Kiefer Sutherland Sky News video interview

Kiefer Sutherland gave a video interview to Sky News HD on set in London. There’s a little bit of previously unseen footage from 24: Live Another Day sprinkled throughout as well.

Right now we’re in CIA headquarters which is an underground version of the CIA. We’re about five levels down underground and it’s one of the sets on 24.

24: Live Another Day plot

We ended season 8 with Jack Bauer being given a twenty minute window by President Taylor to go dark or disappear, and he manages to do that with the aid of Chloe. He manages to get out of the country and has been hiding in Eastern Europe for the past four years. A threat to the American President while visiting London in a conference with the Prime Minister has bought Jack Bauer from underground to above ground where he has now become a target of pretty much every other country in the world, including the United States and Britain, while he’s trying to stop this threat from taking place.

On returning to 24

I was nervous, I was very proud of everything that we’ve accomplished in eight years. And there was something very kind of satisfying about saying “Okay, it’s done.” But I enjoyed it immensely and Howard [Gordon] had such a beautiful idea that obviously you’d want to be a part of it. But the fear of not having it fulfill all of its potential is massive. So it took me a few days of shooting to kind of realize that I felt very comfortable and at home. Jon Cassar who was our lead director/producer all the way up until season 7, it’s fantastic to be working with him right now. And shooting in London has been amazing, we’ve had the nicest time here, we have a phenomenal crew. As you can see our set and production design is extraordinary. So right now it’s perfect.

On being hurt

I’ve never gone through an entire season of 24 without getting hurt, so I’ll make the joke about the age difference and the bones being a little more brittle. But the reality is, if you do this long enough, you’re going to bang a knee here… I’ve fractured my kneecap, I’ve broken a few different bones, I think I’ve gotten about twenty-some stitches over the years. Stuff happens and this year is no exception.

Source Sky News


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“Stuff happens and this year is no exception.”

Well said Kiefer!! Rock on in LAD!!

Thanks for the transcript !! easier to understand for no English-speaking people like me !

This was a great interview to. Again can’t wait.