Kiefer Sutherland on 24 Movie: ‘Everyone Wants to Kill Jack’

Kiefer Sutherland has spoke more about the upcoming 24 film, saying that although it’s not a sure thing they’ll be able to film it within the small window of time available, he is “very confident” and “excited” about the circumstances. It looks like they are getting closer to hiring a director too: “We have a couple directors, specifically one who I don’t want to say his name just yet,” says Kiefer.

As for the plot, Kiefer explains that it’s more about saving himself than saving the world. “[Jack Bauer] is hiding in Eastern Europe and his cover is blown. All of a sudden, everybody from aspects of the CIA, to certain groups in the Middle East, to the Chinese – everybody he’s basically made angry throughout the television show wants to kill him. And he has to figure out how they found him, and he has to survive. That’s the general gist of what we are thinking of making.”

What do you think of this storyline? (Thanks to 24heureschrono for the heads up!)


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That story sounds pretty cool and a natural progression from the series, has a kind of ‘Die Hard with a Vengeance’ ring to it, which is fine with me as that was a solid movie (apart from the rushed and lacklustre final reel), but that storyline sounds promising, lots of potential for action galore, and hopefully an emotionally engaging finale to the entire ’24’ saga, let’s end it on a high note!

Of course, it depends both on the actual script (as always) and who they get to direct it, but from that interview, it sounds like they’re pretty close to confirming someone, the sooner the better, and that way they can get started on prepping the movie for production… place your bets now, who do you think they’ll hire, I don’t have a clue myself, but can’t wait to find out!?

I’m keeping my eyes, fingers, and toes crossed that Antoine Fuqua will get the directing job.

I like it! Sounds like a good way to close the series (although, I’m still hoping for a film franchise) by allowing Jack to finally focus on his problems instead of somebody else’s problems for once.

I’m also very curious to see how the film *ends*, as much as I’d like Jack to find peace it wouldn’t be very fitting for him to walk out into the sunset.