Human Target pays tribute to 24 casting director Peggy Kennedy

Human Target

The most recent episode of Human Target titled “Kill Bob” was dedicated to 24‘s Emmy-winning Peggy Kennedy who died of cancer in December just one week after being diagnosed. The episode end credits began with “In Memory of Peggy Kennedy”.

After 24 finished its run back in May, Peggy became the casting director on FOX’s Human Target and brought over some familiar faces from 24 including actors Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Cameron Daddo, Nick Chinlund, and Carlo Rota.


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I’m sure Peggy was very good at her job. She did an excellent job with “Human Target”. I like all the characters.

I always find it moving, and inspiring when programs honor their fallen co-workers. I reveals a very human and loving part of their character. Like Fernando 1958, I never new of Ms. Kennedy, but I also enjoyed the fruit of her labor in both 24 and Human Target.