Mary Lynn Rajskub on Chelsea Lately 5/20

Mary Lynn Rajskub talks about meeting her husband, marrying, having a kid, and all sorts of other stuff. There’s a rather big 24 series finale spoiler clip from 0:09 to 0:36 – so skip past that if you don’t wanna see it.


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Oh no he didn’t just do that. Jack are you crazy?

Now I wouldn’t mind killing Jack at all. Because, it’s one thing to try and expose the cover up, but it’s another thing to murder lots of people and assaulting one of your closest friends.

chloe should have shot his ass

Oh come on people! He’s not murdering Chloe, he’s just knocking her out so he has time to escape and defeat the bad guys. It’s a classic Jack tactic which we’ve seen many times before, so don’t get your panties in a bunch!

I’m amused at how no one has discovered the dead probation officer in the vent duct in one of the CTU meeting rooms (killed by Dana Walsh). The smell must be strong in that room by now!

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