Jack Bauer: The Tragic Hero

Here’s an awesome Jack Bauer fan video made by Dylvisions24. Thanks to virginie24jb for the heads up.

YouTube Link: Jack Bauer – The Tragic Hero fan video by Dylvisions24


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[..YouTube..] … Just brilliant. I’m speechless ! And you did that with iMovie? Seriously ?? Must be the best video about “24” I’ve ever seen.

[..YouTube..] magnificent

[..YouTube..] Esta muy genial…un gran trabajo!!!!!!!

[..YouTube..] Gracias mi amigo

[..YouTube..] Thanks and yeah…imovie can really do a lot if you look deep into it.

[..YouTube..] @Dylvisions24 You’re welcome; I really meant it. True, iMovie is quite a great software. Just curious : how long did it take you to make that video ? With all the effect and clips… looks like you’ve spent hours on it. Also, what was the format of the clips you imported into iMovie ? Thanks.

[..YouTube..] @virginieb20….I worked on it for a couple weeks actually…. I do them really slow. To obtain the clips, I use ImTOO DVD Ripper Ultimate…and i ripped them in .mp4 format.

[..YouTube..] Hi, sorry it’s me again ^^ But I’m fascinated by your video. I even uploaded it into iMovie and slowed it down by 50% to study it a bit. Yet it was still very fast !! I was curious : how did you choose the effects for the clips ? Did you play with them until you found what you liked or did you have a precise idea of what you wanted the video to look like ? (This video needs to have more view!!)

[..YouTube..] I’m blown away that you were able to create a video like this in iMovie. The fast cuts and coloring effects, nice. I use iMovie for my videos and didn’t think something like this was possible. Truly amazing editing!

[..YouTube..] @virginieb20….its tough to say how i use the effects. I use black and white and then increase the brightness a lot. I just kind of use what I think looks different. And yeah…I hope this gets more popular.

[..YouTube..] @walkercount….thanks…yeah just put different effects together and you can do lots of things with Imovie.

[..YouTube..] That was fantastic to watch! I love the dammit at the end :P

[..YouTube..] Amazing!!! One of the best Jack Bauer’s video. I would like to know to make a video like this. How you choose your images from all seasons? Do you choose first the song or this is the last thing?
Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

[..YouTube..] Awesome!!

[..YouTube..] As a huge fan of both Kiefer and 24, Thank You! That was an incredible vid and awesome tribute to Jack Bauer!

[..YouTube..] Great Stuff !!

[..YouTube..] This is the best Jack/24 fanvideo ever. Congratulations.

[..YouTube..] Incredible!!! One of the best tribute to Jack Bauer I ever seen… Maybe THE best… Very very good job.Thanks!

[..YouTube..] usually i hate tributes but this one is great

[..YouTube..] Woo, finally got to see it with no interruptions. It’s awesome, but my only suggestion was putting the audio from… I don’t remember, I think it was a relatively early episode where he has to kill one of the good guys and he mumbles “God forgive me”, but that’s just me. As I said, it’s awesome anyway.

[..YouTube..] very awesomly made

[..YouTube..] Awesome editing !! Perfect choice of images ! Thanks for sharing

[..YouTube..] Why the fuck does that fucking bunny 24 shit have a million more views than this!??

[..YouTube..] @RidiculousAdamski….Because people are stupid.

[..YouTube..] I liked the first season, enjoyed the second, and stopped watching halfway the third.
It just more and more of the same. ‘Oh nooooo.. we’re all in grave danger, Only Jack can bring us salvation.

But hey, I realy do appreciate the tenacity, Jack.

[..YouTube..] great lyrics for this show, i always feel like jack was trying to find a way out but in the words of the godfather ‘they keep pulling me back in…’

[..YouTube..] Fucking awesome

[..YouTube..] In soviet Russia, u own jack Bauer

[..YouTube..] @liammilton I dont get it

[..YouTube..] NICE NICE NICE NICE!!!!

[..YouTube..] Freaking Outstanding loved your video! Thanks for posting!

[..YouTube..] This needs more views. add another 10 digits and i might not be mad about it.

[..YouTube..] Outstandig!
A little over edited…But DAMN!
you got it, keep up the good job =)

[..YouTube..] Oh, God. It’s so well edited *o* Awesome job. Really. <33