Indian version of ’24’ has started production

Anil Kapoor in a FOX photo shoot
Anil Kapoor in a FOX photo shoot

Director Abhinay Deo, who is co-writing and co-producing the Indian version of the popular American TV show “24”, says its shooting will begin Monday.

“Shooting for ’24’ will start from Monday. The team is very big, almost 70 to 80 people are working on the show,” Deo said here Friday at an event organised for cancer patients.

“Within six months, we will complete the shoot and the show will go on air around July or August,” he added.

Deo, who has helmed movies like “Game” and “Delhi Belly”, will direct the key episodes of the show himself.

Actor Anil Kapoor, who featured in the US version of the show, and is responsible for bringing it to India, was also at the event.

Deo says Anil too will be seen in the desi “24”, and that too in a “never-before-seen character”.

“24” started in 2001 and ran till 2010, with a total of 192 episodes.

Anil featured in the eighth season of the show as Omar Hassan and in the desi version, the actor will play the iconic character of Jack Bauer, essayed by Kiefer Sutherland in the original.

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I personally think this is a huge mistake & error in judgement Kiefer Sutherland is Jack Bauer no one else. & to have another country remake it is a stupid idea & move.

This makes my stomach turn. I do wonder if they’ll make it original or just copy the story. On a positive possibility, wouldn’t be interesting if this is actually awesome and basically continues ’24’ like Kiefer would hint at about the show continuing without him and focusing on someone else’s life? Perhaps they should reconsider the name ‘Jack Bauer’ though. Just be original and keep the time format; that would be awesome and I would look forward to watching it.

But this is not a continuing without Jack Bauer show this is a different take on the same show! & it’ll be ridicules. The only person I’ll see as Jack Bauer is Kiefer sutherland…. Why there messing it up I du know but it’ll suck they’ll just ruin it.

Jamahl Bahar

This is still a huge mistake….

Its gonna be a different set up with the same format and the character’s name is jay singh rathore instead of jack bauer. At least they are not trying to ruin the original but showing the great show in india where the situation is almost like the show in real life and india can relate to it. Overall i’ll look for it.

this is stupid there can be only one jack bauer

They (Bollywood cinema) did a remake of ‘Italian Job’ and turned out to be a flop. 24 has set high standard and I can’t think how they can catch up with that. Let’s say Anil Kapoor took over the lead role similar to Jack Bauer and show managed to run 7 seasons.(India is a big country with a lot of viewership and they are passionate of Bollywood stars)Who will do the role of President Hassan which was originally done by Anil Kapoor himself. :D

ooo Just STFU and watch the show, if you think the world will end don’t watch it. @Tharindu President Hassan will be Kiefer sutherland lol. This show will have Indian theme and setting. Why would you want to remake the original version in India where Kiefer Sutherland cant relate to. Watch the remake for London with Kiefer Sutherland. I wish Amir Khan would be Jack Bauer aka Jay Singh Rathore for the Indian version. i’ll check it out