24 Season 8 Episode 18 Promo (9:00AM-10:00AM)

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[..YouTube..] oh my god

[..YouTube..] Noooooo!! I “Can’t Believe Renee is dead!!! Theyy were so cutee together :(:(:(!!!

[..YouTube..] They were beautiful together.

[..YouTube..] Is logan still corrupt?

[..YouTube..] Jack does not deserve this.
They were beautiful together.

[..YouTube..] Dana’s going to crack.
Logan is the big bad.
And Jack is going to own them all on his pursuit of “justice”.

[..YouTube..] I feel so bad for Jack, he was looking foward to being with her. Whoever is involved in killing her is going to feel Jack’s wrath. You almost wish the 24 writers have some miracle up their sleeves for Renee.

[..YouTube..] Worst Episode Ever, never watching 24 again, huge mistake writers, absolutely terrible.Cant jack just be happy?

[..YouTube..] @SpartanRunner04 Only 6 episodes left and your going to stop watching? Sure, its not what i had wanted to happen, but on the bright side jack is now going to be crazier than ever , and probably do some serious damage to all the bad guys. I am interested to see where it is going.

[..YouTube..] The killing of Rene was no surprise as the 24 writers seems to be stuck in a routine of killing off main characters as a way to evoke maximum shock value …….

[..YouTube..] .. but it has been used so often it is now predictable and we are a bit numb to it. I would have found it more effective to get Jack back in killer mode by having an ATTEMPTED assassination attempt that threatened his personal life outside CTU and he then went after the sniper to “clean the slate for good” . Killing off Rene was kind of the predictable unimaginative “maximum shock value” way of writing …

[..YouTube..] …. also a bad strategic idea on the part of the producers killing of Rene. If they don’t keep a few good characters from the TV series to carry over to their attempt at a big screen movie series, they may find they lose their audience in the transfer…… They may have felt they were really shocking the 24 fan base tonight, but instead they may be limiting the potential success of their movie series. …. Heck, may as well kill off Chloe next, she is the only original left.

[..YouTube..] this is the most annoying death ive seen in the show, in terms of how much I wish it didnt happen

[..YouTube..] dammit!!!! i hated that they killed off the only character worth watching aside from jack -.- dammit!!

[..YouTube..] Poor Renee… I bet you though, These 6 hours will most likely be Jacks craziest and avenge filled yet. I mean why wouldn’t he? First his wife is shot, Then Audrey is damaged beyond repair, and Renee is shot to die from blood loss. I think Jack has had enough of the people he loves being killed. The old torturous Jack will be back. RIP Renee…

[..YouTube..] This is so stupid, renees the only thing that made it worth watching

[..YouTube..] @mikespitzer007 what are you talking about? you know as well as i do that she is not dead and that the bad guys will take her and poisen her mind and then we will see her in the movie as the main villian or something like that. jack will not kill her so almeida will come from nowhere and shoot her in the name of his lost child…… all hail creative writing….

but you got to love it !

[..YouTube..] this will be incredible! The last episodes will be Legendary!!!!

Go Chloe, Go Chloe :D:D:D

Can`t Wait !

[..YouTube..] Renee Walker was killed with a suppressed ROCK SOPMOD M14 Commando Carbine. Time of Death is 8:59AM.

[..YouTube..] Now i’m mad about about what happen to Renee. Now I’m really mad.

[..YouTube..] I`m happy about Rene`s dead, because now we will see the Jack Bauer we ever wanted. He goes now to kill anyone on his way.
The only think Jack is thinking about now is “Revenge” !!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer will be back with a vengeance far better than “The Bourne Supremacy” could ever accomplish.

[..YouTube..] Now that Renee is dead, they just HAVE to bring back Tony Almeida! Jack Bauer, Tony Almeida and Chloe O’ Brian are the only original characters left!
But now, Jack Bauer is angry as hell!

[..YouTube..] Why?? What the hell is going on with this writer?? If he wants to end this show better end it with respect!! Not killing main characters which the audience seems to like! They are planning to shot a movie for 24!! How is that good without some good characters we loved??

[..YouTube..] Now I dont know if the writer will kill O brain or President Taylor!! And the story should get better, because I cant believe that the Russian did all this damage from the assassination attempt to smuggling nuclear weapon just to end the peace process!! There are more!
Jack better get crazier than ever or this season will be the worst. GOD! Cant jack just be happy?

[..YouTube..] What is Jack saying at 0:23 right after: “If you are lying to me..?”

[..YouTube..] It actually does makes sense if Logan is bad again. Remember back in season 6 when Jack and Logan met, Logan didn’t tell Jack about Alan Wilson, only some other people who were behind day 5’s events.

[..YouTube..] @kenn0255 Logan is the head we know that, and they should bring that group from season 7 back in track we dont know if the government found out about them.
Dana Walsh knows about Logan I hope that Jack will crack her deep down. Jack needs revenge, I need revenge !!!!

[..YouTube..] she’s not dead….she can’t be….not right after hassan….it’s just not possible….even tho it is the last season and there’s only 6 eps left….there’s no way she’s dead….

[..YouTube..] @misharyomar we all need revenge!!! LOL

[..YouTube..] and can you really really believe that they are ending this show? Yo’ we need to rally to bring this show back to another network. Seriously!
Fox is wack!

boy i sure hope the president isn’t trying to tell jack what sacrifices are all about, i think he knows

[..YouTube..] @misharyomar -Killing Renee what makes the show so real. And killing her right after they just made love. That’s total disrespect! The writers of the show are dangerous. LOL that’s why Fox is canceling it. “24” is the best show ever. Right next to “The Wire”

April 12, 2010 at 10:32 pm
Jack and Renee finally get together and they kill her off!!!! She survives all this crazy stuff and dies because of something stupid like this. And Dana lives but not Renee? Did they really need to kill off Renee that bad?At first I was crying but now I am just mad! For real 24?! … sorry to rant in the comments but it’s so sad :(

[..YouTube..] Hey guys IMDb is showing Renee Walker will still continue to be on the show!! Does that mean there’s a chance Renee is still ALIVE??

[..YouTube..] Screw the the writers .. It’s not just all about the silent endings of episodes .. It’s been 8 seasons they had fun killing everyone around Jack and torture him .. Damn, they could change a little bit, especially this season in which they make us believe we’re finally having a happy ending and Jack can finally get his redemption.. Worst decision ever made by the writers ..

[..YouTube..] @kuzabee Killing Renee makes the show real ? they could have killed anyone, but no, it always has to be one of the closest person to Jack .. you think that’s real ?

You watch, in the movie they’ll kill off Jack. They won’t let him even have a chance at happiness, yes it comes with his territory but damn this show needs to let a little light in. Unbelievable. May as well just go all out now and kill off every character left. And I’m saying this as someone who loves guns blazing on tv

The writers for 24 need to actually come up with creative stuff for these characters…. not just murder them when they can’t see what to do with them. The only reason I’m still watching 24 is so I can watch Jack kick some terrorist butt for what they did to her. :-/

bring back audrey raines now!!

maybe renee is dead..but pls don’t u dare to bring back audrey raines!

It was a dumb move to kill her off. A dumb move, and bad writing. Have some damn creativity, for crying out loud. We get it, okay? Jack Bauer is a destroyer of worlds and his past/job (past job?) endangers everyone around him and he damages everything he touches. Even in the final season, we can’t see him happy for more than a few minutes. Cool.

Bad call, 24. Bad call.

[..YouTube..] These writers should b fired.

[..YouTube..] @doofynetgraouw It goes back to what Heller said about Jack at the end of season 6.

[..YouTube..] @imjyip Well if that’s true, Renee will be the first one to ever be alive after she got a silent clock. I doubt that Renee will survive the last episodes :-)
Think about Tony. When Tony “died” in season 5, he didn’t get a silent clock but he returned. I think Renee is 100 % dead. Unfortunaly.

[..YouTube..] @xps28 She got a silent clock. For the second time actually, so yes she is dead..

[..YouTube..] @imjyip

Nope, IMDB is wrong, there was also a silent clock at the end, so she’s defenitely dead… Jack lost already 4 wifes during this serie, this isn’t normal anymore :-( …
But I’m glad that Chloe is now the head of CTU, she deservers it more than anyone else and also the comeback of Charles Logan! However, I don’t think he is doing this for the country or President Taylor, but again for his self-interest.

[..YouTube..] She did get the silent clock no way she is alive.
And I don’t see Tony coming back either, the writers are getting foul with killing Jack’s friends all the time. Its not interesting anymore. He deserves his happiness!!

[..YouTube..] @kuzabee to be fair they ending it before it really gets old i am guess everyone call 24 is starting to show its age and they are ending it while it still has some juice left granted mabye the show could go another season but like still. i mean the more i think about it the more i think it had a good run. honestly though i really think lost needs 1 more season though thats a show thats NEEDS another season

[..YouTube..] @kuzabee > And killing her right after they just made love.
It’s like in horrors, make love – be dead.-)

[..YouTube..] @nick0912nascar more then likely.

Renee Walker was killed with a suppressed ROCK SOPMOD M14 Commando Carbine. Time of Death is 8:59AM.

[..YouTube..] THIS made me cry big TIME!
OMG! how could they kill off RENEE? this is RIDICULUS!
I love her, i love jack and renee!
Till the middle of the episode i loved it, one of the best seasons ever!
With the new president & Chloe as HEAD HOW COOL :D

NO WONDER they stopped the show, they fired all the writers!

[..YouTube..] 24 is a complete joke 4 killing renee, absolute crap, i hope everybody boycotts the show from now on, waste of space, n iv watched it ever since the beginning but no more

[..YouTube..] THIS iS SICK.
i love RENEE, and now she is dead.
they think i’m going to watch this last stupid hours of revenge ?
screw the producer, the writers or who ever had this idea.



I think Jack needs to be happy, especially because this is the last season, at least leave him with Renee. They were amazing together, this was a death that didnt need to happen. Last season, they kill of one of their best characters, why end a the 24 show like that, its ridiculous! I hope its just a fake and shes in witness protection or something. Most likely wont happen, but I wish it would.

[..YouTube..] I agree, I love this show, but screw you guys for killing ANOTHER fan favorite. I’m surprised they haven’t killed Chloe yet. Everything else was good, but killing Renee was so STUPID!! Do they have to kill someone every season?

[..YouTube..] I liked this twist…


[..YouTube..] Buh, I clicked on this video at school without having seen todays episode yet and got spoiled so bad… -_- Damnit!

[..YouTube..] We have really enjoyed 24 and of course have all the seasons on DVD.. but, as much as we will miss it, we have to admit — it is time for the show to end. It is especially noticeable this season they are struggling with ideas and repeating exact scenes from earlier seasons. But most shows are like that after 7+ seasons. There is only so much you can do with any concept and group of characters.

[..YouTube..] Killing off Rene was predictable and unimaginative. It has almost become a dark comedy the way they have to kill off everybody that Jack gets close to in an attempt to make his life as miserable as possible —- as in the Bible ..”The Book of Job”. ——- But in the interest of some shock value, killing Rene off may have been unwise, if they don’t keep interesting characters to carry over to the new movie series, many people may not care to watch the movie.

[..YouTube..] In fact, when the show started last night my wife said …. “Well I guess this is the night Rene dies”. Then when they went to Jacks apartment, she said … “Uh oh, the Kiss of Death..Goodbye Rene”. ———- Then when they promoted Obrien to the head of CTU she said …… “Oh great, they are really going to clean the slate this season. All heads of CTU either get fired or die. Good Bye Chloe” —— Looks like with so many actor’s contracts at an end, they only want Jack for the movie

[..YouTube..] fuck you 24, how dare you. renee is probably the best character since jack, tony, and chloe. how dare you killed her.

[..YouTube..] im mad as hell that renee got killed that sucked

[..YouTube..] SO what? Rene died? I haven´t seen yet episode 17 and now I cry. Why not happy ending for Rene and Jack??? This is bad news for me.

now we talking : )
would you please bring audery back

[..YouTube..] R.I.P. =(
I agree, killing her off was stupid after her surviving the mental breakdown, then the encounter with Vladimir, and Weiss’ attempt to make her a scapegoat with the nerves of steel intact. And *then* the writers kill her off with no dignity, only the old cliche of “Everything [Jack] touch[es], one way or another, ends up dead,” so it’s hardly a shocker at this stage. Yes, Jack is destroyed and fired up for revenge, but I feel like it was done at too high a price.

[..YouTube..] I have basically 0 interest in watching this episode after what they did to Renee.

[..YouTube..] Lets look at the good side here

he fuck her :P

[..YouTube..] For those of you who are going to skip the last 6 episodes, I think you are making a big mistake. Please forgive me for saying this, but in some way it makes sense they killed off Renee. They needed to give us a reason to be sure that Jack would stay on. Think about it: If Renee were going into coma in the very end, Jack would probably just have been at the hospital with Renee all along, and then we couln’t have the Bauer action.
I also thought it was horrible to see Renee die that way……..

[..YouTube..] nd now for some of you it might be hard for you to watch season 7 & 8 again because you know Renee is gonna die in season 8. But think about it. Didn’t Bill Buchanans death last season make season 4-6 hard to watch? And Tony’s fake death in season 5 so season 1-4 would be hard to watch (until we found out he was still alive) And Teri’s death in season 1? And Michelle Dessler?
But yes there is something that makes season 7 harder to watch because we loved Renee so much in these two seasons..

[..YouTube..] I think Renee was killed because of the possible movie. If there is a movie, the studio probably wants a bigger name actress to star with Kiefer thinking it will help box office. The loyal 24 TV viewers love Anne Wersching and more importantly the character Renee. But if there is going to be a movie Jack has to be unattached if they want to sign a bigger name actress to be his partner/love interest. Too bad I’d rather see the movie with Anne/Renee.

[..YouTube..] Jack looks piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssed at 0:12

[..YouTube..] Time for jack to unleash some serious hell. This is probably the first time he sees his love die in front of him, ever since season 1 with Teri. Absolutely nothing left to lose. He’s broken, yet angrier and pissed off more than ever. Expecting alot of Bauer actions in the last 6 hours.

i’m feeling sad :(

[..YouTube..] remember Chase? Kim ex bf with the baby think from season 3 i believe they need to bring him back he was bad ass

[..YouTube..] This times its was obvious that they will kill her, bad writing really :p

I’m so upset! They didn’t have to kill her.

I know she’s really dead but there’s this part of me that’s hoping they ‘do a Tony’ and the doctor made her only appear dead so she could be delivered to Alan Wilson. After what she did to him last season I’m sure he must want to get hold of her.

I can dream…

[..YouTube..] i cant make out what jack is telling dana at the end.can anyone tell me???

[..YouTube..] Wow! Charles Logan has become Rod Blagojevich on steroids!

[..YouTube..] i seen photos of her in filiming for 24 while she heavily pregant

[..YouTube..] @claudio612

I am no english native speaker, but I understand: “If you’re an enemie, II will find you no matter where you try to hide”

[..YouTube..] @claudio612 “If you lie to me…I will find you no matter where you try and hide…”

Hmmmm. If these were the scenes being shot on 3 December….then has Annie Wersching not been filming ever since then?

[..YouTube..] Really sad last episode. Seems like for now Jack has the feeling of rage ready to complete this season and the whole serie with a pure action / adrenaline, what we have being seen on earlier seasons :)

[..YouTube..] RIP Renee Walker.

[..YouTube..] @GeneRalMvkR2 not funny.

[..YouTube..] SHIT.
screw you, 24 writers, producers or who ever had this stupid idea of letting renee die. there is no reason to kill her and crash jack in the last episodes of the last season. I’m not going to watch this crap.



[..YouTube..] A main reason why they killed her off is because Annie Wersching is preggo

Its a fucking bitch to act whilst pregnant actors do it all the time

…not that i would know…..:3

[..YouTube..] @donaldinks Thanks, I was wrong!

[..YouTube..] “were” not “was”

[..YouTube..] yea renee was cool, but im glad they honored her with a silent clock, twice she has had a silent clock, and so did hassan last week, wow. but yea jacks gonna fuck some russians up.

[..YouTube..] no. what the hell that just ruins it. what is this, every body but jack can die?? screw the writers, killing renee was bs

[..YouTube..] I’m sad that Renee died!!!!!!!! :(

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer getting revenge is justice hand in hand , Uncover the conspiracy and take them all out, Logan, Walsh, the evil Russians all the bad guys.

[..YouTube..] a rené não podia ter morrido!

[..YouTube..] Jack wants revenge, but they could have left the hospital only Rene!

[..YouTube..] jack is gonna rape that guy that killed renee

[..YouTube..] fuck 24 what the hell…i knew something was gonna happen to renee but what the fuck kill her? god damn it its the last season let jack end happy

[..YouTube..] hey just wondering what ever happen to audrey raines

[..YouTube..] sucks so fu&^%&g bad…. why renee ? :(

[..YouTube..] omfg!!! i cried when she died!!!!!! :( fuck you 24!!!! cant jack just end up happy!! i want to see him happy god damnit!!!!!!! but what a way to end the show with a bang lol

[..YouTube..] I almost cried when Renee died :/

[..YouTube..] @demonsayion If you mean after season 6, it’s a mystery. But after season 5, she was torured by the chinese that captured Jack, and in season 6, Jack finds her, but she’s pretty much crazy. We don’t find out if she ever recovered or not.

Renee’s death was just ridiculous. She was such a great character – it makes absolutely no sense to me.The season might as well have ended right there…sigh…

[..YouTube..] @poopchestxyz I don’t think that’s what made the writers kill her, but maybe that’s why they killed her in ep 17, which seems a little early. I just remember the actress that played Chloe getting pregnant, and she just got sent home for a few episodes.

[..YouTube..] “SEVEN” HOURS!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @demonsayion
back in season 6 she was trying to find Jack after the Chinese captured him, but they found her and messed her up badly. She in a coma, now in intensive care,with her father looking over.

[..YouTube..] @Renoexplainsitall me too! :(

[..YouTube..] WTF… how dare u kill renee.. OMG Screwed it all… im almost crying about this..

[..YouTube..] I hope Jack beheads that sniper and anyone that gets in his way.

[..YouTube..] what more can they do to this poor bastard? there’s gonna be no finality to this last season which is a shame!

[..YouTube..] @Spencer24sony so in your opinion do you think is she has recovered and if she will appear in season 8

[..YouTube..] Is it just me or did Jack Bauer just stir Vladimir Laitanan’s porridge?


[..YouTube..] That sniper killed 2, Renee Walker … and himslef.


[..YouTube..] and its funny how every time jack falls in love…the girl either dies or goes crazy.
I really want Audrey back though D; they were THE cutest couple EVER

[..YouTube..] logan’s up to some shit.

After watching the past 5 seasons every week, I’m not watching this show anymore it was so predictable and ridiculous to kill renee. Bye 24.

[..YouTube..] @demonsayion I doubt it, and if she did, I wouldn’t bother watching the movie. Sorry, but I think that that would be a terrible idea.

[..YouTube..] Jack is going to go ape shit on that sniper.

[..YouTube..] Damn that really sucked but its just chance it could have been jack. Its like the real world. Bad things happen to good people. Hopefully he will get his Revenge and make everyone involved pay !!

[..YouTube..] RIP Renee, but damn what a way to die….wouldn’t mind it myself personally!! And poor Jack, he’s just destined to be alone, but as everyone knows there is nothing more dangerous to terrorists and traitors than a pissed off, out for justice/revenge Jack Bauer. Logan may be the next death, if he’s still on the bad side of things, Jack’s not likely to leave him alive again.

[..YouTube..] It seems strange after all the years of experience at CTU and after what happened to Palmer, that Jack would keep his windows uncovered in a hi-rise apartment……. in many ways, this season is like a copy of Season 5 with many of the same exact scenes re-used…… Look at the parallel of Logan involved in Palmers death by sniper and now we see Logan here again after Rene’s death by sniper, etc..etc..

[..YouTube..] If you scan the internet today, the general opinion is that killing off Rene was an unimaginative and even predictable repeat of the same old “make Jack as miserable as possible” formula…… It was good to a point, but now with an interesting character like Rene and the series ending, many feel the writers and producers have hurt the possible success and finterest in the movie because there are not enough good characters to transfer over to the big screen with Jack.

[..YouTube..] If I was Dana I would be looking for ways to kill myself before Jack makes it back to CTU.

[..YouTube..] I guess that’s what they meant by one of the shocking moments of the season :'(. Like Bauer says when he’s angry, I say ‘DAMN IT! :@’ I was pissed off, and VERY unhappy! Jack, it’s time for you to open up a proper, and I mean, PROPER can of whoop a**, and kill those Russian sons of bitches! Let the games. . . . . . . . . . . . . BEGIN you cold motherf**kin’ soviet union bastards! On a brighter note, it’s cool to see Chloe in charge, she’ll show that Hastings guy how it’s done!

[..YouTube..] P.S. Jack, you’re my hero. Love the line:

‘I DON’T want revenge. . . . .I want JUSTICE!’ In other words, what Jack is basically trying to say here to you President Taylor is ‘ Whatever has to be done. . . . . .BRING IT ON!’

[..YouTube..] Noooo porque mataron a Renee es lo peor que le pudieron hacer a la serie, que les pasa a los escritores de hoy en dia!!!, parece que no saben lo que el publico quiere, por eso estan las audiencias como estan o.O

24 has never been, and never WILL be a show that’s about happiness. I’ve seen every episode of this show, and what makes me keep watching it isn’t the utter fake, and sentimental affections that the characters have for one another, it’s what those CHARACTERS have to do in order to protect lives, even if it means sacrificing theirs. With series ending, it’s only fitting that she bit the bullet. Now shut the fuck, stop your goddamn complaining, and actually SEE how the show will play out instead of making bullshit guesses as to what’s gonna happen.

[..YouTube..] R.I.P. Renee Walker…so sad, I love that character,she was Bauer’s girl!!! She was one of my favorite…Damn It!!!

[..YouTube..] Fucking asshole writers only kill the good people…soon Chloe will die…then Taylor…then Hasan’s wife and the season ends. make jack this miserable is a mistake.

[..YouTube..] Hassan…Rene…and although he didn’t die i will miss Hastings, every character i start to like somehow leave the series, by death or other reason. 24 writers are sadists.
Now i can’t stop thinking of what Logan is trying to do. If it was all about the peace agreement that the Russians didnt want to happen, and they did manage to stop it, since they wouldn’t accept Dalia in charge, what they intent now? Didn’t they accomplished what they wanted already?
Something big is comming…

[..YouTube..] Killing off Renee was a terrible plot line =/

[..YouTube..] I don’t think that Rene is really dead. Reading the spoilers for episodes 19 and 20, it seems ( Taylor hires private security agency for a sensitive matter) that they simply want to eliminate Rene as a potential target by faking her death. I just hope that Kim made it out of the city by now and is not stuck at the airport again.

[..YouTube..] I Cried when Rene died. :(

[..YouTube..] seriously?? Is that info for real??

[..YouTube..] If Jack instead of Rene was shut by the sniper and after that Rene has to carry on alone to find out what the Russian she recognized was up to and to revenge Jack, that would have been great but is simply unthinkable because no one wants to see the super hero to die…. I wonder why is that…

[..YouTube..] it was so cool to see dana walsh turn bad

[..YouTube..] I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY KILLED OFF RENEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVED her!!!!!!
I don’t think this season will end here. There is supposed to be a movie coming soon that picks up where this season will leave off.

I dont think Renee can be properly dead — on IMDB it says she stars in more epsiodes than this so maybe she didnt really die?

[..YouTube..] I don’t really think that they killed her ! I don’t believe it !It’s stupid.Maybe someone wanted to get her of Jack’s eyes so he can start kicking some ass like he used to in the last 7 seasons.This season he’s really in love and tired from everything.He just wants to live his life with Renee and his family and he wasn’t acting as smart and ..

[..YouTube..] 24 is showing so much development of female characters stepping up for leadership positions. I like it :)
Chloe the leader of CTU
President Taylor the leader of the country
and Hassan’s wife becoming the leader of her country

[..YouTube..] I’m sad that Renee died!!!!!!!! :( also can’t wait forthe next episode!!!! :)

[..YouTube..] omg he’s whispering in the ear again!

There 7 hours left i think i miss somethink and i dont no what some of you so pissed about renee death you all have to be sure that anyone who lives with jack or knows him will be die sometimes and the next hour i think will be better and better jack is on his own If HoGo wrtite a houre there is more feeling an twist and not so many action

[..YouTube..] Dana Walsh is a bitch. I hated her from the minute she was introduced

[..YouTube..] @dunlop3500 And Dana is the leader of the Hell.. Bitch :D .. And Renee was the leader of Jack :( :D

[..YouTube..] whoever wrote this episode I would like to teabag him in the fucking face with my big sweaty balls. Fuck you 24, fuck you and die. Only 6 episode left and they gotta kill off Renee, fuck that shit Renee was great and they alway do this to the best characters thats why its getting fucking cancelled. the only people that will be watching 24 by finale are the writers friends and family cause everyone else will eb pissed off from stupid fucking deaths like this. chloe is next im sure. FUCK YOU 24!

[..YouTube..] Now that the show gets cancelled, they have the option to kill everyone except for Jack. Cole, Dana, that nerdy guy at CTU, the president (slim chance), Hassan’s wife and daughter, the Russian rep at the peace conference, and I hate to say it, but possibly Chloe. No one is safe, at all. (Maybe, and I hope, a return of Tony Almeida, either this season or for one of the movies)

[..YouTube..] Why they say 6 hours, I do not know.
In Jackland, what is the difference between revenge and justice?

[..YouTube..] @kenn0255 Actually, Renee’s receiving the silent clock without dying already happened in early season 7.
Also, Palmer got a silent clock at the end of season 2, but he lived.
And George got one about 100 minutes BEFORE he died.

[..YouTube..] @KeithUrbanLuver4Ever She didn’t. It was an extreme that they didn’t and shouldn’t have gone to. That’s why it was such a huge mistake.

[..YouTube..] so is this the last sesson of 24

[..YouTube..] I liked renee too and was sorry to see her die. But for stortline purposes it might be a good thing. Now we’re going to see the old take no prisoners Jack. Jack is at his best when he goes off on his own and does things his way, which he will do to find the people who did this. And unlike past seasons I dont think he will be getting any resistance from CTU.

[..YouTube..] It’s sad for Renee, but I don’t think Jack really loved her, he’s desperate of course to loose another friend, but he didn’t tell her that he loved her before they made love and on her last moments. It’s was different with Audrey at the end of season 6, he told her his love

[..YouTube..] poor jack. i cried when renee died too. because she was happy with him :D

[..YouTube..] I was really upset with renee dying. I guess the writers tried to pull of the ‘dexter ‘ card.
The difference is this is the last season and jack really deserved to have a break in the end.
I’m pretty sure that if there would be another season we would get kim bauer being set on fire in front of jack…

[..YouTube..] is logan evil again? or is he trying to save the world by stopping jack? we´ll see…

[..YouTube..] It’s official : I hate 24 !

Why does every sweet girls die ? :'( Booooooh :(

The only comfort I have is Jack going back into Bad Motherfucker style !
Woot woot ! Give it to them Jackie boy!

[..YouTube..] Noooooooooooo! Nooooooooooo! Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! Fuck you, 24 Writers!

[..YouTube..] If Jack should kill anyone next, it should be the people who wrote Renee out of the show!

[..YouTube..] This was an excellent episode, not an action episode but more of an intense drama with a twist. For all you people saying they killed off Renee just for shock value, you’re wrong. They killed her off for a very emotional part of the episode and throughout the season. Yes, it hurt bad, but it was predictable as it was meant to be. Renee dying was like knowing a family member will die the next day. You knew it was coming, but it’s still tragic, sad, and stabs the heart.

[..YouTube..] I knew Renee was going to die, It’s the last season and there are only few hours left so they are really raising the bodycount. To be honest this season is a bit of a letdown. They keep recycling old twists and plotlines from previous seasons. The evil russians, presidential assasinations, terrorist attacks on CTU, the mole in CTU, It’s very “been there done that” They’ve really ran out of ideas.

[..YouTube..] Annother thing i’m disapointed in is the fact that there are still loose ends from season 7, What became of Tony Almeida? Is his story over? What about Alan Wilson? Tony Almeida should have been in season 8 so that atleast his story gets a proper ending. There is a reason why Season 8 and Season 6 were the shittiest seasons in my opinion. The show is just not the same without Tony Almeida.

[..YouTube..] how many people gonna die in the season….lets see….the hussin brothers…teran feruit or whoever you spell it…the first dude in the first episode…semir…kevin wade and his boy…renee….probation officer…owen the dude with cole….the young dude that blow hisself up at the hospital…the russian renee killed…the old dude son with the rods and his brother….got damm…lol……thats 14 people main people in the script….who next…..anybody know or think they know….

[..YouTube..] “Bauer needs to be stopped” – don’t give me that bullshit. Finally this is a season without the bureaucratic nonsense that always stops Jack getting the job done. Let him do what he does without getting in the way! Although bringing Logan back is fantastic – he needs to be the next to die (end of the episode, but no silent clock).

Also I would still fuck renee even though shes dead. At least Jack got one go on the Renee ride.

[..YouTube..] @Zain844 They said that Season 7 and Season 8 would be connected unlike previous seasons. I don’t see any kind of connection. So was that all bullshit? If Tony doesn’t make an appearance I will be pissed off. It could top what has been a pretty decent season IMO.

[..YouTube..] They killed Renee tssss… Is it so hard to let Jack happy for once??? Son of a bitch writers, go to hell !

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer will be back with a vengeance far better than “The Bourne Supremacy” could ever accomplish.

[..YouTube..] @sharkssucknuts

I think it was all bullshit because in the entire series Alan Wilson is only mentioned once and Tony Almeida is never mentioned at all. If Season 7 really is the last time we see Tony Almeida why bother keeping him alive then? They might as well have killed him off.

[..YouTube..] @zoomscooper81

I think Renee had to die to get Jack back in the game again. Because throughout the whole season Jack was trying to backout of helping CTU. He just wanted to go home with Kim. He never wanted to help CTU. He only did it because he had to now that hasan was dead and the terrorist threat is gone. He didnt care what happened after that he just wanted to go home then renee dies and he’s back in again.

[..YouTube..] I’m sorry everyone but I so happen to be the biggest 24 fan ever. I live and sleep 24 and to be honest I’m sorry everyone but i’m not all that sad that renee died. Seriously I dont know why bt she wasnt my favorite…solely because im very ”protective” of the original cast members as in chloe,tony….to be honest when renee came in the picture i was too mad grrrr lool. Now if Chloe died thats another story I would loose sleep literally…..

[..YouTube..] @ChaoticRipper

Dude with the sniper is dead from the final moments of 8x17…

[..YouTube..] How come this movie is never consistent with its guns? In some scenes, Bauer has a suppressed gun and others he doesn’t? Is there a reason all these guys keep switching back and forth with their guns, suppressed and unsuppressed.

[..YouTube..] Who knows what’s going to happen when Jack talks to Dana for information. Maybe he’ll walk right in the interrogation room and rip the immunity agreement in half right in her face. Clearly she’s was working with the Russians the whole time. And with Renee dead, Jack is PISSED, so there’s no telling what he will do through the rest of this season.

[..YouTube..] I have a question: where the f*** is Tony Almeida?!!?!?!?!11

[..YouTube..] @Szajbaa666 Either taken into custody or killed. I think the first one.

[..YouTube..] I miss Renee. Idiot writers, after this episode I ain’t watchin’ any more. We all know Jack will get his revenge, but either way–Renee ain’t gonna wake up.

[..YouTube..] does anybody know if tony almeida will appear,jack need his help for the last few episodes,please somebody tell me if tony almeida is gona make a appearance

[..YouTube..] starbuck from Battlestar Galatica………so hot n so tricky……..YES!

[..YouTube..] I really hope tony comes back the last 4 episodes or so, prob not in this one, or the next, but he will come back to help jack now, jack is pissed as fuck….. he wants revenge not justice anymore lol

[..YouTube..] REVENGE TIME……….. FUCK’N ALL

I want Tony Almeida back!! and team up with Jack…

[..YouTube..] @Szajbaa666 good question! well we have only 6 hours left. bet we wont find out dude

[..YouTube..] As much as I hate to say it, Jack will probably have to die. Everything he loves dies except Kim. I think that he can never be happy as long as he’s alive. I think Jack’s fuckin amazing so it hurts to say this

[..YouTube..] jack’s gonna live.
he keeps the clock ticking.
and 24 will have a movie.

[..YouTube..] writers of this show is kind of an assholes. Jack has suffered enough in these 8 seasons. Why he couldn’t get a nice ending? but overall, 24 is the best tv show i have ever seen.

[..YouTube..] Reed Diamond!

[..YouTube..] @Szajbaa666

Yeah..excelent question

[..YouTube..] finally jack finds a girl that suits him,after suffering 8 seasons,gay writers decide to kill her. so stupid…

[..YouTube..] everything jack touches dies

[..YouTube..] sorry guys but in episode 20 jack kills chloé, Tony reappears….. let me not spoil for u.

[..YouTube..] He is so sexy

[..YouTube..] @Szajbaa666 ye i know they cant just send him 2 jail and leave him, they hav 2 bring him back, hopefully in d movie :)

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[..YouTube..] @engineer14 sorry, Tony isn’t on there anymore……SMH……

[..YouTube..] On 26 March 2010 it was announced that 24 will end at the conclusion of the current 8th season, paving the way for the 24 feature film to go into production.

[..YouTube..] Folks they are making a Movie for 24

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer could have saved us all by throwing a cell phone at the terrorists

[..YouTube..] 20 bucks says that what Jack whispers into Dana’s ear is the same thing Jack whispered into Nina’s ear in Season 2. Now we know finally!

[..YouTube..] episode 17-18 were very sad, just like season 5. These 2 seasons are very emotional and it’s always sad to see this man cry, after 8 seasons, it’s like you’re jack bauer himself

Officially the dumbest move EVER killing off Renee….I was shocked by Hassan….but Renee??? Seriously!?!?!? Way to F*** up 24 writers…way to F*** up.

[..YouTube..] I also feel very bad Renee Walker has died.

[..YouTube..] @Renoexplainsitall, I had man tears!