Jack and Renee 24 Season 8 spoiler

Fancast’s Matt Mitovitch seems to be hinting at some Jack and Renee romance later in the season:

What is going to happen to Renee on ‘24‘? Is she going to be happy with Jack? – Debra
Say what you will about all the season-opening Sturm und Drang, but it has pushed those two crazy kids closer together. The jury is going to remain out on their ultimate fate as Jack and Renee progress on slightly different paths over the next few weeks. But closer to season’s end, they’ll enjoy a bit more “quality time” together.

Source: Fancast.com


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*ca-ching* YES!!

Hoping Jack and Renee get closer together.

March 3, 2010 at 7:08 pm
Yaaayyyy!!! But towards the end of the season? I can’t wait that long!

They’re the best couple on TV since…. ever!

um, shes dead now. sorry.