One Week Left to Help Carlos Bernard Fund His Short Film!

There’s just a week left in the fundraising deadline for Carlos Bernard’s short film Your Father’s Daughter, and there is still $6,000 needed. Thanks to the generosity of 24 fans, If you are unable to donate any money, you can help out by spreading the word – there’s just a few days left!

Carlos Bernard himself has shared this thank you message for everyone who has helped out.

Make sure to donate to Your Father’s Daughter within the next few days, and help spread the word. Also be sure to catch Carlos Bernard on TNT’s Dallas, airing tomorrow!

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Oh my god! I’ve just looked through the list of backers!” David Fury, James Morrison, Scott Powell (editor), Jon Cassar, Dennis Haysbert, Manny Coto and Howard Gordon, all pledged to this project! It’s amazing how the 24 family stuck together…

It’s on 20.300$ now, so it will definitely be funded. Well done Carlos! Well done, 24!!!

And good luck.