24: Live Another Day to be set entirely in London

Tower Bridge, London
Tower Bridge, London

24 writer and executive producer David Fury confirmed to a fan on Twitter that the upcoming miniseries 24: Live Another Day will take place entirely in London.

There has been some confusion by fans when Kiefer Sutherland said “If Jack Bauer needs to get on a plane to go from London to Germany, you don’t have to watch that,” in a recent interview with Access Hollywood. But it looks like that was just an example rather than an actual plot point.

Fury also claims that another season is possible if the ratings are good – and obviously it would have a different subtitle.

Source David Fury on Twitter thanks Lucus!


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Omg this would be amazing if this is not just a 1 of season, hope 24 returns after this new series :)

Maybe it can call it 24: Live Another Day – Season 2 lol

im wondering how the storyline will be since we have a US president cant wait for it to air so it can answer this quentions 4 me


Anything else they’d like to go back on? What the hell ever happened to all the “this new format allows Jack to travel around” hype?

Okay so that leads to more confustion Maybe he travels around london then? So what did they do just pull the whole he was in europe for 4yrs outta thin air?

Maybe Heller is in a summit in London…

@ Seba: He will be. Kiefer recently confirmed that in an Interview.

Hmmm… Don’t know what to think about the fact that the whole Season is taking place in London. I mean with what are they skipping 12 hours of time? Obviously it’S not gonna be flying to somewhere. But I can’t imagine he’s driving around for 12h either. So what could happen in the 12 hours they skip? Maybe eating & drinking, going to the frggin toilette… Any other ideas?

Was just thinking that another way Fury’s tweet could possibly be interpreted is that it’s *filmed* entirely in London.

So maybe Jack could fly to different locations but those scenes would still be filmed in London (sorta like how they faked Mexico in Day 3).

Omg, was the Mexico with Jack and hector fake? Bloody hell didn’t knew that, I thought it was the real location of Mexico.

I could be mistaken about that, but as far as I know, the “Mexico” episodes were filmed in Santa Clarita, California.

Most of Washington DC in Season 7 was faked as well (they only filmed 8 episodes there, the rest in Los Angeles) and all of NY in Season 8 was faked too.

So it’s certainly possible for them to fake a different location while filming entirely in London. Whether they actually do that or not remains to be seen though.

If you’re curious, see http://24.wikia.com/wiki/Filming_locations_on_24. Mexico was done in Santa Clarita/Thousand Oaks

Nice, can always count on Wiki 24 to be the go-to source for this kind of information (and everything 24-related for that matter)!

I used to be a frequent contributor there during season 7, thinking of returning when Live Another Day starts back up.

Awesome, would be good to have you back! What was your username on there?

I want to say my username on 24 Wiki was SeanM or something similar but it’s been so long that I’m not entirely sure. I mostly did a bunch of smaller edits, screencapped images for character pages, added background notes, etc.

My biggest contribution was probably the “Audio Commentary” page which became so large it was split into several subpages. I don’t think I ever got around to doing the Season 4 commentaries though, so that’s something I definitely want to finish one of these days.

Ah cool! http://24.wikia.com/wiki/User:SeanPM I think…Hope you get the chance to do some more editing there!

That’s it!

At the very least I’ll return to finish up the commentary stuff I was doing. There’s some interesting details revealed on those, but probably only a tiny fraction of people ever listen to them.