Jack Bauer – Army of One wallpaper

Here’s a neat wallpaper that a 24 fan Craig made and sent into me. It features Jack Bauer in his terror gear uniform, which fans have dubbed “Iron Jack” or “Darth Bauer”. Something tells me this is gonna be a popular Halloween costume.

Jack Bauer Army of One Darth Bauer Mask 24 Season 8

Full Size (1360×768)

Thanks Craig!


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very nice!


What a suprise pic for chinese Fans

I thought the Chinese hated Jack Bauer because quote “He violated our territory & killed our consul” :)

Very good post. I plan to reference this in my blog and provide a link to here.

Darth Bauer? re you kidding?
By Charles Logan’s reaction, I think Jackminator is more appropriate for that badass suit and helmet.
Totally badass!