Final day of production on ’24’

Today was the final day of production on 24 after nine years – the end of an era. Very sad to watch this unfold *ahem* in real-time on Twitter with all of the cast and crew saying their emotional goodbyes. It really started to sink in that this was the end. To the cast and crew of 24, thanks for all the memories.

Annie Wersching (Renee Walker):

9 years ago, in 2001 I had just moved to LA and started watching 24 in my beatup studio apt in Hollywood and became a forever Fan. 9 yrs later, after 3 years/2 seasons 24 has again truly changed my life forever…here’s to the end of an era and to truly one of the most groundbreaking, original and kick ass shows of all time!!!!!!!!!!!! (Facebook)

Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O’Brian):

Jon Cassar (Former 24 Director):

After many years of shooting 24, all over L.A. and Washington DC, at the end of today the cameras will stop rolling, the cast and crew will leave the set never to return and 24 will be take its place on the shelf of television history. Thx to all the fans. U kept us in the game. And 2 the cast & crew of 24, you were the best group of people, period. Enjoy the last few hrs. (tweets: 1, 2, 3)

Rodney Charters (Director of Photography):

Last shooting day and our last scene is 2424!!! (tweet)

Last scene with ML wow strange disjointed atmosphere on set (tweet)

list of visitors Gary Newman 2oth Chairman Joel Surnow Anil Kapoor Glen Morshower speeches choked back emotion lotta lovin Bye Kiefer (tweet)

Marci Michelle:

Sushi for lunch!Not a bad send off!by the way,the season finale is some of the best acted television I’ve seen!U will not be disappointed! (tweet)

Series wrap on Mary lynn…..ok that hurt…love u ML! (tweet)

It’s a bit weepy here and my sunglasses can only mask so much!
Hurry, someone tell me a joke!;) (tweet)

6:56pm and that’s a wrap folks~ (tweet)

the cool thing was, we film out of sequence, and the very last scene we shot was…2424……. (tweet)

Robin Charters (Rodney Charter’s son)

Kiefer seconds away from finishing his last scene on 24 ever… (tweet)

That’s it, it’s over, there is no more #24 (tweet)

Necar Zadegan (Dalia Hassan):


Rodney Charters also tweeted out a few photos:

The Last Call Sheet of 24 the Series
Guy waves good bye as we lv the stage soon to be returned to industrial space
The lights go out on New York
The cake

Also check out the “That’s a wrap on CTU” photo/post (thanks to Beau Bowden for sending that in).


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Is agent pierce going to be in this season if he was at the ending?

Yeah,I see the name of Glen Morshower!!!

in episode 24, “special guest stars: Annie Wersching”

@reneewalkers8 : are u sure?she supposed to be dead..or maybe just flashback.. :(..i can’t accept this.. *sigh..

she’s still alive in the finale.