CTU “unlikely” to be part of 24: Live Another Day

24 writer and executive producer David Fury has responded to a fan question and said that the Counter Terrorist Unit is unlikely to return for 24: Live Another Day. CTU has been a staple of the series, appearing in seven of the eight seasons, but it looks like the writers are serious about taking the series in a different direction.


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HOLY CRAP! No CTU means they’re really trying to start new and fresh. That was one of the reasons that made Season 7 so good, CTU was gone and we had Renee as this new great character for Jack to play off of.

Every single tidbit of news I hear about LAD makes me more excited about it. Forget about the 24 hour real time format, let’s make it 12 hours in 12 episode and we’ll skip hours. CTU? We brought it back in Season 8 and see how that worked out for the first half of the season. New President? Let’s make him a different one than we’ve done in the past.

I. cannot. wait.

Is it strictly necessary to HAVE one of the principal characters be a President? They didn’t have it on Season 1 and it worked like gangbusters anyway, if they’re serious about forging new ground on ‘Live Another Day’ – and they definitely seem intent on doing so – how about weaving a story without the usual safety nets we’ve come to expect on ’24’… no CTU is a great start but also not having a Presidential-focused subplot to distract from Jack’s story (considering they only have a considerably tighter twelve episodes to play with on this one) and mark time with would be a welcome development in my humble opining!

It’s possible that the President will play a part in finding Jack? Not necessarily a side plot as you said but a President could factor into there main story as far as Jack goes. It’s not that big of an issue. The Presidents in 24 worked just fine. the difference this time maybe that the president will be apart of the main story in the search for Jack. It would be stupid of them not to include a president.

@ Gerry – I would argue that Palmer’s status as a Presidential candidate in S1 was almost the same as if he were President already. I didn’t view the context or magnitude of his role in S2 and beyond being much different from the role he had in S1, even if his formal title was different.

I would also agree with Joshua in that, if terrorism is still the underlying threat that Jack will be battling against, it’s almost inherent that the threat against the US has to involve the government leaders. Does that mean that Jack has a direct line to the President and can reach him as easily as he can order a pizza? Of course not – and I would hope the writers play that aspect of unrealistic tenets down.

If CTU is out, it probably doesn’t matter – just like S7 played up the FBI and S5, S6 and S8 all gave prominent presence to Homeland Security with Karen Hayes and Tim Woods, I could see some similar branch of anti-terrorism being created with a new moniker and role for Jack to serve. I could also possibly even see Jack employed in some Secret Service-type role that is directly tied to a high-ranking official (similar to his advisory role to Heller in S4).

I would say Jack wouldn’t be battling terrorists. He is a wanted fugitive now. It’s not like there going to ask him for his help in resolving the crisis. But on the level of him being a fugitive a president would have to be involved. My feeling is the story will focus on Jack & the Fugitive aspect of it. Kinda like Howard Gordon put it he’s a man without a country. I’d say the story will focus on that for starters. As for CTU my two guess’s are one there is no agency. & this will be about the government chasing him. Or 2 There’s a new agency operated by the government Possibly a Rouge or an agency not afraid to push limits. But from the start it doesn’t make a lot of sense for Jack to be helping the U.S when he’s a wanted man by the U.S & russians. My feeling is it won’t focus fully on a crises but on the fact that Jack is wanted.

I really like the new format of the show of having 12 hours/episodes in a 24 hour day which allows for skipping hours. I am hoping that because of the new format, we will finally get to see Jack in a foreign country (yes, I know that Jack was in Mexico in season 3, but it was a weak storyline). The new season allows for 12 total hours worth of skipping so Jack can board a plane to just about anywhere in the world (or possibly back to the U.S from where he was) and then the show skips to when the flight arrives several hours later. Can you imagine how entertaining it could be having Jack battle terrorists in a middle eastern country.

i think the new 24 would be jack vs russians

Well Season 2 of ‘Homeland’ began in Israel so I’m thinking HoGo might go the same route and have ‘Live Another Day’ open in a foreign country (Eastern Europe perhaps?) with the action moving back to American soil during the course of the story…

What reason would Jack go back to America tho he’s wanted. He can’t go back.

That’s for HoGo and the writing team to decide…

That’s true but who knows what there gonna do honestly. But the fugitive thing they have to deal with first. It’s not like the U.S is going to ask him to come back.

The way S8 ended, Jack was only in trouble with US for his assault on the Russians – but who’s to say that, if Gordon sets the series 4 years later, the entire plot by Suvarov’s group isn’t exposed? President Taylor confessed to her role and was resigning at that time. They could easily say in the time that lapsed between the series and S8 that Jack ends up exhonerated and rather than being seen as a criminal/fugitive.

As for Josh’s question on where Jack would go, hasn’t the prevailing thread through out each season been that – no matter how little appreciation or respect he gets from the politicians, etc. in doing so – he still perseveres and acts out of loyalty and dedication to his country? Any resentment or betrayal he felt was always tied to the people in charge more than the country and its policies.

I could see the whole fugitive aspect that S8 ended with practically written off with the 4-year gap they’d use in the storyline – and Jack instead starting off as a civilian again, trying to lead a normal life, before some incident changes the setting and he either acts alone, or is recruited by some rogue / special ops group to help.

I think there’s definitely a possibility of what Predictor and Gerry suggest – of Jack starting out in a foreign country although I think the odds would be far greater that it would be a middle eastern country or perhaps somewhere like Bosnia (where the Drazen mission occurred). Similar to how S2 of ‘Homeland’ began with episode in Beirut that led back to threats on US soil, it wouldn’t be a reach to see Gordon try a location shift with the season for ’24’.

People are fugitives for a long time. Years even, They may not continue the Suvarov story or they may either way whatever situation Jack is in the writers I’m sure aren’t going to ignore what Jack did in season 8. They either have something new that factors into season 8 or this four year gap Jack is still on the run & he’s still being searched for by the U.S or mainly russians. Jack almost caused a war had chloe not talked him down he would really be wanted. Either way he still committed serious crimes. Even if Taylor’s involvement was exposed. Jack’s criminal actions aren’t going to go ignored. So he’s either in a foreign country as you said. My guess in hiding. But there not going to just start these 12 episodes forgetting what he did in season 8. without knowing where he’s been for those for years, It’s not like the U.S & russians are just going to forget about what he did.Howard Gordon kinda put it he’s a man without a country. So I don’t think there going to write those things off. Considering how they left it fans are gonna wanna know.

You know what? The more I think of it, the more I want Jack to have a tragic ending. Either death or being sentenced to life in a US prison.

Death would be best ’cause it would end the Bauer mythos forever. I just hope the writers are brave enough to do it. FOX might not want to for commercial reasons, but eff them!.

Considering that a series of sequels is on the table I don’t think they’ll cross that bridge anytime soon. Besides with people suggesting that the writers throwing that out there. I think killing him won’t catch people off guard they are going to expect it. like they almost did in season 8. They haven’t said anything about killing Jack. I think there going to give this mini-series a shot. My hope is that it will be followed by a series of sequels that has been suggested already 24 deserves it.

No..Bauerfan.. He Should Gone Dark AgaIn To The End Of The S9..

He Did Alot For His Country.. He Didn’t Deserve To Be Ended up In Prison for The Rest Of His Life..

Hi Gerry ! did you see that ? it’s a Fury twit:

“@CineTVworld: @TheDavidFury is there any real chance to see Mandy (Mia Kirshner) again? #24LAD” Always.

Bonjour Catherine sweetie, I did catch that tweet from David Fury… and very pleased too! Any chance of Mandy’s return is a good thing, as long as there’s a legitimate reason for doing so, thanks for the heads-up anyway!

Any character that’s still alive of course there gonna say that there always a chance if there alive. & ya know there not dead.

Hm… 24 without CTU doesn’t seem to ring true. The best moments of the series were when Jack walked into the CTU and the violin played the theme somberly in the background. In Season 7, when the servers were brought back on line, it was a key point in the season and it underscored that shutting down CTU in the first place was a mistake.

On the other hand, Jack operating without support is bound to give the season more edge.

Heck, I didn’t think I’d even like the show when it came on 12 years ago. I incorrectly thought Fox was trying to dramatize 9/11. It never occurred to me that the first few episodes had been shot before that tragic day.

Bottom line? It may just work!

No CTU? #HoustonWeHaveAProblem