24 Season 8 Episode 14 Promo (5:00AM-6:00AM)

“Terrorists now have eight million hostages. What they want in exchange will blow everyone away.” President Hassan in the field with Jack Bauer?! Renee Walker! Ethan’s back! Awww yeaaaah!

YouTube Link: 24 Season 8×14 (5:00AM – 6:00AM) Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] awesome!
cant wait

[..YouTube..] looks like this season is getting better and better!

[..YouTube..] You are the fastest preview poster in 24 history. There’s gotta be a place for you at CTU.

[..YouTube..] You really are the true “24 spoiler” I thought this was another promo for episode 13. Turns out you live on the East Coast and watch 24 3 hours ahead of me on the Pacific. Thanks you live up to your name.

[..YouTube..] looks like Ethan is going to uncover something and they will kill him oh shit

[..YouTube..] Omg, this season started off ok, then the past few episodes it just got really good, and now it just got awesome :D

[..YouTube..] “The clock starts now”

[..YouTube..] Looks like Renee is among the people with Jack trying to protect Hassan in the next episode.

[..YouTube..] I know we have to take what the preview guy says with a huge spoon of salt. But I just love hearing stuff like “it will blow you away!”

I can’t wait! I hope they want Hassan and it ties into their original plan. I think they do seeing as Weiss says “no one man is worth…”

[..YouTube..] its sad that they probably won’t renew the show, don’t they know that 24’s ratings don’t pick up until the second half of the season???!!!
Stupid Fox execs are making a huge mistake
Make Season 9 of 24 its grand finale!!

[..YouTube..] “The clock starts now”…Yeah is started today, what a episode! WOW, and next week is gonna be better. That why is the Best Thriller Ever!!! I love 24, my reason to watch TV.

[..YouTube..] I now hate dana or what ever the spelling is even more, should be entertaining to have Ethan back, and this season just go more intense in the last 2 or so hours.

[..YouTube..] haven’t watched season 8 butch watched 1-7 i m going to download all the season 8 episodes 24 is a show i cannot miss

[..YouTube..] If you pause exactly around 0:18, you can see that President Hasan’s ever-loyal bodyguard is either hit or is killed.

[..YouTube..] interesting, las night episode was so predictable,

Damn it

[..YouTube..] @junio637 nice catch. and at 0:26, ethan kanin looks like he’s threatening pres. taylor’s chief of staff. =O

[..YouTube..] @TONYJUNKIE thank you, thank you! :)

The dana story was worth it because it finally connected to the main plot. That SOB Dana lol Bauer will finish her off eventually. ANd these 2 episodes and the ones to come are the reason why FOX or NBC should renew this show for one more year. Its only gonna get better!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Get in there Season 8!!!

[..YouTube..] wow this seasons getting good, and they are making a 24 the movie in 2012 sickkkk

[..YouTube..] there are a lot of chances they’re going to do a season 9 on NBC ;)

[..YouTube..] Looks like Dana’s a mole! Honestly though, that’s not surprising. As for the chances of there being a ninth season, but it being on Nbc? Fox is the only network for 24!

[..YouTube..] and, I have to give one of the terrorists credit for his line, “The clock starts now.” That’s a great 24 slogan!

[..YouTube..] This season just gets better and better and BETTER!!!

[..YouTube..] If this season continues like this, this season will be the best season so far!

[..YouTube..] @DillonB1234 They do try and take Hasan, the terrorrist says it in the preview. I’m hoping the thing what will blow everyone away is something unpredictable and bigger though

[..YouTube..] @alexd108 fuck i really hope not!!

[..YouTube..] 24 is getting so boring i mean a mole in ctu how original and i hate dana what will cole think of this

[..YouTube..] what the hell? WHAT THE HELL??? Dana is a mole inside CTU?? unbelievable!!

[..YouTube..] @IMFDB

Then you only have yourself to blame. You must have known full well that the east coast shows the episode sooner. So why are you looking for the latest trailers after episode 13 has aired when you haven’t seen episode 13 yet?

And it clearly states in the title to this video that it is the promo for 8x14. That pretty much makes you the definition of retarded.

[..YouTube..] the dana walsh twist is very bad not convincing at all :(

[..YouTube..] I didn’t keep track of the episode number until after i realized I saw the episode 14 promo. Plus one of my clocks were set back because of pacific daylight savings time change last week.

[..YouTube..] The video is called “8x14 Promo” WTF did you think it was?

[..YouTube..] ColourNapkin@ No read my previous comment I was replying to someone about how fast these promo’s are uploaded before the show even plays of the pacific.

[..YouTube..] @IMFDB Oh alright.

[..YouTube..] Just had to shut one person up saying about how wasteful and boring this programme is? Well I say, to those who were shocked to find there was a mole at CTU? You’re idiots! I mean come on, did you not think there was someone doing an inside job to help out the terrorists?! You can dislike this comment if you want, I’m just trying to defend 24 here, that despite the unsurprising end to the last episode, 24 does, and will ALWAYS rock! Cheers twentyfourspoilers, bring on the next episode!!!

[..YouTube..] Now that I think about it Renee is even with Jack for saving each others lives.

[..YouTube..] i think they just need a mole in CTU cause
the terrorist can’t do the job on is own!
that just proves that CTU is stronger then them! how can they kill soo many people without their surveillance and high tech stuff?? they just need CTU, so i think it’s logical!
now the twist is out and we have to see what the producers did with it!
i didn’t like dana from the start! sooo it was not a big shock for me!!
ctu just needs to defend themself better then the terrorist do!

[..YouTube..] NO NO NO not dana WTF>>> damn i love 24

[..YouTube..] I think they put the mole as Dana for two reasons:
1) the terriosts need help on the inside
2) many people didn’t like the dana stories, so the writers just put her as the mole so that the sub stories can be done.

[..YouTube..] It’s getting better and better, and I didn’t have a clue about Dana was a mole. At last this Dana’s story is becoming interesting

[..YouTube..] Dana reminds me of Nina Myers in Season 1. Jack is no longer the only person that slept with a traitor that works at CTU. Cole is repeating Jack’s mistakes.

[..YouTube..] at :24 and :27 it’s RENEE with a gun!!! I’m loving this season!

[..YouTube..] i want to fuck renee seriously.

[..YouTube..] cole helped dat bitch committ and cover up a murder, u kno sh’es gonna rat him out

[..YouTube..] Wow, guess I should have picked that bitch was the mole because her storylines were so boring. They had to spice up her character somehow. Chloe kicked the shit out of it last episode, and I would fuck Renee any day of the week

[..YouTube..] Dana’s a badass jerk lol Renee is kickass… and JACK IS THE BEST!

[..YouTube..] i loved chloe in the last episode! i hope she’ll be as good next episode :D

[..YouTube..] i never thought it would be dana! :O man i just started watching this show and i really like it, it’s so action packed!

[..YouTube..] YES! They’re doing it! They’re saving the season from the crappy sub-plots!

“Get me Jack Bauer!”

This is gonna be a Jack-driven season again! The second half of the year is going to kick ass. I hope.

[..YouTube..] Dana IS A Terrorist now

[..YouTube..] Cool promo and I hope Dana is caught by Chloe or Jack. Although I feel bad for Cole as his fiancee is a mole. Thanks for putting this on Youtube.

[..YouTube..] OMG! Cherry alert. President Cherry Taylor-Jones is back after a long hiatus.

We can’t wait till next week! Belly up to the bar, y’all!

[..YouTube..] to me it just seems like well they had a few good episodes before last weeks. everything about it was just well kind annoying and redundent and well frusturating.

[..YouTube..] yeah well that was just stupid. her storyline quite frankly yes was kind of out of place but i would not say broing. and i honenstly think they should have just left at where the 2 dudes got killed instead of adding the porbation officer and now making her a mole. i mean whats next the head of ctu being a mole now too. i mean they really did pull the moles out of there ass frist the had of secerity now the that girl.

[..YouTube..] yeah i was going to say its alot like nina but for me well it was alot easyer for me to accept nina as the mole but then agian at the end i mean they made a president be a tratior and well quite frankly they actully got away with doing that lol. like at the end i did accept he was a tratior all along.

[..YouTube..] to me its not that i did not like dana stories the porblem was they felt really out of place with the rest of the season and well just made her seem almost unprofessional but at the same time i felt for her because she was put in a really messed up postion.

[..YouTube..] yeah i know right pretty stupid if u ask me :/

[..YouTube..] yeah not only that 2 episodes ago they also pulled another mole out of their ass. and oh yeah the preisdents brother was also a mole so thats like 3 moles so far.

[..YouTube..] lol yeah i was like they are saying what they what will blow everyone away but well i mean they just spoiled it and it was kind of obvious they wanted hasan lol.

[..YouTube..] for me season 1 was the best and still is. but i mean season 2 was actully pretty good too.

[..YouTube..] it kind of really was. A)no one lisstens to cloe b)jack bauer being saved at the last second c) a ctu agent acts like a red shirt from star trek and dies d) another temp red shirt ctu agent gets it e)another mole in ctu f)terrorists get away.

[..YouTube..] last season of 24 :(

[..YouTube..] i cant believe this is 24’s last season! i love this show!

[..YouTube..] The final decision was made yesterday. This will be 24’s final season.
and of course, this is decided midseason, which means that most likely, the series won’t end in a way that will give it an end-of-the-show feeling. If they were going to do this, they should’ve done it before production of this season started!

[..YouTube..] Did anyone see Aaron Pierce at 00:25 seconds? It looks like him on the phone looking down.

[..YouTube..] Did anyone see Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce near the end?

[..YouTube..] There better be a good grand finale to this season which sums up all the seasons! season 1,2,3 were the best cause they wernt repetative like the others, still good though!

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best and its not always the same thing. but yes jack always gets saved in the last seconde but that’s a good thing cz he is my favorite caracter and i don’t want him to die

[..YouTube..] I can’t beleive danna is bad!! they really should of not done that but i don’t care, i knew she was bad from the begining. Jack and renee are soooo cute together, renee is the best and so is jack <3 love u guyes so much , oh and thx for posting this :)

[..YouTube..] thewewguy, is it me, or are you having a conversation with yourself? XD

[..YouTube..] this is the last season of 24 that was annonced on march26th 2010

[..YouTube..] That looks like Gen. David Brucker (Michael Gaston) I don’t think it’s Agent Pierce. When Jack has a problem trusting people Agent Pierce is definitely on speed dial.

[..YouTube..] @thewewguy8t88 I’ve pretty much hated the entire Dana sub-plot until this point, and Hassan’s family affairs bore me to tears. The russians were the best part of this season until Episode 13. Jack’s gung-ho cover-fire and Renee’s rescue made the episode.

I hope the last 11 episodes of the series really kick ass.

[..YouTube..] yeah sometimes that happens lol.

[..YouTube..] really where i really hope not :/

[..YouTube..] yeah exactly season 1 and 2 and even 3 had a constant problem/treat they were building up too while the reast i felt like the bad guy where even making things up as they went along.

[..YouTube..] @TomWardy01

Looks nothing like Pierce

[..YouTube..] season 8 is the last season : (

[..YouTube..] OMG MY GOD

[..YouTube..] @Youmna11 tbh this is the one twist that i didn’t expect, simply because they’ve done the whole ‘mole’ thing too many times. But hey i give propps to them, they intended to surprise me and they did.

[..YouTube..] i heard that president logan is gonna comeback

[..YouTube..] there will be a cat fight scene between chloe or renee vs dana when her past comes out renees pregenency is worked into storyline

[..YouTube..] Hassan’s bodyguard Nabeel gets killed off this episode …aww :(
I kinda liked him ! But what the heck ! Get me jack Bauer !!! Wooooooo :D

[..YouTube..] @coiscarraig1234
Yeah, that’s true. I just saw it on IMDB