Alex Gansa talks about India’s ’24’

Alex Gansa
Alex Gansa

Former 24 writer and producer Alex Gansa (who created Showtime’s Homeland along with Howard Gordon) was interviewed about the recently announced Indian adaptation of the series. Here’s what he had to say:

THR: What are your thoughts about this 24 production in India?
Gansa: You know, Howard [Gordon], who created the show with me, he knows a lot more about that than I do. I know that Anil [Kapoor], who played the Iranian president in the last season of 24. He, after being on the set of 24, really decided that he wanted to play Jack Bauer in India.

So I understand that it’s up and running, that they’re going ahead. I think it’s great. I think it’s very cool. I’m actually dying to see how they do it because that part of the world, of course, is so interesting with the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. And it’s going to be fascinating to see how a half-Hindu, half-Muslim country deals with these issues of terrorism on the ground. I think it’s going to be fascinating. You know? Whether there’ll be singing or dancing is another issue. I don’t know. It’s going to be fun, though.

THR: So, how involved is Howard going to be in it?
Gansa: I don’t think he’s involved at all.

Source The Hollywood Reporter