24: Live Another Day takes place internationally

Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly has just announced during his TCA talk that the new season of 24 will take place outside of the US. “This is gonna be set in an international setting. They’ve got a great idea,” said Reilly.

An international setting explains the news from earlier this week about CTU’s return being “unlikely” and reaffirms the writers claims of doing something fresh. Exciting news! We also learned during the TCA talk that 24: Live Another Day will premiere in May alongside new FOX drama Gang Related. Chloe O’Brian was confirmed as the second cast member earlier today.


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Wait… it’s gonna be ALL outside of the US? That’s great news!!!

Even despite these tweets I have my doubts. Still not sure whether the writers will do the show internationally for the entire 12 episode.

But if they do, so much the better!

I dunno’ about this – like what power does Chloe O’Brien have if she’s not a member of a United States gov department?

I bet it’ll be good but I hope it’s not in somewhere like Pakistan or a middle-Eastern country.

Looks I was on the same page as the ’24’ writers of having the show take place internationally for at least part of the season. It wouldn’t suprise me if we see Jack in 2 or 3 foreign countries during the course of the season. I’m not a Chloe fan so I dont really care how they use her but it wouldn’t surprise me if she helps Jack from her home by hacking into government systems for information(foreign or domestic).

How about a 24:LAD premier viewing party at a local theater? Could the FOX network feed be displayed on a standard movie theater screen? Also, they could show the 24:LAD season finale on the big screen too. I would pay to watch it on the big screen with full movie theater surround sound. It might be cool to watch it with other die hard 24 fans. Would you pay to watch at a movie theater?

24marathonman: I would love to see 24:LAD on the big screen, just not with a crowd. I’m not trying to be rude but people attending that kind of event would be die hard fans. I’m a die hard fan but I know what would happen at an event like that. People yelling and screaming and cheering which would disrupt my own personal experience.

I’d be all for watching it with a crowd on my second time though.

DAMN! The ’24’ cup runneth over with breaking news today!

I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to what the story will be in ‘Live Another Day’ but the international setting throughout it’s entire run certainly opens up any number of possible ways it could go… will Jack be on the run, will he uncover a threat and have to break cover to expose it, will he be drafted in to help on a new threat… the possibilities are endless, plus the likelihood of the story taking place in more than one foreign locale more than justifies the new forrmat of being able to jump whole hours! At this stage, I wouldn’t take the movie even if they offered it on a silver platter, this is so much better and much more exciting than a mere two-hour short story…

Oh, I just thought of something that might be relevant here; a few months ago someone here mentioned the unused movie outline written back in 2006 whereby the story would take place in Prague, London, and an unnamed Middle East country, and although the 24-hour day in that story wouldn’t play out in real time, the action in the three location settings would… that’s the first thing I thought of when I heard today’s news, I wonder if HoGo dusted off that basic idea (if not the actual plot) for ‘Live Another Day’…?

I think it’s way to early to draw assumptions/conclusions. Lets just see what they do. I for one am excited.

No assumptions from me, I’m just throwing ideas around… same as the writers right now, haha! Besides, thanks to Catherine and according to David Fury – https://twitter.com/TheDavidFury/status/363080568935677952 – we know it will “probably” be set in Europe for at least some of the story… way to go Catherine, go get ’em gal!

I for one don’t find this a negative thing they wanna free up the story & these new changes are the way to do it. It’s possible Chloe is not with CTU as she was arrested for helping Jack escape the U.S so she’s not gonna have as much input or authority as people may think. The authority is going to lay with the president/white House. & a new agency assuming there is one.

Maybe Chloe will be used to bring down Jack Bauer. She could be a double agent working for the corrupt-as-fuck U.S. Government “befriending” Jack. And maybe she’ll turn into a triple agent and join Jack on the run after she’s dropped off to lure him in. This will be her escape. Jack and Chloe on the run. Not Jack and Chloe via sat-com-link, but Jack and Chloe physically together (for the first time?). No more bullshit CTU and cellphones and uploading wait times. Just gritty survival.

I hope it all ends with Jack having to nuke the U.S. to save the world as its become the bully and enemy of the world. That would be awesome for Jack to sacrifice “his country” to save the world.

I mean nukes on main U.S. government agencies, not on the entire country/civilians. Just wipe out the government infrastructure and return the country to the people. I know that’s a pipe dream/fantasy that is unrealistic. I’m just projecting real-world issues.

Expect Jack Bauer to be a parallel to Edward Snowden.

All international settings worked great for the first 2 Bourne movies and 2 of the 3 ‘Transporter’ movies – and we’ve already learned of Jack’s past missions outside of the US.

If one thinks of how the series ended, it’d be natural to assume with this news that the Russian angle will somehow play a part (maybe the Russians kidnap Chloe or Kim or someone else close to him) to lure Jack onto their turf?) but, personally, I’m hoping it puts Jack into the middle East, maybe with an angle that he learns of a threat being plotted from abroad against the US and goes to the source to stop it.

The international setting and country-hopping does back up the premise of a 24-hour day being captured in 13 hours.

Jack Bauer v Kim Jong-Un

May be they use the script of the canceled movie, or part of it. Jack is on the run in Europe, a small place with small countries so he can jump from a country to another, from Paris to London 1 hour in plane for ex, and near to Middle East too: 3, 4 hours. With the new format no need to let Jack 4 hours in a plane !

Kim would be the most likely target. Not chloe Besides it’s to early for maybe’s, because whatever they do it’ll be consistent. Ideas could be thrown around But my feeling is he’s not going to be asked back to the U.S to help I think there going to see Jack as a threat & make finding him a priority. His officially a fugitive & I think there going to use that as a reason to capture him or try & kill him.

@ Joshua: Kim would be the easy choice but if the Russian vendetta angle is kept alive, Chloe would be more involved and aware of what the truth was and therefore a liability one would think the Russians go after first.

The fugitive angle – where Jack is chased by the US government – seems hard to grasp, if only because Taylor resigned at end of S8 and confessed to her role in the cover-up. So one has to think that the fallout of the Russians conspiring to supply nuclear rods to IRK rebels against the US, then murdering American agents along the way towards assassinating Hassan – and Taylor’s knowledge that President Suvarov was aware of it all would have led to some understanding of Jack’s actions against criminals in that plot.

Then again, maybe the storyline for the first comeback season is all about Jack clearing his record so by the follow-up season (assuming there is one), he’s a free citizen again.

I wonder if the international context was motivated in part because the original series was so popular in England and other parts of Europe. I remember an interview Kiefer did on SkyNet satellite radio during the final season, where he noted how loyal and supportive fans overseas were of the series.

“The fugitive angle – where Jack is chased by the US government” Would be different I hope they & I’m sure they are doing as many new things as possible. The current position Jack is in the writers aren’t going to let that of the hook. They are going to keep the tension up/suspense & the fact that Jack is a fugitive is the perfect way to play with that. Jack was framed in season 7 for killing Burnett I don’t think the priority for him will be about clearing his name. It’ll be about doing what he thinks is right. Even if it means dieing to do it. threw out the series of 24 Jack never really got off easy. I don’t think there just going to ignore his actions in season 8 they have to catch the viewers up from that point & go from there. If the U.S asked him to come back considering what he did it wouldn’t make a whole lota sense.

I understand your thinking on the fugitive angle, Joshua, but Gordon did say that the reboot will pick up 4 years after S8. Even if Jack were considered a fugitive based on events in S8, it would be hard to accept that the US was still chasing him aggressively 4 years after the incidents, nevermind that a lot of the facts about events in S8 would plausibly have come out in that time period to cast a different light on Jack’s actions. With that time gap, a new presidential administration will be in place in both the US and Russia – which makes an ongoing manhunt for Jack even more remote IMO.

If Gordon had said that the reboot was going to take place a short time after S8, then I could see the fugitive context being the only way to go – but I’m not expecting the writers will go that way.

If anything, to build a little off of the events of the first 8 seasons, maybe it will be more of a tangent where Jack has voluntarily retreated into isolation to forget his past and get a new start, which would then possibly explain the international locale being the starting point for where the new series finds him.

Anyway, hopefully we’ll get some teaser/trailers around the end of the year that will give more clues to what the writers are thinking of……..

I see your point, but it would be kinda hard to believe That the U.S would be like hey we need Jack Bauer to resolve this crises. * Jack going okay. Anyhow you & I could both be wrong. But despite there being a new president That doesn’t mean that the new administration going to trust Jack anymore then any other president. I see your point on the four year gap if they called off the manhunt for Jack it would most likely be because they couldn’t find him. My point tho is it’s unlikely there going to start off 24 again without knowing where he’s currently at as a fugitive.

TJ, you’re hoping for teasers or a trailer by the end of THIS year? Dude, they don’t start filming until January, haha… I know we’re all desparate to see footage but I don’t think time-travel is within the producers grasp at present :-D…

The sooner we see something my guess is by the super bowl.

David Fury twitted that “almost if not all” of 24LAD will take place outside the US