24 series finale wrap footage

Here’s a behind the scenes movie from the 24 series wrap. (NOTE: The first 20 seconds have no audio, that’s just the way the video is).

Kiefer Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, showrunner Howard Gordon, crew members Rodney Charters, Marci Michelle, and more are visible. 24 co-creator Joel Surnow showed up too and gives Kiefer a hug. Loved the “damnit” cake.

YouTube Link: 24 Series Finale Wrap Footage (Behind the Scenes)


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[..YouTube..] omg, i think i’m gonna cry

[..YouTube..] im sad… :(

[..YouTube..] Sniff… :- (

[..YouTube..] im gonna mis 24 for ever
i hate them cos they finished off this great tv show

Man, what am i gonna do without my split-screening Jack/Chloe action? Beyond sad. Beyond.

But Jack hasn’t say Damnid for even 1 time this season.

Henkie no Jack has said Damnit a lot this season. There’s even a video showing a bunch of them: http://walkercount.com/scenes/season8-scenes/renee-makes-jack-say-damn-it-many-times/

also… http://24.wikia.com/wiki/Damn_it thats 12 times which is more than even season 5

[..YouTube..] why they end 24 ……. 24 is the best show in the 1.Planet

[..YouTube..] It’s moving..I’m so sad too…..24 is going to miss me so much! ;O(

[..YouTube..] Bad news: 24 cancelled and im so sad , will miss it :'(
Good news: The cake looks good! :D

[..YouTube..] there blood on keifers mouth and a hole in his shirt, that cant be a good sign :(

Im gonna miss this show so much. :'( dammit <—-that's my new phrase now

[..YouTube..] What does it say in the lower right corner of the cake? “The end Damn It?”

[..YouTube..] @tjoceasde yah, u can also listen closely and hear the guy say the end it dammit?

[..YouTube..] “Series” wrap for Chole

“Season” wrap for Jack

Do this mean what I think it does? Interesting…

[..YouTube..] HAHA “The End Damnit!” lmfao at the cake. mmmmmmm!

[..YouTube..] good show, i heard they might make a movie, it’ll either turn out extremely good or a disater, hoefully the first one

gonna miss the show :(

[..YouTube..] @warcrouch
its not cancelled, it’s just over. Tonight the series finale was broadcasted, but there will be a 24 film very soon. ;D

[..YouTube..] @ 0:42 they said “THATS A SEASON WRAP ON KIEFER SUTHERLAND”. Why didn’t he say series wrap. Maybe we are excepting a bonus season to surprise us???

[..YouTube..] waaa :(

[..YouTube..] @davevf123 really because me and my family were saying they should make a movie for the unknown hours of Jack getting away from the russians and the us gov’t

[..YouTube..] @1234REEB1234 they are it has been confirmed the cast is returning

[..YouTube..] wow, this season finale was heart breaking, that last scene between jack and Cloe was powerful, and when Logan shot himself I nearly fell right outta my seat, this season blew me away

[..YouTube..] the ending was so emotionally powerful i can never watch tv again knowing 24 wont be aired anymore..

[..YouTube..] I see pillar lol

[..YouTube..] Chloeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Jackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

[..YouTube..] @midprod bro, some of us haven’t watched the finale yet so have some sense to not dish out MAJOR spoilers like that!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] 24 deserves a better sendoff

[..YouTube..] 24 will be back but on the big screen so theres at least two more hours of jack

[..YouTube..] @midprod Series Finale, final season :(

[..YouTube..] @nongo The movie is going to be a wicked send-off. The only thing about 24 is that since it’s in real time, it’s really really hard to make a huge epic ending that lasts only 10 minutes while tying up all the loose ends. I hope Tony Almeida is in the movie

[..YouTube..] I would’ve loved to see a footage of Annie’s wrap! Thanks for posting this! Gonna miss 24!!!

[..YouTube..] God, I really, really love & miss that show 24! But what will happen the big if Scooby-Doo & Mystery Inc goes extreme, in order to join Jack Bauer? This will be interesting to watch.

[..YouTube..] damn I miss this show..
It looks like they had fun making it almost as much as I enjoyed watching it.

[..YouTube..] LOL at the Cake…The end Dammit!

[..YouTube..] This sucks :( Best series on the planet!

[..YouTube..] hasta la vista jack bauer

[..YouTube..] i am crying watching this.. no joke! :”(

[..YouTube..] @confusious45
so will i :'(

[..YouTube..] A shame it had to end…

[..YouTube..] @cuttoff23 : if you think your gonna cry? well im done crying after i heard that was the last season :'(

[..YouTube..] movie is gonna happen!!

[..YouTube..] should have continued with jack bauer leaving the country and freddie prinze taking over as main character.

[..YouTube..] Its over :(………………..DAMN IT!!!!

[..YouTube..] No chance of a spin off with Tony Almeida?

[..YouTube..] @confusious45 I’m just hoping that whether its good or bad it resolves everything. Like, a true ending.

[..YouTube..] can’t there be like a petition from fans for 24 to continue, let me be counted!… it’s the best show ever… i love it very much and life ain’t gonna be complete w/o 24 to look forward to…

[..YouTube..] 24 BEST TV SHOW EVER!


[..YouTube..] @cuttoff23 dam … me too

God :(

[..YouTube..] @warcrouch the cake does look good

[..YouTube..] @midprod dam YOUUU

[..YouTube..] i wanna that cake NOW!

[..YouTube..] @confusious45 If they made a movie you can’t call that a “24”, simply because it won’t go be 24 hours long XD
Call it “2” or “3” or “2.5”, Dammit!

[..YouTube..] When the producer said “And that’s a series wrap for Kiefer Sutherland,” Kiefer said he thought he had another take to go before he was finished his character as Jack Bauer. He said that he had had a speech planned, but he couldn’t say anything because his lip went. He was too surprised by the sudden ending! It’s cool to see an actor care so much about the character he/she is playing as.

I am gonna miss 24 a lot.

[..YouTube..] you can tell how emotionally they felt about this show. He obviously was getting choked up. I would too. 9 seasons of a great show will do that. I bought a DVR because of 24. We will never have such a quality tv show like this again. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE.

[..YouTube..] @Bladestar7 MOVIE IS COMIN in 2011

[..YouTube..] Kudos to Kiefer and everyone involved in this series!! Miss you and love you all.

[..YouTube..] HBO should buy the rights of 24 and continue making the show.

[..YouTube..] Why did 24 have to end :( The best TV show, ever!

<3 from Australia!

[..YouTube..] lol what if the cake was a bomb, guess we have season 9 ;)

[..YouTube..] NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! :(

[..YouTube..] Respect from Cyprus.. the best show ever….. we are waiting for the movie

[..YouTube..] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am so sad, its sad to know that you cant look forward to another season, cuz there wont be another :/

[..YouTube..] Please make a movie or season 9
This is the best show on earth

[..YouTube..] this was pretty sad. like kiefer said in another video a lot of the 24 crew had been working together on this for up to 9 years and it’ll probably be hard for them to have to say goodbye to it all.

[..YouTube..] LMAO at the cake

[..YouTube..] les saluda un admirador de la seria buen trabajo muchachoa gracias por dar buena calidad de peliculas saludos de jua lima peru el mejor actor Kiefer Sutherland

[..YouTube..] i like this video but i don’t like to know that it’s the end, i still hope they make a season 9, 10, 11,… =D

[..YouTube..] That cake had a bomb in it, didn’t it?

[..YouTube..] literally one of the saddest things ive ever seen