Kiefer Sutherland: Sky Interview (Ben Jones) April 2010

Sky1 video interview with the man himself, Kiefer Sutherland.

YouTube Link: Kiefer Sutherland: Sky Interview (Ben Jones) April 2010


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[..YouTube..] …I’m not paying as much attention as before to 24 and Kiefer….TT
Lie to me and Tim Roth are trapping me… He’s just HOOOOOTTTT
But…ur my man KIefer!!!
peace xD

[..YouTube..] @TheScheiss
I love 24 and Kiefer…

My guess after seeing this is that Jack will die in the Season 8 finale.

I mean, Howard Gordon said last week that “old characters are returning” and that “after you see the S8 finale you’d inmediately know where the movie is heading”. And combined with Keifers sugestion that “you’d never know. It might be a prequel…”, it only makes sense.

Considering most old characters are dead or ruined, its only logical for it to be a prequel. Besides the thing about us knowing where the movie is heading after the finale could only be if Jack dies, because, naturally, the only way they could make a movie if jacks dead is if they made a prequel.

I doubt he will die. The last pictures of 24 season 8 saw Jack being hauled off by people in gas masks.

[..YouTube..] I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @64fili
Me too!

[..YouTube..] i never see 24. this year i see the season 1 and i can´t stop. i see all season en 1 month!!! sorry, mi inglish is very bad. Kiefer is the best!!!

[..YouTube..] @64fili
Yes, Kiefer is the best. He’s great actor

[..YouTube..] hes british/canadian and he was born in London,UK

[..YouTube..] @zekeandluther3 yes, it’s true