24: Live Another Day writers start on Monday

David Fury has revealed on Twitter that the writing process for 24: Live Another Day will begin on Monday.

Confirmed writers are Howard Gordon, David Fury, Evan Katz, Manny Coto, and series co-creator Robert Cochran. Showrunner Howard Gordon has said that other former 24 writers like Chip Johannessen “can come in and pinch-hit” if needed.


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Why the hell do you write ‘First’… you contribute nothing and it’s plain childish.

As of this news, this is great that plans are starting for Live Another Day. Now all we need is for the writing to stop and for the acting to begin.

June 28, 2013 at 3:37 pm
OMFG can’t wait any longer T_T

I assume Joel Surnow is not involved then??? I wonder why?

Joel Surnow is still involved in ’24’ as has been since he left in 2008, but only as an executive consultant, meaning he gives them ideas and advice on storylines, scripts, casting, etc, but it’s largely a ceremonial and consultative role not an actual executive one.

He left ’24’ because he just wanted to do other things creatively away from the grind and constraints of network television, I would dearly love for him to return to ’24’ full-time (his absence is definitely felt) but if he doesn’t feel the need or want to, then it’s better he follow his heart in that regard rather than just returning for the cheque as many in that industry do… and besides, if Bob Cochran returns to ’24’ full-time for the new series, that’ll be good enough for me!

But none of my above comments are to take anything away from Howard Gordon, who I think has done an extraordinary job of keeping ’24’ as good and as engaging as it was and hopefully still will be in future… by definition, a show can’t be as fresh after seven or eight or nine years on-air as it was those first few years, but HoGo and the writing/production team still managed to deliver the best television drama right to the end of it’s run in 2010, and that ladies and germs is sheer talent at work.

I have every confidence that ‘Live Another Day’ wil work like absolute gangbusters, especially considering they have a whole six months to work on the scripts before shooting begins in January, which is considerably more time than they ever had on the series… it’s going to be great, I just know it…

I’m aware of why he left 24 thanks. I meant They didn’t exactly clarify if he was or is going to be involved in the mini-series. Other then Joel & Robert Most of 24 had it’s writing staff from the start so that’s a good thing. & I guess as I understand it Robert will be back on the writing staff for this so that’s good also. & yes I agree Howard & the rest of the writers did & have done a good job at keeping 24 grounded in the idea that the creators started with along with well thought out suspenseful stories…. It’s pretty cool how all of this is coming together nicely I’m psyched for this! & I agree it’ll be good there always consistent in there stories & well thought out. I would like them to do & see things we didn’t see in the series.

June 29, 2013 at 6:16 am
“Ladies and germs”? The implication being men make women sick?

I’m sad if Joel Surnow isn’t back, because he was the one who actually had the idea for 24 (while he was taking a shower apparently…) and his DVD commentaries with Mary Lynn Rajskub (who he himself cast as Chloe) were always hilarious.

Speaking of which, I hope LAD is going to have commentaries again, because those were greatly missed on the Day 8 DVD/Blu-ray.

Whoa there, WouldntYouLikeToKnow, it was just a manner of speech, no offense intended, it’s just a variation on ladies and gentlemen, that’s all… hope you were joking there, if not, please take a chill pill (meant in all humble sincerity), nothing was intended or implied in my jovial remark, the gals rock just as much as the guys (and vice versa)!

I’d love to see things we haven’t seen yet on the series, perhaps David Fury’s suggestion on Twitter that the new day start at half-past the hour rather than the top of the hour, giving them leeway to not only jump hours but parts of hours if, as, and when demanded by the story. I’ve said befoe it would be a golden opportunity to branch out on ‘Live Another Day’ and have the action take place in two or even three different locations (whether domestic or international), thereby giving them the opportunity to jump time vis-a-vis Jack travelling between destinations. Anyone any good ideas what kind of new terrorist threat and from whom the threat should come from in ‘Live Another Day’ because they’ve already covered a lot of ground over nine years, it must be a real challenge at this point to think of an original and fresh new angle on terrorism… but if anyone can do it, the ’24’ writers can, they always did before, and I’ve every confidence they’ll do it again!

June 30, 2013 at 3:53 am
Maybe Korean terrorists. Or Nina’s German contacts.

I kinda hope the first half of 24 LAD takes place in Europe, then a 12 hour time jump and we’re in Los Angeles for the last 6 hours.

June 30, 2013 at 8:32 pm
@Wouldntyouliketoknow, that would be totally rad if it played out like that, maybe even an episode with some real-time action on the plane like we saw on Season 5. I wouldn’t go with North Korean terrorists because that was already done in Olympus Has Fallen recently and in the Bond film Die Another Day back in 2002, the 24 writers need to put their collective heads together and deliver a new threat that’s something we haven’t seen before either on 24 or any other action drama, that will have an international scope to it, and will test Jack Bauer to the very limits of his endurance… the more lethal the villains the better the story!

People keep saying L.A I think there done with L.A & that’s fine with me.

Fury twits that he wants to return to a smaller- scale story
like in season 1

^Lookin’ good, then!

Sorry, to double post but the thing is we don’t need to up the stakes every time. It just makes 24 look like Die Hard. A smaller, more personal story is always best.

Hopefully Fury gets his way.

“Fury twits that he wants to return to a smaller-scale story like in season 1”

I seem to remember (I think it was) Joel Surnow saying roughly the same thing about Season 7, that they wanted to go back to character-driven storylines like in Season 1 rather than upping the ante year on year… and that approach worked very well indeed for that aforementioned seventh season!

I’m wondering if they’ll use any ideas (probably thematic more than narrative) from the unfilmed movie script, Kiefer once stated the movie storyline featured more of a personal threat to Jack than a world-threatening one, and if that’s the case, coupled with David Fury’s above comment, I’m thinking (and maybe even hoping) that the writers will keep that premise of a smaller scale and more personal story for Jack and have that be the focus rather than a save-the-planet scenario… ’24’ always was at it’s best when the events had a personal stake for characters and not just the job they were doing, hopefully ‘Live Another Day’ can and indeed will continue that tradition!

yeah with the way season 8 ended, i think in “Live Another Day” they will have jack on the run as they had planned for the 24 movie, as keifer says in this video


and that’s why i think they called it “Live Another Day” because it will be jack on the run. no ctu no terrorist threat, just jack trying to survive and live another day.

i think and hope they go with that idea because that would be really good and something different

Well I think the fact that Jack’s on the run sounds pretty personal to me. If there are other aspects of the story we don’t know about that’s fine. But If they can keep the main story about Jack being a fugitive that sounds pretty personal in my opinion. The story could focus mainly on that maybe not all of it. But most of it.

trinity walker
July 8, 2013 at 11:43 am
i cant wait!!!!!!! i watch every last series of it and jack is so cool he has endless lives.