Kiefer discusses 24: Live Another Day with Access Hollywood

Kiefer Sutherland chats with Access about bringing the adventures of Jack Bauer back to TV in the revived “24.” Now that the show will only be 12 episodes, how will they still do the show in real time? Plus, where does the show pickup?

Source Access Hollywood


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Hang on a minute! Did Kiefer just divulge a plot point in that interview? So the story may take Jack to contintental Europe (Germany?) as well as London… that would certainly make maximum use of the time-jumps in the narrative!

“Make sure nothing can connect you to Chermany”

How I’d love for Jack to get hold of whoever was on the end of that phone, and that cunt on the boat at the end of S2.

Jack killed that “cunt on the boat” (Max) in Season 2.5, 24: The Game.

Kiefer sure looks a lot more fit and healthier in that interview than he did at any point during the “Touch” series.

Sounds like no one wants to let go of “24: The Movie” idea! LOL

I feel that they should just drop the whole movie idea. I don’t think it’d work and the writers and producers see this.

@ Garry I get the feeling over the Course of the 12 episodes or at least the beginning Jack is going to move around like Kiefer said. Maybe as the season progresses….. unless you haven’t already assumed where Jack was hiding I don’t think that was anything major that he gave away. Europe has been talked about as to where Jack may of been hiding. I personally don’t find it shocking to be honest because it was already speculated or talked about that Jack was in Europe. & I’m sure Jack will do some traveling on screen.

i have been wondering! will the russian president yuri suvorov be coming back since season 8 ended without the viewers knowing his fate

Please make Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) from Burn Notice appear in 24
It would be great !