Exclusive: 24’s Annie Wersching joins NCIS!

Update 12/14: Check out videos, screencaps, and information on Annie Wersching’s NCIS role at our sister site, Awesome Annie.

Annie Wersching "So Fresh, So Fox" Photoshoot

I’ve been reporting on what ex-24 cast members have been up to in past blog posts and my “Where are they now? 24 cast and crew” roundup and here’s an exciting one:

Annie Wersching (24‘s Renee Walker) will be joining the cast of CBS smash-hit NCIS as Deputy District Attorney Gail Walsh.

Walsh will be requesting the assistance of NCIS in tracking down a missing witness whose life may be in peril. The character is described as “extremely attractive and sexy” while also being intelligent and tough. Seems to me like Walsh shares some character traits with Renee Walker! It’s a guest star role with possibility of it becoming recurring.

Annie Wersching gave birth to her first child Freddie Wersching Full in August and just made her television return in CSI‘s “House of Hoarders” episode last night. We look forward to her future role on NCIS!


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Omg this is awesome! Loved Annie in 24 and love NCIS

Deputy District Attorney Gail Walsh.

Oh no Annie, you cannot be named Walsh! Not after all that Dana Walsh debacle. :)

I want to know will she haves a scene with Pauly Perette (Abby)? Pauly was in 24 Season 1.

October 22, 2010 at 4:51 pm
Please NCIS make her into a total bad ass like Renee Walker was and make her a regular!

Gibbs does love redheads!

StoneColdStunnah, I don’t want her to be a total badass, Ziva is already NCIS badass. I don’t even want her to be a recurring on NCIS!!!!!!!!!!!! One episode is fine, but not as a recurring character!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the NCIS family as it is now, don’t add anyone to them or remove anyone!!!!!!!

NCIS producers just did an EPIC WIN with this casting.

@tara oh please, NCIS needs more women, for God’s sake! what’s wrong with this fandom, always ostracising the women’s characters?

This has officially made my day. One of my favourite shows + one of my ultimate favourite actors= WIN


ojala que este presente en la pelicula 24 : the movie

very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good