24 Season 8 Episode 19 Promo (10:00AM-11:00AM)

Chloe O’Brian: “Jack, you’re not thinking clearly!” Jack Bauer: “Right now, I’m the only one who is.”

YouTube Link: 24 Season Episode 19 (10:00AM – 11:00AM) 8×19 Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] Tonight’s episode was one of the best so far, yet this episodes looks so much better. Who’s Jack holding at 0:28 ?

[..YouTube..] Can’t wait.

[..YouTube..] Looking forward to this episode! Time for some rogue Jack bauer! Btw, I thin that Logan has poisoned president Taylor’s mind, with accomplishing peace and all…

[..YouTube..] damn, you guys are quick with this stuff. a great episode, and Charles Logan is an incredible actor. I am so glad the last few episodes are giving me the same feeling as when I watched the first season.

[..YouTube..] Uhmmmmm …. what is the logic of signing a peace treaty that includes a Country that just almost nuked you a few hours earlier …… I have a hard time swallowing that President Taylor would suddenly start thinking like a Logan over a next to useless “Peace Treaty” that is not worth the paper it is written on.

[..YouTube..] isnt Michael Madsen supposed to be showing up next week?

[..YouTube..] I would have prefered to see Jack show complete disgust at the President and knocked her out. That would bring in the guards who he could have chopped down to size and then made his escape from CTU. ——— I found yet another escape by Helicopter a bit flat and uninspired and repetitive. — Time for Overkill Vendetta Mode !!

[..YouTube..] At 0.28 that looks like the weasle little sniper who killed Rene

[..YouTube..] @92NYR

He will be showing, and there arent many episodes left.

I’d definitely think he’d show up within the next episode or two.

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 I don’t think thats him. Its probably some CTU agent. Jack is at his best when he is rogue and everyone is chasing him down.

[..YouTube..] Unbelievable! Jack Bauer has a 2003 MP7A1 submachine gun and doesn’t even bother to flip up the iron sights? I could finally stop making Chuck Norris gun jokes.

“Chuck Norris> Jack Bauer is such a marksman he does not need to aim”!

[..YouTube..] I am so pissed, Fuck the President Taylor, Jack should kill her first. Thats messed all the things he did for the president and for his country, and now he needs their help and no one helps him thats fucked up. And he is all alone by himself. Go jack we all with you. Also he is a great actor I like the way he acts in tonights episode so serious and angry as hell…….

[..YouTube..] My prediction is Jack will pull a “Curtis Manning” on Cole.

[..YouTube..] @mikespitzer007 Nah that’s not the Renne Sniper; if it was Jack would have pulled the trigger already.

[..YouTube..] @KakarotCarrie enlighten me

[..YouTube..] I love Rogue Jack.

Great Episode with more emotions and great actors.
The Story is pushed forward and jack is out of control.
Jack want to save Dana and will get this situation in his own hands.

[..YouTube..] That is Good News That Jack Bauer Stole that Helicopter No Body Tells Jack Bauer What to Do :)

[..YouTube..] Hey guys… theres only 6 hours left…. again LOL

[..YouTube..] first they took Reene, now he is being denied justice and knowing that he is going to die is too much.

[..YouTube..] omg can’t wait

[..YouTube..] @assassin129
yeah i knw, i dont get it either…….

[..YouTube..] @JackBauer24onfox
LOL, true that…

[..YouTube..] @micsunderland3 nop, he will be in the last 4 episodes of 24

[..YouTube..] I know Jack want justic, but in that justice he’s going to, track down and kill that sniper that killed his beloved Renee…

[..YouTube..] Does anyone know if Tony Almeida returns in season 8?

[..YouTube..] @FilmCreaT0r i don’t know some web sites say he is not return

[..YouTube..] @JackBauer24onfox iunno, it is 24’s last season, and Almeida has been around for 6 of the 8 season so he might make an apperance… Maybe

[..YouTube..] @FilmCreaT0r A few people have pieced together he’ll probably be in the movie but not in the season

[..YouTube..] @YangGuardian I know why are you tell me this I have Seen All Seasons of 24 I think you meant to click on the other person

I love it when Jack goes rogue he is so much fun and intense that way. Get em Jack we’re with you man. :)

[..YouTube..] okey, Thanks assassin129

[..YouTube..] @JackBauer24onfox indeed, my bad. None the less… If they bough Logan why not Tony, right?

[..YouTube..] Tony is one of my favourites in 24.
He is alive, and i think he should come back in this season. Mabye at the last episodes?
But i don’t know… I hope i returnes

[..YouTube..] i’m kindof pissed at President Taylor right now!!!!! lol

[..YouTube..] oh for fuck sake lets have somthing new for once! every season he’s made out to be bad and then he proves every1 wrong! it worked great for the first 3 seasons but now its just getting dull!

[..YouTube..] fuck president taylor…..that bitch aint shit….ethon is right…she couldve went about it the another way….but dam tryna look up jack because she wrong as hell….fuck that…then she finna have ol girl killed…cleo gonna do something tho…i betcha….but the president lettin logan go ham right now over an agreement…show you what kinda world we live in right…

[..YouTube..] @hen527 It’s the last season. I think you’re going to be in for a surprise.

[..YouTube..] @hen527 yeah you right too….i said that lastnight about jack….everyseason is like that…good jack then bad jack but bad jack is really good jack lol….crazy man….but yeah do something different…like i believe cleo or jack gonna save danna walsh…but you cant get mad at cleo….she just doing her job…

[..YouTube..] Yeah man, its very predictable, i mean im enjoying it, but i thought cause its the last season theyd make it with a bit more creativity

[..YouTube..] Ok I don’t really like this.
WTF, the whole New York just looks ugly.
And WTF, I love Gregory Itzin but this time…I just think he was over-acting? Just doing all his things he did in season 5 (all his experssions, but then in a rhow).
And Jack being chased by choppers etc.? Wtf. Just wtf. It’s getting faker and faker.
I just don’t know it with this season.
It doesn’t feel right.
But I love Dana’s tits in that shirt.

Rogue Jack… all in the name of Renee Walker. You go Jack!

[..YouTube..] Jack rocks!

[..YouTube..] @hen527 i really think jack gonna get killed…for some odd reason i think cole is ditry…just because how do you not know this about your soon to be wife….but yeah if this is really the last season then i think jack will get killed by whom i dont know…so many new faces sone poped up within the last couple of hours….but we’ll see

[..YouTube..] Now THAT’S what I’m talking about. You know Jack NEVER backs down from a fight (I know this isn’t literally one but still), sure we’ve seen vintage Bauer in this season, but now, it’s time for Jack to take it that one step further. People have been talking about Tony? I wouldn’t mind him returning, as long as it’s to work alongside Jack, and get the job DONE!

[..YouTube..] @ReCkAhMaSteR

God you talk a pile of shite

[..YouTube..] @YangGuardian You are right i think at the end of season 7 he was taking away by the fbi I think that is what they want on the story line

[..YouTube..] My guess is Logan is behind everything and that the Russians just don’t know they’re being manipulated. The reason for this is to have power in politics again. In the end, Jack’s gonna find out and finish him once in or all. However, I think Logan should be locked down instead of doing ‘giving president a call’, ‘recieving intelligence from some powerful sources’ right? Since when can he be allowed to have such power?

[..YouTube..] “They’re gonna kill me.” Dana Walsh says. Look at Chloe’s face then. Does it look like she could care less?

[..YouTube..] Shit can’t belive this is the final season they better have a final countdown promo :P

Funny, Again, 6 hours, check the 8x18 promo! same thing! Magic. Does this mean we’re gonna go 25 :P?

[..YouTube..] 100%
Jack dies in the season finale ! :D

[..YouTube..] @vu0ngster sike

[..YouTube..] @vu0ngster They’re making a 24 movie after the show ends so Jack won’t die obviously. At least not in the show.

[..YouTube..] @bigthowed He won’t. They’re making a 24 movie after the show ends. So obviously he can’t die in the show if a movie will be made afterwards.

[..YouTube..] The movie does not have to play NOW, it could also play some years before.
So Jack could die this season and the movie could also be made and make sense.

So they could also bring back some characters which are already dead….

[..YouTube..] Does anyone know if there is gonna be season 9 or NOT??

[..YouTube..] @xxdriv123 quit your shit…fareal!!!!!!!!!……now thats what im talkin bout playa….how you know that tho?????

[..YouTube..] out of all these shit….the peace agreement will not be signed by mrs. hussan….jack will ruin all that shit…shows you how our president can turn there back on there own kind…fuck president taylor…and logan…he russian used the shit outta danna and semir to pull all this off…i feel sorry for danna know…i dont know why but they finna do her asap so she cant talk..but i betcha cleo got her back….and jack gonna get some more info from her too watch and see

[..YouTube..] oh yeah…ethon is not on the president side on this one…..like to see what hes gonna do….he got power you know

The movie does not take place after Season 8 in the 24 hr time line. So Jack can die in this season.

[..YouTube..] @ramzebala the show is cancelled dude/babe

[..YouTube..] Hands down, best part of the season: Jack beats the shit out of Dana.

[..YouTube..] President Taylor is a fuckin bitch. She’s full of shit.

[..YouTube..] President Taylor nooooo, Why dont she listen to Eilen how ever u spell it. KILL THE RUSSIANS lol Love this show, Cant wait till Episode 19

[..YouTube..] I hope Jack is going to fuck that sniper up!

[..YouTube..] whatever happened to President Taylor’s ideals that justice and ideals lie above everything else. In Season 7 she let 300 innocent Americans die but didn’t call of the military action, and now, such hypocrisy..!

[..YouTube..] @ramzebala no.. but there is going to be a movie..! so thats better than nothing

[..YouTube..] Esta llegando el final… y también el de Jack. Que mal que termine muerto. No la hace. Después de tantos a~os siguiendo la Temporada y vengan con ponerle fin al gran Jack. POR FAVOR!!!! DEJEN QUE SEA FELIZZZZZ… y a nosotros los fans también. :D

[..YouTube..] Wonder if Jack will take it as far as slapping some sense into President Taylor. That would be the ultimate right there.

[..YouTube..] @jlebron123 JACK NO VA A MORIR, VA A ESTAR EN LA PELÍCULA!

[..YouTube..] @cheekymonkey0770

If you saw how season 7 ended Tony is more likely to try and kill Jack then work with him.

If Jack were to die i think it should in an ultimate blaze of glory and self sacrafice.

[..YouTube..] I just saw the episode 18, what in the world is President Taylor doing?!?!

[..YouTube..] well at least jack got some from renee before she bit the dust

[..YouTube..] @fullhousefrek i know president taylor is fucking selfish

[..YouTube..] I have no respect fo tailor, you sent down your own daughter for justice but won’t give it to the man who saved your life.
Take them all down Jack

[..YouTube..] I’m pretty sure Ethan Kanin is going to end up betraying the president and help Jack somehow.

[..YouTube..] Jack if your going into combat will you at least flip up your submachine guns iron sights you don’t have to be Chuck Norris?

[..YouTube..] Well Jack Bauer is the Best And Nobody Tell Him What to do :)

[..YouTube..] Baur Jack dies in the film for the cinema?

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 It looks like he’s just holding a random Asian officer who is of no importance himself, but just a hostage for Jack

[..YouTube..] @wiseman387 Wow. Good call.

[..YouTube..] I love Ethans. He is a wise guy. Now i really despise president Taylor and Chloé. Funny how power changes people. Of all people why Chloé? bitch

[..YouTube..] OMG there stoping my fav show :( PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 9, THIS IS THE ONLY SHOW I ENJOY WATCHING ON TV

[..YouTube..] chloe was a bitch in this episode

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