24 Season 8 Episode 21 Promo (12:00PM-1:00PM)

“Can Jack Bauer destroy a conspiracy, or will it destroy him? There are only four hours left until the end of an era.”

YouTube Link: 24 Season Episode 21 (12:00PM – 1:00PM) 8×21 Promo HD


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[..YouTube..] Tonight’s episode was so damn good.
It just keeps getting better and better.

[..YouTube..] Great episode. Seems they kepp getting better and better.

[..YouTube..] AWESOME! Can’t wait until next week!

[..YouTube..] It looks like Jack’s burning the assassin’s face with his own bare fingers XD

[..YouTube..] Quick question. After the sniper bullet is shot at the manequin, is that Mandy running with the gun!?!?! Seriously looks like her when you pause it

[..YouTube..] Haha, blowtorch to the face of the guy who killed Renee

[..YouTube..] yup, was her. “She first appeared in the first four episodes of the season which aired January 17, 2010 and January 18, 2010. She is going to return to guest star in the final few episodes of the eighth and final season.” source: wikipedia

[..YouTube..] WOW. I watched this before I finished watching the show. I pause it to skip commercials so I can go right through it. But when I saw the sniper killing Dana. Crazy stuff happening.

[..YouTube..] Wait a minute…
0:15 Meredith Reed?

[..YouTube..] blow torch WINS

[..YouTube..] Blow torch HELL YES!

[..YouTube..] Crazy Can’t Belive 4 more episodes and the series over

[..YouTube..] @tclarktpc Maybe you should watch the show…it’s not a sniper that gets Dana

[..YouTube..] @jchi199990 vengeance is sweet, blow torch and vengeance, ftw

[..YouTube..] Yeah ……… finally Jack is getting his momentum and the revenge train is picking up speed.

[..YouTube..] @bensmith91 LMAO Thats what I get.

[..YouTube..] @chaseguy17 I’m not sure it is Mandy…looks a lot different than season 4.

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7 Looks like it. I think that since they are in a clothing store, I think they are trying to make her look like Dana. But what do I know, I will probably make myself look stupid again :)

[..YouTube..] Pavel: Go to hell…
Jack: You first!

Best lines of the season!

[..YouTube..] @MetalxMusicxChannel the best lines of all time


[..YouTube..] Logan you are end , after this jack will go to kick your ass

[..YouTube..] is the blonde girl in 0:15 and 0:20 that Meredith Reed from like the firs four episodes of the season?

[..YouTube..] @tclarktpc the sniper didn’t kill dana, jack killed her in cold blood

dana: “what do you want me to do”
jack: “nothing…….nothing……..”.

[..YouTube..] Who is that girl at 0:14

[..YouTube..] I really think Jack lost his integrity when he shot Dana…but she and the Russians deserve it. And he’s gonna make ’em all pay :D

[..YouTube..] @carlosportal26 Indeed

[..YouTube..] I really didn’t think he was gonna kill Dana but hey, he seems to have gone a little nuts. Which is a good thing, of course!

[..YouTube..] Jack is on a war path. She killed Dana and she deserved it. Just like when he killed Nina in season two (I think) and she deserved it. Sweet justice Jack Bauer way.

[..YouTube..] @carlosportal26 Pretty sure it is.

[..YouTube..] @hellpunch
That’s late, great Omar Hassan’s ‘bit on the side’ Journalist Meredith Reed.

[..YouTube..] @peterrm28 Season 3

[..YouTube..] @ripper411 oh yeah thanks

[..YouTube..] @peterrm28 yeah, but also killed the people from the private security firm, he is really on a rampage. I think this season will end with him on a hospital bed, or in jail.

[..YouTube..] So long sniper guy! Can’t wait to see the look on Jack’s face when the sniper speaks his last words… “LOGAN!”

[..YouTube..] @peterrm28 It was actually season 3.

[..YouTube..] That episode was fucking AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] If you pause at :19 you can see that Cole got arrested.

[..YouTube..] looks like wiesel the sniper will get fried crispy

[..YouTube..] Take a look @ the 12 SECOND MARK… the lifeless person behind Jack; confirmation of the toast sniper (the same light blue shirt) … I guess that’s Jack’s face in realiztion of Logan involvement in the conspiracy!

As for Meredith Reed not being in the picture of that frame… my guess is Jack uses the sniper’s only emotion for Meredith Reed against him FIRST during the interogation. When that doesn’t work, ofcouse, Jack disposes of her.

[..YouTube..] at 0:14 that looks like renna walker and Chloe O’Brian is going to be back being good again

[..YouTube..] ” Go to hell” “You first.”
That’s just awesomeness!

[..YouTube..] I thought Jack was going to kill Dane yet the gunshot scared me lol! I was wondering what happened to Meredith!

[..YouTube..] Looks like Chloe’s finally opened her eyes and realized that President Taylor’s plans on having Jack killed so she can continue with her “Peace Agreement”. Well, that “Peace Agreement” has the blood of Omarr Hasson, Renee Walker, and possibly others all over it!

[..YouTube..] OMG thats really what i have waiting for the last 3 or 4 seasons of 24!!!!
Thank you FOX but what would be very awesome, is a END MOVIE after the 24 episodes as a finally cool end!

I wonder whose side the Fling lover of hassan will side on jack or the peace agreements

[..YouTube..] I rewinded to 0:29 like 100 times. SQUEAL, BOY, SQUEAL

May 3, 2010 at 10:42 pm
Simple Survial Tips: when dealing with Jack Bauer
1. Never kill Jack Bauer’s girl
2. Never give Jack Bauer a blow torch
3. Never go in the same room as Jack Bauer after you have killed his girlfriend and he was a blow torch

About time for some REAL Bauer action, been such a sissy season so far… love it, watch out logan………

[..YouTube..] Never tell jack to go to hell if your the one that killed someone he loved

[..YouTube..] “Go to hell”
“You first”


[..YouTube..] @jjb1011jjb
Well Dana biten two bullets,and it seems Jack knows that Pavel shot Rene…that does not bode well for him(understatementXD)…
Anyway Pavel will die very painfully….and i hope Jack will have a meeting with Logan in that episode!:)

[..YouTube..] I guess Jack is gonna tell the whole story to that reporter from the first 4 episodes, thats hes true way out.

[..YouTube..] Go to hill! you first its to high!

[..YouTube..] Finally some old fashion Jack Bauer!!

[..YouTube..] 4 Hours Left Than No more 24 :(

[..YouTube..] OMG i can’t wait!

[..YouTube..] Yeay jack killed dana walash :D

[..YouTube..] that was AWESOME!!!! jack bauer is gone mad for revenge! which means more fun for us!!! i wonder who is that women who says dont do this please… probs just someone JB used for cover

[..YouTube..] @u2ali I think she’s the reporter from the first few episodes? I have no idea how she would be involved in this again

[..YouTube..] @ohhiphio oh yea! thats who she is!!! i knew i have seen her before… i remember someone saying at the start shes deeply involved in this. we’ll find out wont we…

[..YouTube..] @ohhiphio maybe its her in that video recording!!! its not like JB just running in the mall and found her buying groceries lol

[..YouTube..] @u2ali Quite possible!

[..YouTube..] Yes! finally some old school interrogation!

[..YouTube..] Jack’s Cold-blood execution summary: Victor Drazon, Nina Myers, The sniper who killed Palmer, Christopher Henderson, Dana Walsh!

[..YouTube..] @JackBauer24onfox
What? jimmy walker was killed a few episodes ago and renna has not been on the show in like 5 seasons. What show are you watching?

[..YouTube..] what if jack dies? this is almost too big for one man to handle

[..YouTube..] What does Meredith Reed doing with Jack???

[..YouTube..] @GasPain I did not Say Jimmy Walker i Sayed Renna Walker You Dumb ass She looks like Renna Walker You idiot And Renna Was on Season 8 Dumb Ass You Need to Watch 24 You Fucking Bitch

[..YouTube..] @JackBauer24onfox Do you really not know how to spell Renee? hahahahahaha. As we have now seen, Jack Bauer would kill somebody for much less than that. Stay in School



[..YouTube..] @beseeingyou6 he wont die, he’s safe until the movie releases

[..YouTube..] @JMVEntertainment the movie could be a prequel

[..YouTube..] @beseeingyou6 but why do they do a prequel and they never really haven’t done no prequels in the pasr

[..YouTube..] @JMVEntertainment they could, you never know. i am worried for jack

[..YouTube..] yesss! cant wait to watch!

[..YouTube..] I think she is President Hassan’s mistress back in the early episodes.

[..YouTube..] @JackBauer24onfox hahah u are a genuine turd!!

[..YouTube..] Blow torch FTW!

[..YouTube..] Bad ass Jack is back :D!!


[..YouTube..] YES!!!! Blow torch torture, welcome back Jack!!!

[..YouTube..] @beseeingyou6 well everyone knows he’s safe, on tvguide people said he’s going to have a happy ending

[..YouTube..] 0:19 ? ? ? ?

[..YouTube..] is it next Monday yet!?!?

[..YouTube..] This son of a bitch is going to suffer !! Oh Yeah Jack, put a knife into his heart, he killed Renee !! :D

[..YouTube..] @alexd108 OH GOD I thought it was a knife but while I was seeing the scene again and again in slow motion to see this basterd suffer, I realized it was a blowtorch !!! Jack was never so violent to torture, but I like that, because this Pavel is the worst, the fucking worst evil of 24 for me ^^

[..YouTube..] @JMVEntertainment sure hope so. it really took this season a while to get going, but now, its better than most others!

[..YouTube..] DIE RUSKIES!

[..YouTube..] @beseeingyou6 i know right, slow start the best seasons had to be 5 and 7

[..YouTube..] @JMVEntertainment really, you liked 5 and 7? strange, but those might be my least favorite. I’d say the best were the original 4and this one. wait, come to think of it, they were all amazing. 5’s ending was weak though.

[..YouTube..] @beseeingyou6 yeah because in 5 the chinese found out that jack was alive and they kidnapped him at the end (spoiler); season 7 when the white house was being taken over by juma, season 8 (this season) it can’t be the best overall, but one of the best

[..YouTube..] Now this is the Jack Bauer I’ve been waiting to see!

[..YouTube..] @kenn0255 i love it when he’s pissed and for revenge, the president will regret this day

[..YouTube..] @JackBauer24onfox no more 24 if you dont have the dvds that is lol, hell im going to relive 24

[..YouTube..] “this is over” :(

[..YouTube..] Yay Blowtorch!!!!….24 is putting all the cards on the table. Should be interesting how the final season will conclude!

[..YouTube..] Go get them Jack!!!!

[..YouTube..] that’s Hassan’s mistress!!!!

[..YouTube..] Season 3 was da absolute worst, 1 was da best then 2,5,4,6,7

[..YouTube..] wtf that 1 chick maradith reed is back dam i knew she was involved n dam jack eres mi idolo cabron ur better than that fag jason bourne lol

[..YouTube..] Spolier. Jack shooting Dana was fucking awesome!!!

[..YouTube..] His personal vendetta has spoiled the season, how he can justify the murder of Dana, as self defense?? How many time we have seen Jack sacrificing something or someone for a greater good?.. I see a plot hole here.

[..YouTube..] I can’t wait to see how this ends up. No terrorist plots to murder someone or something (since they actually already succeeded in their main goal episodes ago!) No Jack once again going to great lengths to save everyone. This time he’s just saying “fuck it” and trying to get revenge.

[..YouTube..] dana had it coming

nina killed his wife, he killed her and she deserved it
dana help contribute to the events surrounding renee’s death and is therefore partly responsible, so she also deserved it

and anyway, since when has jack said killing dana was self defense????? he hasnt

[..YouTube..] Is that Mandy at 0:14? In the blue windbreaker?

[..YouTube..] Howard Gordon on Dana’s death: ” …He’s the judge and jury and executioner. He’s taking what he perceives to be justice in his own hands. Dana has culpability in what’s happened on this day. It defines the level of darkness he’s descended to.”

[..YouTube..] wow, this is becoming VERY interesting.. no more intricate plot to uncover. jack knows what’s up, the pres knows what’s up… the only question is WHY jack is doing what he’s doing…. JUSTICE or REVENGE?????

i’m leaning towards the REVENGE angle at this point…. and you know what… as much as jack’s done for country, he fucking deserves it!
GO JACK GO!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @carmalcoz
no plot hole, dude… this in fact adds so much to the story by showing us jack is HUMAN…. everyone has a breaking point… and when you’ve been screwed as much as jack has in the past, sometimes getting a little personal satisfaction outweighs following protocols….
p.s. he never claimed self defense (yet), so don’t get ahead of yourself…

[..YouTube..] I hope he kills logan once 4 all… :P

[..YouTube..] holy shit, a blowtorch?????!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!
i think jack is gonna finally get his own salvation, meaning he will expose the russian involvement and he’ll also expose the presidential coverup regarding their knowledge of it. most likely taylor will use the former pres as a scapegoat, and she’ll resign for “unrelated” reasons…
chloe is gonna help sneak jack out of the country somehow so he can be left alone, ONCE AND FOR ALL….

[..YouTube..] I just got two words (well 3 lol) for this next episode: OH HELL YEAH!!!! And aww, rest in peace Dana Walsh……NOT! Did she honestly think Jack would let her stay alive?! You know I was worried that it would only be another bad ending for Bauer, but this time, once again I use the saying ‘My oh MY, how the tables have turned!’ And the one who killed Renee, Jack gets to torture, and I can hardly wait to see JB kick his ass! JACK BAUER = UNBREAKABLE!

[..YouTube..] Jack finally ended Dana. The season has been going on for so long, I forgot what she did so horrible. She was the cause of that president’s death right?

[..YouTube..] CONT’D] Boy, A­lli­so­n T­a­y­lo­r­ sure did screw up when she gave Jack the cold shoulder. 4 more episodes left. Man it sucks the 24 era is coming to an end.

BTW: Dana SO had it coming.

[..YouTube..] I look at it like this … Jack has just got betrayed by his own president (make that twice he’s been stabbed in the back by the presidents he’s served under). The only president who would’nt have turned his back on Bauer was David P­alme­r (R.I.P. to his character). Now it’s all or nothing. Jack is going out with a bang. And is probably going to kill every Russian assailant on that computer chip.

[..YouTube..] scream sniper bitch, hahaha


[..YouTube..] I fliped out when Jack Bauer used the blow torch, i’m glad that sniper is going to die. This is for Renee which she may Rest In Piece.

[..YouTube..] @dagunz4 my mistake on my spelling, i mean Peace

[..YouTube..] @24Gucho I wished lol

[..YouTube..] @deltavoyage perhaps. but she is more beautiful than that lol..

[..YouTube..] @carmalcoz WTF personal vendeta?! STFU! No more right or wrong here. he has sacrificed too much to be treated like shit especially by Pres. Taylor. This is perfect plot. What he did was right after Dana tried to escape and deceit Jack.

[..YouTube..] @JMVEntertainment I know I love 24 And You Love 24 we don’t want it to leave :(

[..YouTube..] nice jack stepped it up

May 4, 2010 at 5:00 pm
Guys, Renna is going to be back Dane Walsh will be alive Umar Hassan was his plan..I think is the story Jack will not be in movie, but make his own style to prove 24 is the best Tony was never involved with the plot and Larie Moss will be back too.

[..YouTube..] @charlieelperro …or his family especially his lovers

How do you think 24 will end? Meredith Reed is involved. That’s why she is back in the promos?

[..YouTube..] Who is the blond chick in the previews for next weeks episode, the one saying “don’t do this please”? Anyone know what her character on the show will be?

[..YouTube..] Oooooooh…blow torch. That’s a new one for Jack….it’s getting intense, I love it! :)

[..YouTube..] Damn, who does Jack waste at 0:21?

[..YouTube..] @blackhammer35 Remember her from the beginning of the season? She was the reporter that Hassan was having an affair with. The Russians/IRK terrorists tried to frame her. I guess she has more going on than we originally knew.

[..YouTube..] The blond chick looks like Meridith. President Hasan’s Love affair I believe.

[..YouTube..] oh god…the end of this preview was disturbing!!
last forever 24!!!

[..YouTube..] @pepezkakap i agree 100% after everything he has done you think they would give hi a free pass because he is always right

[..YouTube..] I think it would make sense for jack to die at the end, even tho he is one of the best character ever, but a person like him will never find peace. any one diagree with me i would love to hear your points on it

[..YouTube..] The Blonde Woman is none other than Meredith Reed!!!!!! OH MY GOD? wHAT DOES SHE HAVE TO DO WITH ALL THIS???

[..YouTube..] AMAZING!!!

[..YouTube..] aaaaah guys pliz don’t say jack is going to die at the end. thats not nice. by the way who is jack talking to when he says”the russians took something from me and i need to make them to pay.

[..YouTube..] lol I know that’s crazy shit lol a blow torch .. man That’s hardcore payback. And Dana deserved to die. Evil wench I was surprised he went through with it. No mercy time for the Evil
24$ ! 24$ !! 24!!! 24!!!! 24$!!!!!

: )



[..YouTube..] oh boy…. I think we gonna see Jack Bauer torture the guy who killed Renee… What’s with the presidents in this series? I can understand President Taylor’s desire to accomplish the peace treaty since her family life is completely finished but why the hell does she listen to that scumbag, Logan? The only one who seemed to have Jack’s back was David Palmer. And Logan was responsible for Palmer’s assassination!!! Jack Bauer, do me favour. MAKE LOGAN PAY!

[..YouTube..] @GeneLovesClassic1980
Yeah, u bastard made ma day, tht’s wat I’v bin thnkn
n I wud lov 2c t, n t’s goin 2 happen
th’s scumbag wil hav to pay. Also, b4 I thot ths presida Taylor was intelligent, but I realized now hw stupidy she’z just lyk her (New chief of staff ) Logan

[..YouTube..] @GeneLovesClassic1980
Yeah, u bastard made ma day, tht’s wat I’v bin thnkn
n I wud lov 2c t, n t’s goin 2 happen
th’s scumbag wil hav to pay. Also, b4 I thot ths presida Taylor was intelligent, but I realized now hw stupidy she’z just lyk her (New chief of staff ) Logan

[..YouTube..] @GriszellM
Yeah u ryt buddy, as they’v said tht this wil b th last season, then Jack hav to die, otherwise, he wont find peace and he’ll be hunt down for th rest of his lyf n tht wil have to make a 9th season. So Jack’s death = End of th 24

[..YouTube..] @GriszellM
Yeah u ryt buddy, as they’v said tht this wil b th last season, then Jack hav to die, otherwise, he wont find peace and he’ll be hunt down for th rest of his lyf n tht wil have to make a 9th season. So Jack’s death = End of th 24

[..YouTube..] “go to hell” “you first” OMG Jack is back !!
not the softie of the season begining the real Jack, the Jack I love !! I hope he’ll torture the russian killer


[..YouTube..] A voir absolument sur youtube : Selektt festivity

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[..YouTube..] they are making movies after the television show is done, starting 2011 so I don’t know if he’s gonna die. I hope he doesn’t, I’d like to see him find love again, someone who doesn’t die, maybe Audrey should come back recovered.

[..YouTube..] -Go to hell
-You first


[..YouTube..] Can’t wait to see Jack toture that son of a bitch! GO JACK GO!

[..YouTube..] LOL go Flame Torch!

[..YouTube..] hell yes, i cant wait to see renee’s killer die

[..YouTube..] Who does Jack waste at 0:21?

[..YouTube..] @pepezkakap First, take it easy man, second you must remember season 7 when Tony Almeida was on his personal vendetta and he was the bad guy. just think it for a second before to start flaming.

[..YouTube..] @beseeingyou6 Seriously?! I LOVED season 5’s ending. It was the best! Logan got done and Jack getting taken was majorly dramatic. Got me engaged.

[..YouTube..] this season is DAAAARK

[..YouTube..] i aGREE jack u should die but not at da end of the season since they making a movie he should die at da end of da movie

[..YouTube..] @midprod – true. loyal 24 fan

[..YouTube..] Jack’s the man. I’m going to miss the character and the show. I hope the show is going to go off on a real high note and lead to a great film. Anyone know when this season is coming out on DVD? My DVR is killing me!

[..YouTube..] Who is the blonde at 0:20 ? I can’t place her….

[..YouTube..] @TheeGriller nvm

[..YouTube..] @tangram108 looks like some mall cop

[..YouTube..] the blonde chick looks like teh chick hassan was bangin in the beginning

[..YouTube..] @GBerney LMAO! I love your answer. I can just picture Jack wasting a bunch of mall cops. Gold. “Sir…sir…you’re going to have to pay for the damage you did” Jack: “Oh really….” BAM BAM BAM.

[..YouTube..] go first. that was awesome. can’t wait for this episode. 24 is the best tv series ever.

[..YouTube..] @letsensebedumb sorry, i meant season 6’s when Audrey went comatose and jack stared out at the sea

[..YouTube..] @tangram108 probably some goon, nobody big

[..YouTube..] @TheeGriller the girl hassan was cheating with

[..YouTube..] The blonde girl was President Hassan’s mistress..

[..YouTube..] Every time I see Logan, I can’t help but think “George Bush”!!!

[..YouTube..] BURN BABY, BURN! Can’t wait for the blow-torch scene! Now, all Jack has to do is track down Logan, and do the same thing to him!

[..YouTube..] @121jazzy

Richard Nixon is a better comparison actually

[..YouTube..] Has Charles Logan learned anything? how many times has he tried to have Jack killed and failed?

[..YouTube..] I got to say these promos give too too much away. Honestly it’s pointless in showing so much of the main plot in promos.

[..YouTube..] when the face of the russian comes up whats up with the look on arlos face

[..YouTube..] go to hell
you first

[..YouTube..] OMFG!

Can’t wait for this episode!
Too sad it’s coming to an end though ….

[..YouTube..] Damn I’m going to miss this show! The season started off a little slow but turned into one of the best seasons of the series! I’ll bet there will be a showdown between Jack and Chloe before this is all over. I got a feeling Chloe is gonna track down Jack personally and one of them will get merked. Can’t wait to see Logan get his! At least Dana got popped…finally!

[..YouTube..] who is he talking to in the begining?

[..YouTube..] This show NEEDS to die. It’s been pointlessly redundant for YEARS. Jack captures terrorist with ONLY clue to find nuke. “Insider” at CTU screws over Jack (again) and kills terrorist (or helps him escape) so “plot” can keep going. The acting has gotten worse and worse. “President” Alison Taylor and her family: The biggest jokes of all after the ENTIRE CTU staff (bad actors with horrible scripts). Let this piece of crap finally be flushed down the toilet.

[..YouTube..] @TopTJFan Believe it or not, people still watch this show, including myself. If you’re not enjoying it, then don’t fucking watch it. It’s as easy as that.

[..YouTube..] haha jack bauer’s gonna go on a killing spree

[..YouTube..] hey did anyone notice that Jack was walking with that journalist chick that Hassan had an affair with? guess she’s back o.O

[..YouTube..] Jack can do anything he is on a kill spree,he is the good serial killer lol i love it when Jack kicks butt chloe is hilirious”shut up Arlow”lol

[..YouTube..] they need a season 9

[..YouTube..] @alexd108

A knife. You’re thinking small fish. Looks like a blow torch will come in handy….

[..YouTube..] @ripper411 Yeah I saw it right after, then I posted and other comment ;)

[..YouTube..] @ramyk7: Ramyk7 that’s your issue. If you enjoy the redundancy of the same recycled plots year after year, watch on. It makes it easy, you can do lots of other things while the show is on because you already know what’s going to happen every season: the same thing as the season before. BEYOND BORING. They should blow up CTU and the White House with all the “terrorists” — put everyone out of their pain — especially us viewers.

[..YouTube..] If you don’t enjoy the show, why watch it? Watch something you enjoy watching.

I watch 24 for the action. Don’t think too much about the plot. Okay maybe a bit, but nothing too serious.

[..YouTube..] @TopTJFan I’m going to be honest with you. I just started watching 24 this season, which is maybe why I love it so much. You’re probably right. Maybe it is redundant. I wouldn’t know.

[..YouTube..] @chaseguy17 KISS MY ASS YOU FUCK BITCH


[..YouTube..] @ramyk7: I loved it at first too, but now I’m just over it. If you are new to the show I can understand your enthusiasm. Enjoy. It was a good show in it’s prime.

[..YouTube..] Squeal pig.. SQUEAL!

[..YouTube..] Jack forever!!!

[..YouTube..] “you first!” ;D

[..YouTube..] Yaaaay Jack! I rllly don’t care wat happens to the Russian dude! I mean… he KILLED Renee! ): I hope he burns in hell! (: XD

[..YouTube..] I know I should probably say this when the promo for the next episode gets posted, but I can’t wait that long! So, here it goes! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHARLES LOGAN! YOU’VE REALLY DONE IT NOW! YOU’RE IN EXTREMELY DEEP SHIT! I hope Jack tortures Logan like he did that Russian guy at the end of the preview! Only, make it more drawn out!

[..YouTube..] that was discusting how he took the sim card out of stomach. i go so nausious after seeing that.

[..YouTube..] Charles Logan is all about getting his name out there. I think Jack should give Logan what he wants by making his death very public. The look on Jack’s face when he heard Logan was something to see, Logan’s time is about up.

[..YouTube..] @sgtcool5005 not going to happen.

[..YouTube..] best 24 season ever.

[..YouTube..] Well it’s official. Jack is no longer a hero but a cold blooded murder and torturer. Whatever justifiable reasons he had for going against the President flew right out the window when he decided to cut open that dudes stomach.for revenge. He is no better than Tony was in season 7.

[..YouTube..] @AtrophyOffline Well, I don’t see another way he could have gotten the SIM card, and Pavel wasn’t going to talk.

[..YouTube..] @AtrophyOffline if you’re going against Jack Bauer, you can f**k off!

[..YouTube..] @cheekymonkey0770 Or what you’ll cut open my stomach?

[..YouTube..] @AtrophyOffline Nah I’d just get Jack to do it!

[..YouTube..] @mauriceh01 man up buddy, come on dude, what are you 10 years old

[..YouTube..] @AtrophyOffline and you need to shut the fuck up. tony was a fucking terrorist, jack isnt killing innocent people, he is killing russian scum.

[..YouTube..] Jack sets the standard to not to be fucked with!

[..YouTube..] @sgtcool5005 not without renee

[..YouTube..] R.I.P. Dana Walsh

[..YouTube..] @AtrophyOffline Your totally right man Because cutting up a known bad guy is totally the same as trying to set off a canister of a bio weapon in a train… /sarcasm

[..YouTube..] @AtrophyOffline Yeah, of course, Jack shouldn’t have cut Pavel’s stomach. He should have waited for him to shit the SIM card instead, are you serious? Jack took his revenge but his only play was to kill him anyway. And the fact that he is seeking revenge doesn’t mean he isn’t doing the right thing at the same time. If somebody is a terrorist, it’s President Taylor and EVERYONE else who works for her despite being aware of Russia’s involvement in President Hassan’s assassination.

[..YouTube..] WHO GAVE THE ORDER?!

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