Mary Lynn Rajskub 24 series finale video interview

• On delivering the last line for 24 and sadness ensued
• On leaving 24 and it being a huge life-changer
• On “Chloe” changing in the final episodes
• On enjoying the last moments with the crew of 24

YouTube Link: Mary Lynn Rajskub 24 Series Finale video interview


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[..YouTube..] You could totally see that she was about to cry.. Sooo sad!!! I’m gonna miss 24 so MUCH!!

[..YouTube..] we all going to miss you chloe …….24 is the best show in the universe

chloe…dont go dammit :(imma miss 24 sooooo much

[..YouTube..] good bye Chloe…

[..YouTube..] :'( ill miss her…….hopefully she’ll be in the movie

[..YouTube..] @ZeroFlies She probably will. You can’t have CTU without Chloe. She’s the only one’s who’s always been at CTU. I’m thinking that they’ll make her the permanent head of CTU, because Chloe seems to be one of the only ones besides Jack that has a clue what’s going on. And we all know Jack is not going to be head of CTU…

[..YouTube..] @cubdukat tru and she earned be the head,and shes the fckin best person on 24. but the 24 movie story line is jack goin to europe, so theres a big possblity of her not bein there, but we’ll find what happens tonorrow and in the finale

[..YouTube..] Chloe was the best character on the show after Jack, and together they helped deliver a great ending to a great series.

[..YouTube..] @MetalSmasherGaming

I am pissed off.
I never wanted this show to end man.

It was the ONLY TV SHOW, i would watch.
All of the other shows are too typical and B.S for me.

Now, i have nothing left.
Hopefully, they’ll make a good movie, and game for it though.
24 will always remain in my memories as well, no matter what the concequences are.

[..YouTube..] I really hope that after they make the feature films of 24 they will start some new season up with NBC. Season 9 would be awesome on NBC which could give NBC a lot of needed views. As for right now, bring on the movies.
P.S the ending was the second most beautiful endings of all time to a series of T.V shows, movies, and video games.

This is soo sad /: i never want this to end, this is the only show ive ever really watched. and its over, i am seriously going to miss it. i never thought i could be so attatched to a show and its characters. I really hope after the feature film 24 the writers will have some good ideas and possibly kick off one more season! this suckssss mann

[..YouTube..] Watched the last 10 minutes of the series finale over 5 times…. still brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Chloe for all the years!

[..YouTube..] 24 is the best show that ever aired on television thats all i got to say.

[..YouTube..] @campbell0225 IM FORCING MY KIDS TO WATCH it. JK JK but im gonna buy the DVD

[..YouTube..] yeah the dvd’s are a great collection to own and my dad got me to watch the first episode with him and i didnt want to so thats how u gotta get em hooked then thats how u gotta get em hooked

[..YouTube..] i still remember during season 7 my friends always thaught i was waisting monday nights watchin dis, but den i watched season 1 on dvd the folowing summer nd they all came in reluctantly to watch one episode, after dat they were hoooked. dat just dosnt happen on ordinary shows, 24 is special

[..YouTube..] We love u Mary.

[..YouTube..] man she talks so differently in real life, i never realized how much she pushed her voice/tone/attitude for that “CHLOE” attitude.

[..YouTube..] We love you Chloe!!!

[..YouTube..] @magicalpoop
i know:P

[..YouTube..] she’s so hot. thumbs up if you agree.

[..YouTube..] Her voice sounds different, at least she looks liek Chloe O’Brian…

I miss that Chloe O’Brian sassy look. that is the best part of the show, probably her trademark, jk lol.

[..YouTube..] Oh im gonna cry! 24 was just too good for words! :’) So happy to have 24 in my life!!!! xx

[..YouTube..] To grab this mp3 go to audioripit doht cohm.

[..YouTube..] I’m going to miss Jack and Chloe’s conversations about schematics. :(

[..YouTube..] @metalnat28 There is the movie that’s coming, as you probably know. And there are still rumors about season 9 also…I believe if the fans responded well to season 8 (did they?), then we’ll have season 9 for sure.

[..YouTube..] @WorldOfSnakes

Season 9? You serious? How can i jump into this dispute sir? Who do i have to Email in order to file an complaint so that they can resume 24 the show? Because i would really love to Email them stating that without the show 24, Televisions will never be the same.

[..YouTube..] @metalnat28 What I meant is that if fans liked season 8, and many people buy the dvd of it, then the producers will make a season 9, because it will bring them lots of money lol

[..YouTube..] @WorldOfSnakes

OHHHHHH lol true true!! I see what you mean now.
But, if this is to occur, there will be no Jack Bouwer though. ( I don’t know his real name ). And i seriously don’t know if 24 will ever be the same without Jack -_-. He was like, the best of the best!!!

And his quitting is the reason of the end of 24 -_-

[..YouTube..] il miss chloe =(

[..YouTube..] @metalnat28 i jus started watching 24 and wow was very impressed was so gd, but u needa watch LOST! also really gd!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @avenger014 LOST was a show I started watching first and then I found 24. Totally cheated on LOST with 24. Now that I’ve completed watching all seasons of 24, I’m finding it very hard to go back to watching LOST. It just kind of lost its umph lol I just want to go find a spoiler alert and be done with it. :(

[..YouTube..] by god, i have never seen a better show than 24. I feel like i have connected with every character and their development. It almost puts tears in my eyes…


[..YouTube..] @metalnat28 Kiefer’s quitting was not why 24 ended. He is one of a few people still talking about making a movie. I would like to know where you got your facts from?

[..YouTube..] @mkarmam

Well hey! If i am wrong then please, prove this to me.

[..YouTube..] 24 Sucks! LOL, just kidding! I never did get to watch the series since I never started from the beginning I didn’t want to start from the middle. I’m watching it now on Netflix and I’m on Season 5. It’s all new to me so knowing that I have another 3 seasons after this is awesome!

[..YouTube..] I believe this is the greatest no hold bars(except Bauer) show ever created. I also just finish watching the entire series on NETFLIX and I’m eager for the movie in 2012, especially if they make it into a trilogy. Just wandering or they gonna switch the format, I mean u have to. A 2 hour movie wouldn’t work. I propose they start a new series on HBO.

[..YouTube..] I started with Fringe 1st during the finale of 24. I saw the last 3 episodes of 24 and I was hooked. I still watch Fringe, but after recently watching the 24 series, I notice that I find Fringe completely BORING now. Besides Seinfeld I never been hooked to a show so “hardcorely.” << lol

[..YouTube..] this i probably the only show ever…i would not mind a cheesy extra season that prolongs the plot tediously…the actors and context of the show is jut so great…loved the final scene, i think it was the only perfect way to end the show, and really concrete how close jack and chloe really were…you will be missed 24…until then i hear keifer is going to start a new show…thats something atlease D: