Fan video: Jack Bauer raids Osama Bin Laden’s compound

Here’s a funny video showing what the Osama Bin Laden raid might have looked like if Jack Bauer was involved. Now we know what he’s been up to since 24 ended last year. And of course props to our awesome Navy SEALS who were the real Jack Bauer’s in this case.

YouTube Link: The Death of Osama – Video of Raid by Casino007Royale2


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Your real heros, as Jack Bauer, got the job done !! And a very goog job !!

“a very good job” …sorry !!

Now this… this is what a 24 Fan video should be. Honouring the show, making us laugh and making us nostalgic because it is “totally” believable.
I’ve seen stuff like “Jack’s call to Obama” and “24’s been delayed to 2009” which are both two great and funny fan videos. But then, when you look at “Jack Bauer interrogates Santa”, it just isn’t funny.

May 7, 2011 at 1:38 pm
Just imagine, if they didn’t cancel 24, then Season Nine would be on the air right now. I’m very certain that ratings would skyrocket right about now, thanks to the Bin Laden killing. Just in time for the Season Nine finale, that would air in a few weeks.

dont insult Jack Bauer with these type of lowlife political Propagandas !!! everyone should know whether Osama is dead or alive, this is just a propaganda for next year presidential election…

Time to face the music armed with this great information.