Justin Long confirms scrapped Die Hard/24 crossover movie

Bruce Willis and Justin Long in Live Free or Die Hard

Remember rumors of a Die Hard/24 crossover? They gained a bit more credibility today, with actor Justin Long (who co-starred in Live Free or Die Hard) confirming on video that a script for the Die Hard/24 movie was “imminent”.

“For a while, there was talk of, they were going to combine ‘Die Hard’ with ’24,’ ” Long said. “It was going to be Kiefer Sutherland’s character in it [to which we responded with a very suspicious, raised brow]. I’m not kidding!” Long insisted. “I think there was a script that had been imminent,” he said seriously.

Source MTV


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[..YouTube..] lol, talking about Die Hard during a Going the Distance interview…it makes me want to see that movie

[..YouTube..] From ‘Distance’ to 24!! I hope Mr. Long will be there!!

It would have sucked hard.

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– And I’m Jack Bauer…

[..YouTube..] Jack Bauer can save the day alone!

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[..YouTube..] I most likely won’t happen but if it did I would see it