24 Season 8 Episode 10 Promo (1:00AM-2:00AM)

“When this is over, I wanna be there for you, with you.” – Jack Bauer

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×10 (1:00AM – 2:00AM) Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] omg i just keep playing 0:00-0:04 over and over again so cute!

[..YouTube..] i know i keep playing that over and over too! I love Jack and Renee..but mainly love Jack & that sexy voice –kiefer could read me the phone book any day !! damn he’s fine

[..YouTube..] Jack/Renee ♥
I’m a guy and I’m so into their relationship.

[..YouTube..] Uh-oh, Jack said the magic or in this case cursive words. I hope nothing bad happens to Renee. =(

[..YouTube..] I love Jack and Renee too, I love what he said in the preview! Can’t wait till next week.

[..YouTube..] damnit, now since jack said that renee’s cursed. DAMNIT 24 WRITERS DONT KILL RENEE!!

[..YouTube..] OH DAYUM!

Cole Ortiz takes over for a couple months as a shotgun-wielding badass while Jack and Renee honeymoon, then Team Bauer create the hottest ass-kicking married couple ever.

Come on writers…I just gave you season 9.

[..YouTube..] OH GOD!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!! Jack’s talk w/Renee damnit I love them together :)

[..YouTube..] President Taylor becomes more involved from episode 10 onwards, thank god shes so amazing. Jack and Renee… will it happen? Find out next week

[..YouTube..] Tim Woods is back YES!!

[..YouTube..] Wow, I did not expect them to bring them together so “easily” like that….I just hope that they stray from the past and let her live. I would rather they wait on getting them together and have Renee. Plus, I loved all the action scenes with them last year and was hoping for more this year!

[..YouTube..] is it me or she didn’t look to thrilled about that last statement.

[..YouTube..] Jack loves Renee! Jack loves Renee! Jack loves Renee.

[..YouTube..] Does anyone know what song they used for this promo?

[..YouTube..] why do we have to wait another week?

[..YouTube..] Absence makes the heart grow fonder

[..YouTube..] I would love to see Jack and Reneee together next season or the 24 movie in making.

[..YouTube..] Tim Wood returns!!!!! Yay =) Looks like a fun episode ahead, better be. It looked like they finally had things moving only to put in a filler episode =(

February 22, 2010 at 10:31 pm
“when this is over, I wanna be there for you, with you.” YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Jack telling Renee how he really feels FINALLY!!!! <3333

Yea baby! Tim Woods is back! Thank You!

[..YouTube..] whats the song for the promo?!?!? and this season is starting to look as bad as season 6 last weeks epsiode was one of the only great ones this season

[..YouTube..] oh so the president hassan brother wants to be good now? BS

[..YouTube..] @ejeff123 It’s not about being good I guess. He know his probably dead anyway unless CTU catch first. And people intend to do the right thing when it’s over for them, he was weak, like he have been since the first hour.

aw, that was so sweet. I love Jack and Renee:D

[..YouTube..] “When this is all over, I want to be there for you, with you.” YAY!

[..YouTube..] Someone told me they think the song was made by Kerry Muzzey.

[..YouTube..] why do you say curisive words

[..YouTube..] Everytime Jack gets close and tells a woman he loves them or wants to be with them, something bad always happens to that woman. Examples: Teri, Claudia, Audrey and so on.

[..YouTube..] oh ok thank you

[..YouTube..] any1 no the name of this song playing in the background

[..YouTube..] I’ve been looking and asking everywhere. No luck yet, but I’ll let you know. Keep looking and asking around though.

[..YouTube..] faint…..

[..YouTube..] @J555012345

[..YouTube..] You’re welcome. I just hope we find out what it is. I’ve been looking since last night.

[..YouTube..] who do u like more?

Cole or chase edmunds?

[..YouTube..] Claudia? When was Jack ever involved with a woman named Claudia?

[..YouTube..] You should re-watch first half of day 3.

[..YouTube..] Ok. I’ll do that.

[..YouTube..] Farhad doesn’t want to be good, I don’t think he was really a terrorist, he jsut wanted the rods so he could have power over america. Did you see how scared he was when the bad ass terrorist Samir was talking to him? That is not the face of someone commited to anything.

[..YouTube..] aw man, is renee sidelined again?

[..YouTube..] Before Season 3. It was revealed when Jack went back undercover with the Salazars in Season 3.

[..YouTube..] @Jaderox13 by linkin park? that’s the one I seem to find most easily…

[..YouTube..] @quiteapackage like!

[..YouTube..] @J555012345 any luck on the music, ive had nothing, a recent comment said it could hv been written by kerry muzzey

[..YouTube..] @JerichoDeltaY2J No luck yet. I’m still looking though. Yeah, try looking up Kerry Muzzey music. I did, but I didn’t have any luck. Maybe you’ll find something though.

[..YouTube..] wow i think ive played the first 4ish seconds over and over again like at least a hundred times…. I LOVE THEM

[..YouTube..] same here he’s sooo sexyyy

[..YouTube..] 24 is dead.

[..YouTube..] Can’t wait for tonight!!!!

[..YouTube..] I luv this
24 season show, thanks, I watch this and other popular shows in HQ and Hd at :

[..YouTube..] how did they diffuse the bomb

[..YouTube..] @JerichoDeltaY2J I finally found the song guys and girls. ^_^ It’s called Screaming Souls by X-Ray Dog.

[..YouTube..] @manchestercdg no your dead.

[..YouTube..] Renee is so unlikable

[..YouTube..] @mjghost16 hahaha