24 Season 8 Episode 20 Promo (11:00AM-12:00PM)

“Our government and our enemies both want the same thing: Jack Bauer, dead.”

YouTube Link: 24 Season Episode 20 (11:00AM – 12:00PM) 8×20 Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] No he didn’t, Cole pushed Jack.

[..YouTube..] EPIC!

[..YouTube..] looks awesome!!

[..YouTube..] This is krazy! I’m so upset with Chloe! The Pres is a dumb bitch too. So wishy washy!

[..YouTube..] My analysis of the video:
0:04 Torturing Dana
0:05 Jack being arrested at some sort of bank maybe?
0:10 Logan talking to the Russian President
0:13 Jack entering where Dana’s being tortured
0:15 Jack and Ortiz with Dana
0:16 Renee’s killer
0:21 Dana escaped
0:22 CTU found Jack
0:26 Ortiz sticking up for Dana?!
0:27 Pause at the right time, you’ll see the people that tortured Dana dead
0:28 Cole pushing Jack off him
0:29 Jack and Cole walking away from each other.

[..YouTube..] Hmmm……. it seems they are “churning” a little bit here just to stretch the story out and kill time until the last 3 hours of finale.

It’s been kind of flat the last two weeks. Also they are trying too hard to introduce plot twists by having multiple people act out of character.

[..YouTube..] I hope Jack puts a bullet in Dana;s head!

[..YouTube..] they bring logan back just to corrupt the president

[..YouTube..] Chloe SOLD OUT! Chole sucks!

[..YouTube..] Count Back Words From Three!!!

[..YouTube..] The BEST president of all time, throughout the history of 24 was David Palmer. He wasn’t swayed, he wasn’t influenced, he did what was right. Because of this he met the scope of a rifle. Although it is just a show, this is how the true, virtuous leaders end up. (JFK, Abe Lincoln, MLK, and the list, unfortunately, continues…)

[..YouTube..] What are the chances that Dana would be holding the same model gun (Smith & Wesson SW99) that was used when she was escaping from CTU? After all Jack did shoot Renee in the neck with this gun in Season 7 Episode 5.

[..YouTube..] After watching this preview frame by frame, here’s my best assessment of what I think will happen.

Notice Dana running away with a gun in her hand…. then notice that Cole isn’t part of the chase with Jack. My guess is Dana shot Cole, inadvertently as she was aiming for Jack with his back turned. It may look like Cole is fighting with Jack (which could be the case) but imo I think Cole pushed Jack down to save him from getting shot in the back by Dana…

[..YouTube..] Of course I could be dead wrong… and that’s Cole @ CTU walking in behind Chole (11 sec mark).

[..YouTube..] @fdal09 that tard Taylor needs to RIP or get sent to a loony bin. so tired of her b!tchy female Logan tactics.

[..YouTube..] @DIALLOKREED actually, it is jack that’s been a dumb bitch this whole season. He follows the president when she risks thousands of american lives for hassan, but betrays her when she sacrifices dana for world peace. dumb bitch jack is indeed. this season has been a major disappointment.

[..YouTube..] @fdal09 So true brother. RIP David Palmer.

[..YouTube..] @fdal09 Well your partly right, he is certainly the best president the show ever had however in season three he was manipulated by his brother and Sherry Palmer into lieing about the death of Alan Milligan, though other than that he was perfect and I found he did make ammends at the end of the season for it.

[..YouTube..] This Season is Really Good, Jack Bauer is the Best and NBC might pick up 24

[..YouTube..] I can’t help feeling that President Taylor are going through what Logan went
through in season 5.
I really hope Tony shows up before the end of the season.

[..YouTube..] It almost looks like Cole and Dana are kissing in the very last frame – could Cole be bad?

[..YouTube..] wtf i can’t wait damn

[..YouTube..] EveryBody Wants Jack Bauer Dead

[..YouTube..] is that hastings at 0:22 i just noticed.

[..YouTube..] cant wait !!
I’m so disappointed from Chloe and the Prest !!

[..YouTube..] Chloe doesn’t suck at all people, she’s always been there for Jack (Chloe’s character is the character that had the most episodes appearances in 24 history, behind Jack of course), but now that she’s at the head of CTU, she has no choice but to follow instructions… if Hastings were still here, be sure that Chloe would help Jack to get to Dana without asking questions ;)

[..YouTube..] I dont think we EVER saw Jack this pissed off. Betrayed by his president,by his friend Chloe and they took from him what he wanted most. I hope Jack gets his revenge .. and finally puts Logan to rest.

[..YouTube..] @KakarotCarrie not that looks like Arlo

[..YouTube..] @kentliu…I have to disagree with you…When Jack followed President Taylor when risked thousands of lives, she wasn’t breaking any law, she wasn’t right, nor wrong, she was continuing US’s decades old policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

But now that Jack is against her, its because she is a criminal, she is obstructing justice in a desperate attempt to sustain the treaty. She is giving murderers the free passage! So no, I don’t this reflects any hypocrisy on Jack’s part..

[..YouTube..] @surfmonkey55 NBC abandoned that idea abut 6 weeks ago. Plus NBC would make 24 suck. It’s all for the best.

[..YouTube..] Excuse me, on the last seconds, dana is holding a pistol and aiming at someone?

Who is this “someone”?

Jack, i think it`s him because it looks cole is defending her?

Am I right?

[..YouTube..] I kind of find it interesting that chloe is going against Jack, i don’t think she’s done that before

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 nice summary

[..YouTube..] @DIALLOKREED Crazy is with “c”

[..YouTube..] @alexd108 I Have To Agree with you Chloe is The Best

[..YouTube..] Awesome, because it’s not like people can just see it for themselves.

[..YouTube..] i wish david palmer was the president at this season… since it’s the last one :(

[..YouTube..] 0:06 Man Jack doesn’t look impressed
0:08 Revolver Jack :-)
0:10 Logan taking it further with Novakovich?
0:13 Sweet! I love it when Jack just takes the front door….
0:14 Logan’s assistant goes to CTU?!
0:20 Dana escapes Jack?
0:25 What does Jack say here? Can’t make it out…
0:29 What’s Cole doing??

[..YouTube..] @meelmealdurms If Palmer were President he wouldn’t dream of letting this Peace Treaty go through if the Russians killed Omar Hassan.

[..YouTube..] Chloe is an ace now

[..YouTube..] Trailers are the best part of 24 now, the show has gone down hill :((

[..YouTube..] i need to see this episode right now….dammit!

[..YouTube..] @MovieSection I was bored. What’s the big deal anyway?

[..YouTube..] @kentliu
You can’t possibly be that simple-minded to think that’s really the same thing?

When Taylor risked thousands of lives, she wasn’t committing any crime. Did I agree with her decision? No. But it’s the long-standing policy of the US NOT to negotiate with terrorists, which is exactly what she was standing by.

Now, Taylor is obstructing justice. She is covering up the Russians’ involvement for political gain. So, Jack is not the bitch…Taylor is, and anybody who supports her.

[..YouTube..] I got a question for everyone that post something about season 8 of 24 I can’t remember on what season . But didn’t charles Logan wife kill him ? If anyone knows message me !

[..YouTube..] My oh my how the tables have turned! I go from liking Chloe to thinking ‘what the hell are you doing?!’ The president has gone down in my books after falling for Charles’ so called patriotism to his country. And yet, even Cole is succumbing to helping Dana out???? That’s why we’ll always stand by the one LOYAL guy in this program: JACK BAUER!!! Jack, do what you gotta do, I’m right behind you on this one!

[..YouTube..] @ganning1987

“I’m going to count backwards from 3”

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 If you pause at the right time around 17 seconds you also see an explosion in the basement

[..YouTube..] @DIALLOKREED the president has become Logan. whatever it takes for peace, BUT not TORTURE. so naive.. haha

[..YouTube..] @cheekymonkey0770 i think chloe is up at the sky that she gets too excited. especially after president praised her herself. she was too excited that she forgot how she was :) Can’t blame him completely. just too naive with the responsibility pressure.

[..YouTube..] @20cmfrasier Hi, Martha Logan didn’t kill Charles on season 6. She just stabbed him near the shoulder and if he was rushed to the hospital he would be fine. I believe we were led to the assumption that he was killed. He is alive all the time.

[..YouTube..] @aaabbbccc5 yes

[..YouTube..] At this point shoot on sight orders can only come from the President.

[..YouTube..] It’s not for political gain, it’s for world security.

[..YouTube..] 24… im just disappointed in you so greatly now. it just dropped down hill after season 5… nothing shocking and nothing new.

[..YouTube..] @spigyboy thanks mate, that’s it

[..YouTube..] The big deal is that it’s stupid, we can clearly see the video.

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 0:27 she isnt dead

[..YouTube..] i hate now President Taylor!

[..YouTube..] I like his brown leather jacket, can I buy this (or a copy) somewhere? ;-)

[..YouTube..] @MovieSection
Color it how you want. No peace has ever lasted in the Middle East, and peace agreements of past carried the same rhetoric that President Taylor is peddling now. It’s political gain.

And even if it’s for “world security,” that’s not worth allowing the Russians to skate free after attempted nuclear terrorism, assassination, and murder. These are all acts of war as they were state sponsored, and letting them slide in the name of “world security” is nothing short of disgusting.


[..YouTube..] What are the chances that Dana would be holding the same model gun (Smith & Wesson SW99) that was used when she was escaping from CTU in this promo? Did she take it from the security guards that were going to kill her? After all Jack did shoot Renee in the neck with this gun in Season 7 Episode 5.

[..YouTube..] @fdal09 so true

[..YouTube..] i feel bad for Jack! even Chloe turned against him! :(

[..YouTube..] @MovieSection You’re clearly on you period, so I wont bother. All I did was create a simple analysis of the video.

[..YouTube..] @algernonlover15 I know Dana isn’t dead. I was talking about the people who were torturing her. And it’s actually at 0:28, not 0:27.

You can see Dana tortured at 0:13 if jack makes the door open
And on of the men (dead) from the private security company at 0:28 so we can see in the next hour a bad ass jack i think so.
And maybe one of the surprising death will be coming in this hour( cole, dalia) we will see.

[..YouTube..] 5 more episodes until 24 is over, theres a really great show called The Border the action scenes rival 24 and the Drama is Amazing, :D

[..YouTube..] @CovertOPSDragunov

The Border eh? I’ll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation. I need a show to fill in the void after 24 is over.

[..YouTube..] omg fuck clhoe she deside to negore jack how dear she i love’d her for sind’s season 3 but now i am gonna hate her after everything they did togehter she is gonne betraide him stupid bitch.

[..YouTube..] @edub77 Yah The Series is over after the 3rd Season,

[..YouTube..] Impressive movie! This is not for everyone! It’s a special movie! Watch it free online on

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[..YouTube..] What does Jack say at 0:25?

[..YouTube..] @cheekymonkey0770 Well said :)

[..YouTube..] I’m gonna count backwards from three.

[..YouTube..] @Elfstones9 Oh, thank you.

[..YouTube..] @CovertOPSDragunov LoL The Border is cool but the action scenes are nowhere even close to 24s. I think I’ve seen one shootout. Then again, I’ve only seen season 1.

[..YouTube..] @JCRF lol i really like how they use camera when there chasing someone, Season 2 and 3 had some good action but its a good Drama Series, in my opinion the border is better then flashpoint

[..YouTube..] Does anybody know where the music is from in this trailer?

[..YouTube..] @vlvivianalegroslz Bro, this isn’t even a movie. What the fuck is up with you spammers lately…….

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 he says i m gonna count backwards from 3


[..YouTube..] Does that mean…24…is gunna…be….cancelled?


[..YouTube..] he kills dana walsh in the end of the episode

[..YouTube..] @mjghost16 yea president Hassan is dead, Jack did his best but couldn’t save him. However Hastings the black guy from CTU, was relieved of his command, they blamed him for Hassan’s death and every screw up that happened that day.

[..YouTube..] @TheSickling Hastings stepped down mostly because he hired a spy into CTU

[..YouTube..] @TheSickling Hastings stepped down mostly because he hired a spy into CTU. But yeah that ultimately caused Hassan’s death too.