Anil Kapoor on The Soup – April 9, 2010

Not exactly 24 related, but ‘The Soup’ host Joel McHale pointed out some completely inappropriate comments made to Anil Kapoor by ‘Good Day LA’ host Steve Edwards in his April 5th video interview.

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[..YouTube..] You know what, steve edwards is a wannabe actor, runs a morning talk show ( how respectable is that ), i mean who the hell watches good morning LA, gets probably zero arse and knows he couldn’t make a comment like that to Sunjay Gupta, cause gupta would probably bitch slap him, he’ll go in to cardiac, gupta will revive him just so he can get one more “thapad” !

[..YouTube..] And how much of a moron do you have to be to call TECH SUPPORT, dumb casper looking mofo probably called tech support from his rotary phone. The hell with ” edwards ” the unfriendly ghost.

[..YouTube..] Steve Edwards= douche

[..YouTube..] That guy was fantastic in Slumdog Millionaire.

You need more respect for your guests than that, Jesus. That was just straight up disrespect and prejudice.

[..YouTube..] shame on you Steve Douche Edwards…read this line a million times so that u can understand it better “SARCASM IS THE LOWEST FORM OF WIT”……….and if u dont call the TECH SUPPORT one of us will make u understand you WANNA BE MR.COOL!!

[..YouTube..] no wonder world thinks white people are stupid

[..YouTube..] How is that even supposed to be an Insult! Get me a MacDonalds burger Yankee then thats an Insult! Thats what u do..