Michael Madsen joins 24 cast as ex-military from Bauer’s past

When you need a bad-ass, who better to call than Michael Madsen, who has played that role so well in such films as Reservoir Dogs, Thelma & Louise, Kill Bill and Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home (er…scratch that last one)? Now, the much sought-after 52-year-old has been cast on Fox’s 24 as Jim Ricker, a character sources describe to me as an ex-military guy from Jack Bauer’s past. Meaning, of course, a bad-ass.

Ricker will pop up as the clock ticks toward the final hours of Day Eight, which is looking more and more like Jack’s last day on TV before he heads to the movies.

Although it wasn’t mentioned in the article, I know Madsen has been filming 24 since February. There’s a recent photo of him on the set here. Could Ricker’s ex-military roots tie into the Operation Nightfall mission perhaps? Whatever the case may be, Michael Madsen should be a pretty cool addition to 24 – Madsen has played some great villains in the past.


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This is a joke.
I mean, we had Christopher Henderson from the past as a villian, and Stephen Saunders.
And now this guy?

Forgive my anger here Henk but….seriously? Now the “fans” are going to b*tch about casting too? He has not appeared on screen for one second and you are bashing the writers? Huh? And we wonder why 24 is getting canceled?

Not cause of Dana Walsh. Because of “fans” like you.

Maybe it’s better the serie stops.
Season 8 isn’t that good so far.
And yeah, I’m a big fan.

Well said K,

It’s not Dana Walsh or season 8 that got 24 cancelled. It’s partly because the so called ” huge fans” who’s overcritical about the show.

And sadly, those “fans” are the most vocal bunch, whose “all mighty” opinions probably influence Fox’s decision to certain degree.

Alright, that’s enough. We all know this day would come, but it getting cancelled not because of bad characters, it is because it’s aging and the writing is not as strong as it used to be. So cool it.

Obviously the fans have something to do with it being cancelled. But the reason fans left and have complained is because of how much time the Dana subplot wasted and how the 4 hr Renee meltdown has changed our favorite character. Hes not in it to save the world hes in it for some lunatic who stabbed him. Us fans who are disappointed have a reason to be. I have devoted time and energy into this show and the only way this show couldve ended properly would have been to have a final season. With answers, connections and making personal to Jack like it started

Who? I think I will be sick today

I like Michael Madsen. As Quentin Tarantino said: He is the king of being cool!
I also like 2 last seasons because it’s not black and white any more. It’s getting more gray!

he’s a bad ass guys….deal with it! he’s a great actor, perfect ‘edge-y’ fit for 24!

ven though his a badass his a cool guy i think his one of the greatest actor i heard his going to make a movie with judy ann santos of phil im so excited coz im a fan of both star …….

^_^ good luck michael

really his going to make a movie with juday hmmmm go for it im sure ace cruz is the director of this film its going to be a big hit movie with michael and judy ann hmmmm better watch that

hmmm pretty interesting besides its another experince that one of filipina will colaborate with foreign i mean hollywood star michael is one awesome guy , i guess this was a good newss for the philippines thnx for michael madsen

Has anyone heard about the acting workshops that Michael Madsen has been offering the public for free?