Cherry Jones explains her decision to leave Emmy race

Cherry Jones wins 2009 Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress

Cherry Jones has sent LA Times an email to set the record straight and explain her decision not to submit herself for an Emmy this year. Unlike speculation, it’s not because of any drama with the writers or her storylines. Here’s her full email:

Hey Tom,

Cherry Jones here writing from balmy Manhattan. I wanted to clear up the mystery surrounding my not submitting myself for Emmy consideration.

I love and adore everyone I worked with on “24” and am actively missing them.

I relished playing poor old Allison Taylor’s descent into Logan Hell. Like all actors on “24” who realize their characters are being sent to the Dark Side, I resisted at first and then, of course, realized what a seductive playground the Dark Side presents for a dramatic actor.

This job has offered me time with my elderly parents, given me new lifelong friends, a bank account, and the memory of last year’s Emmy night which was one hell of a delicious ride. So honestly it never occurred to me (or my two agents who know me well) to submit me this year. One of the lessons in life is to know when to leave well enough alone and be grateful.

I will however be watching the Emmy’s from New York this year and rooting for all my “24” team and the other actors I’ve had the pleasure to get to know in Hollywood during my West Coast baptism.

I genuinely appreciate your interest and hope you will find the space to clear up the assumption which was being made….which, as my old movement teacher used to say, was “exactly wrong.”

Thanks so much, Tom.


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