!!!!!


[..YouTube..] @mizzouman5412 yeah he is half latino

[..YouTube..] @CarolineWithLove What’s wrong with being proud of being half puerto rican?

[..YouTube..] i love him…and my favorite actress Sarah Michelle Gellar …hope they last forver… I have Scooby Doo on DVD…One of my all time favorite movies:)

[..YouTube..] I loved She’s All That. Like my favorite all time movie.

[..YouTube..] not hot at all anymore

[..YouTube..] he so cute!

[..YouTube..] is he still married to michelle geller?

[..YouTube..] @piperandleoxx4 Yes. They have a baby.

[..YouTube..] he’s still smokin!! Him and sarah make a HOT couple.

[..YouTube..] His laugh is quite… strange :D

[..YouTube..] is that gray in freddie’s hair, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. hes hot anyway

[..YouTube..] seriously didnt expect that accent coming out

[..YouTube..] LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!

[..YouTube..] he is all grown up!

[..YouTube..] COLE ORTIZ = Jack Bauer’s Bitch