TV’s Biggest Moneymakers – 24 in third

Forbes has published their third annual TV’s top money makers list and 24 comes in at third. It’s the only other FOX show besides American Idol to make the Top 10.

Fox’s 24 rounds out the top three on our list of prime time’s top moneymakers. The long-running drama may be losing buzz–the current season will be the show’s last–but advertisers are still eager to pay up: a single episode (comprising an hour in Jack Bauer’s high-voltage world) generated $6 million, on average, for the year.

The full top ten list is as follows:
1) American Idol – FOX (Revenue per 30min: $8.1m)
2) Two and a Half Men – CBS (Revenue per 30 min: $3.1m)
3) 24 – FOX (Revenue per 30 min $3.0m)
4) Grey’s Anatomy – ABC (Revenue per 30 min: $2.8m)
5) V – ABC (Revenue per 30 min: 2.8m)
6) Desperate Housewives – ABC (Revenue per 30 min: $2.7m)
7) Dancing with the Stars – ABC (Revenue per 30 min: $2.56m)
8) Lost – ABC (Revenue per 30 min: $2.53m)
9) Survivor – CBS (Revenue per 30 min: $2.22m)
10) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – CBS (Revenue per 30 min: $2.07m)

Source: Forbes