Kiefer Sutherland Thanks 24 Fans – 24 Series Finale

Nice little introduction by Kiefer Sutherland just before the 24 series finale.

YouTube Link: Kiefer Sutherland Thanks Fans – 24 Series Finale


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[..YouTube..] damn i will miss 24 so much …

[..YouTube..] love u!

[..YouTube..] You’re welcome Kiefer. :)

[..YouTube..] *sobs uncontrollably* 24 has been a major part of my life for almost a decade. It will be missed.

[..YouTube..] Oh God crying now :(, God bless you Kiefer and THANK YOU for bringing us Jack Bauer, we will miss you :(

[..YouTube..] damn it jack u.u

[..YouTube..] I gotta cry right now :(
Goddammit Kiefer!!
I don’t live in the US anymore so I gotta wait till tomorrow to watch it.

[..YouTube..] That went up quick! 24 changed TV and me.

[..YouTube..] i love you,kiefer!!!!!!!!!!<3

you are the best!!long live jack bauer!!

[..YouTube..] Thank you and the 24 crew for 8 amazing years, Kiefer… *snif* :- (

[..YouTube..] Noooo!! Thank you Kiefer!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] thank you!! we will miss jack

[..YouTube..] Just cried my eyes out with the finale! EPIC ending! Damit Fox for ending one of the best shows ever!
Long live Bauer!!…. and Chloe!!!!

[..YouTube..] And Thank YOU, Kiefer…it’s been a helluva ride….

[..YouTube..] Damn it! They cut it off early! He doesn’t say “of 24”. All 3 videos are the same!

[..YouTube..] I didn’t think I was gonna cry at the end, but I did. Was freaking amazing 8 Seasons, Thanks a bunch!

[..YouTube..] just shed a tear, great end to an era hopefully after the movie they make a 9th season!!!

[..YouTube..] Monday’s and TV will NEVER be the same.

[..YouTube..] TV will never ever be the same again… :(

[..YouTube..] Once you go Jack… will never go back. Thanks Kiefer!

[..YouTube..] thanks kiefer sutherland for making me have a hell of a ride watchung 24 my computers hard drive will nvr be the same without you

[..YouTube..] thank you for the greatest series since The X files… it was AMAZING!!!!

[..YouTube..] Amazing series, it will live on, and we all have the movie to look forward to :)

[..YouTube..] Own Kiefer.. We should thank you for being the best fucking awesome actor in this entire world.

[..YouTube..] I bawled like a bitch last night because of the LOST Finale and now i’ll have no choice but to do the same because of 24. We need more original shows on TV instead of the crap they show every week where each episode is essentially the same as last week’s.

[..YouTube..] I cant believe its over =(……..

[..YouTube..] I thank you 24. TV will NEVER be the same. Millions will be missing out!

[..YouTube..] What happened at the end?
I missed the ending..
Can you post the ending?

[..YouTube..] I will be in limbo now that 24 is over. It’s the best series ever made for tv.

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer is the awesomest man on TV and will always be remembered.

[..YouTube..] the very best show is going down!!!

what a great semi-privet send off

GREAT ending. Couldn’t be happier with it. How long till the movie??? :)

Thank you Kiefer.

Jeanne Claire
May 24, 2010 at 10:08 pm
And thank YOU, Kiefer….the show will definitely be missed.

[..YouTube..] I had various heros when child, today i have one hero and his name is Jack Bauer
Thanks a lot of time for This Serie
Congratulations “24” Team

Thank you Keifer for JB and all the excitement that made Monday for the last 9 years awesome

it is terrible it is over!!!!!!! Come on guys we want more seasons!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Thank you Kiefer!!!!!!!

i hate that the series came to an end…and i wish that who ever put this up would have got the entire video…it cut off right before he says 24…that may be nitpicking but that’s just me

[..YouTube..] Thank You!!!

[..YouTube..] THANK YOU !!!! Kief !!!

[..YouTube..] thank you man….:)

[..YouTube..] @drakosinxx : no spoiler pls. :)

[..YouTube..] Kiefer, I think, u can find a job at FBI. :)

[..YouTube..] thank you Kiefer!!!
Jack Bauer is my hero

[..YouTube..] thx. 8 awesome years. would miss my kief & jack :(

[..YouTube..] ***R.I.P*** 24 !
jack i will *miss* u! :(
be$t $how is gone….
something gonna be miss now in my life :(
it was a **honor** to watch these 8 days.

i wi$h u all best for ur FuTuR3 !

[..YouTube..] i will let u continue live on in “BATTLEFIELD2”,
where i´m just now #2 of the WORLD.

[..YouTube..] greetings from *AU$TRIA*

[..YouTube..] Best Show ever now that its gone T.V. is dead….ima miss 24 8 days that i will never forget.

[..YouTube..] greetings from Hungary

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer rulez .!!!

[..YouTube..] NO! As a fan, to the entire cast & crew, to the writers, the creators, Joel Surnow & Robert Cochran & “MOST IMPORTANTLY”, to you & only you Mr. Sutherland,


I’ll see you in the movies.

[..YouTube..] Did they ever explain why the Russians didn’t want the peace treaty to go through?

[..YouTube..] Kiefer you are awesome and a very great person. Take care :)

[..YouTube..] Thank you Kiefer!
I am going to miss 24, finally it comes to an end.

[..YouTube..] @abadubie they didn’t, which was kind of surprising.

[..YouTube..] goodbye Jack goodbye Kiefer,
8 years 8 season 192hr,
thank you for giving us such a classic television series

[..YouTube..] great finale

[..YouTube..] goodbye jack!!!

[..YouTube..] Jack, never forget

[..YouTube..] Oh man, I’m gonna miss 24. :(
Can’t wait for the movie!

@Derek: I am the one who recorded and uploaded this video and I did actually upload the entire thing. YouTube cut off the last second when converting it which is not really something I can control. If you really want you can email me and I will send you the file.

[..YouTube..] Thank You Kiefer,It has been one hell of a ride…I’m gonna miss this show so much but 24 will be in my heart forever!

[..YouTube..] I know everyone always says this, but Kiefer played Jack Bauer like no other actor could ever hope. He is such a class act and forever respectful to the fans. Thanks for these 8 seasons, 24!

[..YouTube..] …I want to cRY!!!!!!!!!!!:o(

[..YouTube..] For all the moles, plot twists, interrogations, explosions, characters you love to hate, presidents of various age, gender and color, the “Dammit!”s, perimeter breaches, CTU attacks, back channel working, and dynamic actors, 24 proved that Holllywood, every once in a while, can produce a helluva show that can define an era & a genre. Monday nights will never be the same. Thank you Kiefer for playing Jack Bauer with grittiness and realism. Thanks for reinventing TV for millions.

[..YouTube..] Thank U Kiefer!!!…so sad, I gonna miss 24…I cry on the begining of the first episode and in the end, see that final clock was sad, but at the same time was a epic moment…Thank again 24!!! Now I gonna start watching all the seasons on DVD all over again ;)

[..YouTube..] No more Jack Bauer Power Hour on Mondays next January…I will be so lost…

Thanks goes to Kiefer and the whole 24 crew for making 8 memorable seasons. TV won’t be the same now that this show has come to an end. Looking forward to the movie!

[..YouTube..] Thank you!

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer always greater than Chuck Norris, PERIOD!

[..YouTube..] No, Kiefer. I should thank you for portraying one of the most bad-ass characters of the century. The firefights, the fisticuffs, the torture scenes… the well-concealed humanity of a pain-inflicted soul. I thank 24 for being a huge part of my life. Rest in peace, Television. There’s nothing else to watch.

[..YouTube..] This doesn’t have to be the complete end of 24. While it isn’t the same as seeing it on tv, there are a series of books on 24. Novels about Jack Bauer, that take place before the first season. I picked up the first 2 of them today, and I have already started the first one called 24 Declassified:Operation Hellgate. Jack Bauer in paper form is better than no Jack Bauer! Excellent book thus far.

[..YouTube..] Thank you for also taking the time to film 24:Redemption. I know it really only happened because of the writer’s strike, but it was an excellent movie that showed the lighter side of Jack Bauer. I think Jack was for once, truly happy during that time in Africa.

[..YouTube..] Jack told Kim in the pilot episode that it was a school night and it was time for bed. Those were in fact the first words spoken by Jack in this series. Spoken as he was in his home, playing chess with her. How long ago that was, and what a different character Jack would become over the 8 year saga.

[..YouTube..] Kiefer, there just aren’t the words to express gratitude for this show. I miss it so much, that I have already picked up the first novel in the 24 book series. I refuse to let Jack go! Thank you for this series. I look forward to a movie as well as reading the books. I am even having some friends over during this Memorial Day weekend coming up just to watch 24:Redemption. I will even be going to see Marmaduke since you are doing a voice in it! Jack Bauer doing the voice for Bosco the dog!

[..YouTube..] A little known fact about Kiefer, his all time favorite sitcoms are Who’s the Boss, Head of the Class, Growing Pains, and Mr. Belvedere. He once auditioned for a role on Head of the Class. That would have been interesting!

[..YouTube..] lol why didnt our Fox get this ? Anyway this might sound emo but I honestly dunno how to handle next years Mondays now ,starting January 2011. I’m actually shot down depress that it’s over (not that I’m complaining it’s over). I’m just real sad right now. Ya, I choked up at that last scene too.

[..YouTube..] I became a regular viewer starting with the 3rd season, and for the last 6-7 years my life was deeply blessed by 24. I won’t be wanting the weekend to be over so I can watch 24 on Monday anymore.

[..YouTube..] venez faire un tour sur bokuto one ‘s channel !!! that’s really cooooool !!! ; ))

[..YouTube..] I miss you Jack

[..YouTube..] you’re the best! Keeps fighting those fucking monkey terrorist!!

[..YouTube..] Good bye Jack!

[..YouTube..] Eight years, what a run it was. Goodbye, Jack. I was there from hour one of Day 1. Mondays will not be the same anymore. You’ll be missed.

[..YouTube..] I will miss you jack

[..YouTube..] Thank you so much Kiefer for giving me my favorite hero
See you soon on big screen

[..YouTube..] bye jack

[..YouTube..] I thought this was the best season even though I started watching only 3 seasons ago. Personally, I loved the ending, I thought it was PERFECT. Uploader, please upload the final 5 minutes of the show, it was just too good.

[..YouTube..] We will miss you Jack.

[..YouTube..] 24 Rules :)

[..YouTube..] 24 rules :)

[..YouTube..] Thanks Kiefer and everyone who made “24” possible over the amazing 8 seasons of this spectularly done show. You gave my life purpose to get up every monday morning just to say “hey! Jack is on tonight!”. I was there from Day 1, as were many other loyal watchers, and i would just like to say on my behalf that you made and amazing series and will be missed dearly by many. Thank you.

[..YouTube..] Thank You Kiefer Sutherland For Making 24 the Best Show Ever :)

[..YouTube..] I will truly miss 24 and Jack. This is a classic series.

[..YouTube..] Thank you Kiefer Sutherland making 24 the best show ever :)

[..YouTube..] Thank you Kiefer Sutherland for making 24 the number 1 show ever

[..YouTube..] A melhor séries dos últimos tempos.

[..YouTube..] Sutherland should do a cameo on House. He sure does have the Hugh Laurie look down in the promo.

[..YouTube..] Kiefer Sutherland , i don’t know what i say ,you became living with our heart , we can’t imagine ourself without you and 24 .we want to see 24 forever season after season without boring , i love you so much ,as i said to you ” you became our heart” ,so we wait season 9.
with best wishes

[..YouTube..] I’ve Been watching this show for half my live now. Literally. The thought of no more 24 is overwhelmingly sad to my whole family (which became a tradition to watch). Long Live 24!!!!

[..YouTube..] Thank you Kiefer Sutherland making 24 the best show ever :)

[..YouTube..] Thanks for inspiring me to acting and policing

[..YouTube..] I thank you Kiefer for one of the best experiences of my life, not once I was let down, brilliant script, fantastic drama, very exciting action, you written history Kiefer, and you know that

[..YouTube..] maybe they might slightly make season 9? … i hope… i wonder if bauer would become president if that happened?

[..YouTube..] Damn, I’m really going to miss this show, can’t really think of any other show worth watching besides Dexter now

[..YouTube..] I’m gonna miss this show :(

[..YouTube..] Hey hope the movie will be as good as the show. :)

[..YouTube..] Freakin awesome finale. I hope the feature film will be just as kick ass. As a series finale, I think I can safely say that it rips the head off of “Lost” and poops down it’s neck.

[..YouTube..] Yoy know, Kiefer, I cried like a little baby in the last episode ? Am I gay ? No. Am I sensitive ? Yes. You already miss me bro :(

[..YouTube..] Even though i only caught on to 24 during the last season, i still believe this show had a great legacy and Kiefer Sutherland made Jack Bauer, a character that will always be in the minds of television viewers when they hear the word “action.”

Farewell 24 (2003-2010) what a run!

[..YouTube..] “next week on an all new 24…..” : (

[..YouTube..] ace!! stand by me!!

[..YouTube..] I can’t believe that 24 is over, I’ve been watching since 2001. Now I have nothing to watch on TV, especially on FOX. At least we have the 24 movie to look forward to.
R.I.P 24.

[..YouTube..] Hеyyyy I’m ѕрrеadiոg my ex ցirlfrіeոd’s ѕех tаpe аrouոd. Wհy? Bеcaսsе ѕհе’ѕ a bіtϲh, She dеsеrvеd іt, ѕο go аhеad аnd ԝаtϲհ it. And tеll yοսr frіends wհat a ѕlut ѕհе іѕ. thе lіոk іs οn my рrofile (раѕsԝord іѕ 123)

[..YouTube..] @marinerman It actually ran from 2001-2010. lol

[..YouTube..] @banan14kab my bad. like i said, i didn’t watch the whole series from start to finish… lol

[..YouTube..] I’d like to wish Kiefer all the best in his career, he’s a real good actor, he can play character, he created such a difficult , interesting alive hero for us! Jack Bauer will be a special super-hero for ever. Thank you, Kiefer, for all the emotions that we were surviving wathing hard days of our beloved Jack!

[..YouTube..] @jmoon219 No, actually the first word was “Really?” But the line you said, was the second:p

[..YouTube..] Thanks to you Kiefer and to all the guys that worked behind 24…it’been a pleasure.
I will always carry 24 in my heart!

[..YouTube..] My family and I hope that they’ll still reconsider…pls bring back 24 again…it’s worth waiting and worth watching! This movie became family bonding time for us. Each and every year we look forward to this most exciting movie, We all invested so much time and never regret any single bit of it. Sad it really ended, but am still hoping they’ll bring it back again! For whatever decision…I wish Mr. Sutherland and the rest of the crew good-luck and thank you for the wonderful time you’ve shared.

[..YouTube..] chuck norris? HA
nothin on jack. cant wait for the movie, to see how 24 really ends for good.
loved the season finale, it was a great way to keep jack alive and keep him ~”jack”, not just killing him off or giving him a happy ending, because if he got a happy ending it would just undermine his bravery and sacrafice.

[..YouTube..] It’s a very sad thing knowing that this December, I won’t be calling my friends asking if they saw the teaser for the next season of 24. I remember 9 years ago, watching the trailer for this new series starring Kiefer Sutherland. Real Time, Action Packed, And starring my Favorite character in Young Guns. It couldn’t get any better. And you know what, it couldn’t. There will NEVER be anything that even comes close to what this series brought to Television. I will miss it dearly, THANK YOU 24

[..YouTube..] Its very sad when you watch a series from the very beginning. You get to love some the characters and hate some.But,you always every season come to watch what new things are going to happen.I’ve been a Kiefer Sutherland fan since “The Lost Boys”.He as Jack Bauer showed a complex man who was a family who has and many ups and more downs.Thank you Kiefer and the rest of the cast for bringing a very entertaining show that I will always cherish as a main favorite.

[..YouTube..] Thank you. this was the best series of all time. there will be no other equal


[..YouTube..] would be cool if jack bauer was sporting a beard like that

[..YouTube..] Please bring back 24. We really need it again. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..

[..YouTube..] i remember always coming through to the living room on a sunday night to find my parents watching 24. about a month ago, i decided to give it a try watching it. i instantly fell in love with it, jack bauer, and kiefer sutherland. i thought this was one of the best shows ever and i couldn’t wait till next week’s episode…only to find out it was coming to an end. i had never been so disappointed in my life. i’ll miss you 24 <3333

[..YouTube..] Thank Kiefer , you are the best….. from CHILE

[..YouTube..] THANK YOU SIR

[..YouTube..] I hope they’ll make a movie of 24 and pick it up where the final episode left off

[..YouTube..] We should thank you Mr.Suntherland for all the joy we had watching this show with unbelievable action suspense turnovers and much more.And playing for me the best character that has ever been created.And for those who love this show we will remember you for ever.And once more THANK YOU.

[..YouTube..] @VergilSaxon right on

[..YouTube..] OMG KIEFER TY 4 THE ACTION!!!! =) U ROCK!!

[..YouTube..] I think they should have brought alot more characters back for this season like tony, aaron pierce, wayne palmer, mike novick, audrey raines etc


urghh. i truly miss this show. i seriously don’t touch my tv anymore cause there isnt a damn thing to watch anymore ]:

[..YouTube..] Kiefer,you’re the best there is,ever has been,and ever will be.24 was,is,always will be the best show.As much as you loved making it,we the fans loved watching it.Hopefully Jack will find some peace at the end of the upcoming movie,of course I could be wrong,I though with Jack and Renee (rip) getting together would be a long overdue happy ending,but please 24 cast and crew,he’s saved millions over the years,can’t you let him be happy?24 is the greatest!!!!

[..YouTube..] Thank you Kiefer. Primetime television will not be the same anymore.

[..YouTube..] @VergilSaxon So. Damn. True.

[..YouTube..] Awesome, he’s already growing a beard for the first episode of next season / movie :-D

[..YouTube..] No. Thank you.

[..YouTube..] Literally after seeing the end of season 8 i cried because it was hard to think that in another 6 months there would not be another 24 season 24 FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] @Fromzon there will be no next season or movie ..

[..YouTube..] It’s made me sad because 24 was the only show I watched. Now it’s weird having to find another show to get into. Just recently I started to get into House and while I do enjoy House, 24 was something very special and I still can’t get over that it won’t come on anymore.

Hurry and bring on the film!

[..YouTube..] 24 ROCKS

[..YouTube..] Thank us? Thank us?!! No, thank YOU, Kiefer. You brought to life a character not even the hardest of men would want to screw with. Now that 24’s over, all I can say is… DAMN IT!!!!


[..YouTube..] You thank us and we thank you. Thank you for giving us one of the best TV shows ever. Thank you for bringing Jack Bauer into our lives. Thank you for 8 heart pounding seasons. Thank you for being such a talented actor, Kiefer. Thank you for being a show that wasn’t canceled after only a few episodes. Thank you for creating some of the most loyal fans a show has ever had. Thank you for making Monday nights worth something. Thank you for everything, 24. You will be missed. You already are.

[..YouTube..] We thank you, Kiefer!! =)

After all the seasons, I must say… DAMN IT!! :D

[..YouTube..] @jmoon219 that was also the only thing jack did that i could have done

[..YouTube..] should have continued with jack bauer leaving the country and freddie prinze take over as main character

[..YouTube..] @VergilSaxon I know what you mean about nothing to watch. LOST, 24 and Heroes all gone.

[..YouTube..] I’d like to see LOST give a thank you speech.

[..YouTube..] I wanted so bad to for Jack to be re-united with Audrey Raines =(

[..YouTube..] OMG COME BACK :( I loooved the Show so much .

[..YouTube..] This was the only show that me and my entire family all made sure to watch ever single week for the entire time it was on. Will go to every 24 movie and purchase every dvd

[..YouTube..] @VergilSaxon Amen

[..YouTube..] @PropheticVoice7 Then Jack needs to go to where Audrey already is

[..YouTube..] @hypergap lets hope when 24 movie comes out that it happens,Audrey Raines character doesnt have to end like that, Jack and Audrey are meant for eachother.

[..YouTube..] @VergilSaxon it sounded like he was delivering a eulogy. very emotional speech

[..YouTube..] i love you jack bauer!

[..YouTube..] @PropheticVoice7, SNAP! :'(

[..YouTube..] @VergilSaxon, tesssstify!

[..YouTube..] brilliant this and prison break to best tv shows ever in my opinion, bless!!!!!!!!!!!


[..YouTube..] Dziekuje za 8 niesamowitych sezonów,fenks


[..YouTube..] @VergilSaxon Truer words have never been spoken.

[..YouTube..] So emotional! I miss you 24 aka the best & only worthy show anymore.

[..YouTube..] greatest show ever made, no question

[..YouTube..] 24 is the greatest show ever and this wil not change.I will never forget all the stresfull and suspensfull moments with Jack.I adore him!!Kiefer don’t thank us, we should thank you for offering the world a wonderfull show.. YOU ARE THE BEST ACTOR!!!!!!! I LOVE U!Oh,and by the way,i wish you a happy new year

[..YouTube..] Best show, best actor, best moments ever… another season please… cant wait for the movie

[..YouTube..] I’m so going to miss 34

[..YouTube..] i just want to cry..i will really nice you JACK BAUER…

[..YouTube..] i had always been an incondicional fan of TV shows, all of them!! but since i saw 24…. i never have been the same, i tried others great tv shows “they” all talk about but 24 is especial, yhank you for all great moments… i will never forgot, and since it´s over, i´ve never ever seen any tv show…. jack for ever and ever together…

[..YouTube..] The world was a better place with “24”

[..YouTube..] I needed more Jack Bauer, I mean Keifer, that I have rewatched all of his movies on Netflix. I’ve a higher level of respect and admiration for him since the end of 24. Btw, the 3 people who disliked this video should turn themselves in for interrogation by Jack Bauer.

[..YouTube..] Classy gesture Kiefer, still pine for a season nine.

[..YouTube..] you’re very most welcome jack….i mean kiefer. damn it i did it again.


[..YouTube..] Cant wait for the movie next year :D

[..YouTube..] No Kiefer, we should be thanking you. You brought a character to life with the intensity and loyalty to one country and taught a valuable lesson. To you and the rest of your crew / team, thank you for the memories. You and your team will be sorely missed, as no other show will match what 24 brought to the table. So it’s not us to thank, but for us to thank you.

[..YouTube..] I MISS THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Kiefer, TV will NEVER be as good without 24 or Jack Bauer. You gave the world a reason to look forward to Monday, and for that I thank YOU.

[..YouTube..] With regards to the dvd release, I wish they would have arranged the last 2 hours as one episode and included this at the beginning just like they did for the final broadcast episode. It would give it the feeling that I got that night…that I was witnessing the end of an era.

[..YouTube..] why did he didn’t die , for god sake. i want jack die!

every country , every government , every agents, all want to kill him.

pls add one more episode, to let everyone shoot him.

he deserve to die, how many president was lost their job, how many people die because of him, how many innocent agents was kill or wound by him?

kill the fucking jack!!!!!

[..YouTube..] i havent heard anything on the movie yet…….DAMMIT!

[..YouTube..] i havent heard anything on the movie yet…….DAMMIT!

[..YouTube..] The movie is scheduled for 2012 release.

[..YouTube..] @TheDNA2001 Last time I heard, they had some trouble to start the shooting of the movie, I even heard rumors that the movie might be canceled. So do you know the latest information, will we see the movie or is it still uncertain?

[..YouTube..] Thank YOU, Kiefer, thank YOU, the creators of the show. Thank you for having made a wonderful cliffhanger for the show’s very first episode back in 2001, for if it weren’t for that, I would have given up on the show. But I guess destiny made me go on watch the series, of which I am glad to have happened. Thank YOU for making my free time worthwhile. LONG LIVE 24! No TV show will ever be as good as this.

[..YouTube..] A 24 Fan: Good evening. On behalf of all of us fans of 24, I wanna take this moment to thank you, everyone at 24, for the tremendous action and cliffhangers you have demonstrated over the past 8 seasons. No one could’ve done as good as you did. Personally, for me, this has been, and will ALWAYS be, my number 1 favorite t.v. show of all time. And, for that, I am eternally grateful. Good luck with the movie, and wherever you may go next.

[..YouTube..] Thank you Kiefer for giving us 8 good seasons of the best show ever, I love Jack Bauer and I love 24 and you Kiefer were born for this role

[..YouTube..] 3 people dislike this video. Terrorists

[..YouTube..] I remember watching this right before the final 2 hours came on. So sad. For 192 episodes I watched, this was sad to see.

[..YouTube..] Damn it!!!!! how can it end this way???/

[..YouTube..] Cant wait for the movie in 2012 XD

[..YouTube..] best tv show all time <3

[..YouTube..] I think Jack Bauer killed bin laden. This should be part of the movie they make.
I can imagine Jack getting pissed off with CTU’s incompetency throughout the mission and his response by saying “damn it!”

[..YouTube..] now. i always ask. what would jack do.
so far ive been to prison twice

[..YouTube..] One of the best show I’ve ever watched! Never miss an episode