Gbenga Akinnagbe and Giles Matthey cast in 24: Live Another Day as CIA Agents

Gbenga Akinnagbe (left) and Giles Matthey (right) have just been cast in 24: Live Another Day as CIA Employees
Gbenga Akinnagbe (left) and Giles Matthey (right) have been cast in 24: Live Another Day as CIA Employees

The Wire alum Gbenga Akinnagbe and Giles Matthey (Jobs) have been cast in the next chapter in the 24 franchise that will be set in Europe and filmed in London.

The limited series, from 20th TV, Imagine TV and Howard Gordon, picks up the story four years after the 24 series finale, which left Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) as a fugitive from justice. Four years later, he is back on the run, this time in Europe.

Akkinnagbe, repped by Silver Lining and Nelson Davis Wetzstein, will play the much-easier-to-pronounce Erik Ritter, a strong, sharp, arrogant and ambitious CIA field operative. He has recurred on The Good Wife, Nurse Jackie and Graceland.

Matthey, repped by Gersh, Untitled and Independent Talent UK, will play Jordan Reed, a smart and sophisticated CIA computer tech. He previously recurred on True Blood.

The two join returning 24 castmembers Sutherland, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kim Raver and William Devane as well as the just-cast Judy Davis, who will have a villainous recurring role.

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Casting is moving along nicely… hopefully more returning characters will be announced

I have never even heard of these actors so I really can’t comment if they are any good or not however I am sure both of them will be brilliant in this new series of 24 and I am so glad we are getting to hear some more castings.

Also this news confirms it that CTU won’t be involved in this new series as I really like CTU as its part of 24 but I guess the producers want to make this new series fresh away from the old format.

I wonder what Jack Bauer’s day from hell will be in this new series and I can’t wait until I see this series unfolds with shocking cliffhangers and brilliant twists in real time, I am also glad Audrey and Chloe are back for this new series and I just hope Tony makes a comeback since he didn’t return in series 8.

Does this mean the story will take place in the US too? The CIA is an American agency, would they even be allowed to conduct business in London?

I don’t understand how this is going to work.

Mike, it is actually illegal for the CIA to operate within the borders of the United States. So it is very plausible for the CIA to be operating in the UK.

Mike, I am also with you. I am not sure if all 12 episodes will be filmed in London since CIA is American, and also what worries me is that if some episodes filmed in other countries, how the hell can they get to the destination in a short of period of time?

Like for example, if Jack goes on a plane then how long will it take him to get to the country? It’s also been reported that it will skip some hours (this seems worrying a bit) but we will just have to see how the storylines/episodes unfold on tv, but I am sure it will be brilliant as the producers had 3 years to come up with this new series.

Well we know for sure that Mary Lynn Rajskub for sure will be in London as she tweeted a few weeks ago about how much the temperature will change from her current location to London.

Mike, the C.I.A. is a FOREIGN intelligence service, in that they conduct intelligence operations outside of the territorial United States, it’s the F.B.I. that conducts domestic intelligence operations inside the United States.

I’m presuming that the Central Intelligence Agency might be the primary agency at the center of events in ‘Live Another Day’ – much like C.T.U. in Seasons 1-6 and 8, and the F.B.I. in Season 7 – considering one of the new characters has been identified as a chief of field operations, whilst the other is technical support…

Yea CIA works outside of the US. Homeland is a prime example.

^We’re talking officially, here. It makes sense for 24 to chose the CIA as the primary agency for LAD.

I was referring to the TV Show HoGo and other 24 producers do. Homeland on Showtime. Decent show and the show is revolves around the CIA.

Now they need to cast some British agents. I nominate Jamie Draven, who would knock it out of the fucking park, and maybe justify starting up a UK 24 Spin-off with him as the lead.

^No spin-offs, please… never…

^ apart from the usual “Kiefer is Jack Bauer is 24” bollocks, I don’t see why not.

Kiefer is irreplaceable as Jack Bauer, but Kiefer is not 24, the whole revolutionary concept is so much bigger than any one actor or character no matter how great they are.

Besides, Britain and Europe would provide far more excitement than any of the previous locales. Trust me, after LADs visit to Europe you’ll want 24 to stay there.

New question to all the 24-fans:

What differences would have day 1 and 2 if Chloe would be there to help Jack?

I think it would’ve helped tremendously if he had Chloe

XAM: 99.99% of Spin-offs aren’t nearly as good as the original. Spin-offs are an easy way for a network/studio do make money off a previous property with no worries about quality. 24’s reputation has alread been marred, if somewhat unfairly, by seasons 6-8. LAD could truly be an amazing oportunity to restore that reputation. It could shoot “24” back up the “best tv series of all time” lists. A spin-off will just be a waste.

I absolutely do NOT think the legacy of ’24’ was marred by either Seasons 7 and/or 8, 24bauerfan dude, they were both superb seasons overall and were both enormous improvements in every way over and returns to form following that very troubled sixth season…troubles that likely could have been largely avoided had they mapped out the broad outline of the season in advance!

I defy anyone to watch the latter half of Season 8 and compare it to ANYTHING that came before it, it more than holds it’s own… and then some! And to say that the reputation of ’24’ is marred in any way is not entirely accurate, some shows have clearly continued on past their sell-by date – ‘The X Files’ and ‘The Simpsons’ just two recent examples that immediately spring to mind – but ’24’ most certainly was NOT one of them, and I’ll go to the mat with anyone on that point because I genuinely believe ’24’ was still a uniformly exceptional show when it ended it’s run in 2010, over and above just about any show before or since (with the possible and probable exception of ‘Breaking Bad’ which didn’t put a single foot wrong over six years and 62 episodes!)… and both the overwhelmingly positive reaction by and enormous anticipation from the public at large to the return of Jack Bauer next year was and is proof positive that series is still held in very high regard by most viewers!

Just my own humble opinion, for what it’s worth…

@Gerry are you a fan of Breaking Bad ? because I didn’t watch this series but many 24 fans advise me to look at.

I think too that season 7 was on of the best, and I like very much the last episodes of season 8 with Jack going mad.
And I don’t agree with the idea that 24 will work without Jack Bauer. In the beginning, yes, it was the real time format that made the show unique, but very quickly it was the Jack Bauer character !! An awesome character, never seen on TV on prime time.

Hey Catherine sweetie, I’ve become a pretty HUGE fan of ‘Breaking Bad’ only in the last couple of months; I never gave it much notice until the last season received enormous hype and attention this past autumn/fall, and just out of interest, I caught a couple of back-to-back episodes on Irish television network TG4… I was immediately hooked (the first time that’s happened since discovering ’24’ in June 2006), and immediately went online to catch up on the show from the beginning, getting through the first three seasons over about ten days! All I can say to anyone who hasn’t seen it is BELIEVE THE HYPE, it really is every bit as good as you’ve heard, it is in a word, a masterpiece of television storytelling, period! I would certainly recommend without any reservation you catch it…

24bauerfan, I feel the need to clarify what I said in reply to your post; I know you weren’t necessarily saying that Seasons 6-8 has marred the reputation of ’24’, you clearly stated you felt those seasons were “perhaps unfairly” attributed as doing so, you were were clearly quoting perceived opinion on those seasons and not necessarily espousing your own personal opinion… sorry if my reply made it sound like I thought that was your personal opinion (whether or not it actually is)! That being said, Season 6 clearly did a lot of damage to the legacy and reputation of ’24’, but I personally felt they came back very strong and largely undid that self-inflicted wound with two superb consecutive seasons that saw the series go out on a creative peak and with it’s head held high…

Gerry, I found 24 definitely more energy-grabbing and exciting than Breaking Bad. I too got through a few series in a few days but the love for the show and the “wow, I wonder what happens next” factor wasn’t there for me like it was in 24.

I just can’t wait for this new 24!

Also – to 24spoilers, what do you think about possibly adding a sort of discussion form for when 24: Live Another Day does come to air. This would be an exciting way of grasping the views of 24 fans and viewers.

Jack, no promises, but that’s a good idea and definitely something that I’ll be looking into closer to the premiere. Also want to have other interactive features like polls and such too.

Right now my main focus is on design and maintenance type stuff – improving the mobile version, updating all of the older posts with high quality widescreen images, replacing broken videos and interviews (Charlie Rose and TV Guide have deleted all of their video interviews so I’ll need to re-upload those), etc.

That kind of stuff isn’t immediately noticeable for those who come here for the latest 24 Live Another Day scoop, but it will improve the user experience and more importantly preserve some 24 history :) – After that I’ll switch focus to the newer stuff.

Great idea, especially for the interviews, Charlie Rose ones are the best IMO !

Yeah, they’ve deleted the Charlie Rose interviews… philistines :)

“I defy anyone to watch the latter half of Season 8 and compare it to ANYTHING that came before it” – phew! Find it hard to disagree more with that statement. The best of 24 has, for me, undoubtedly been the first half of Season 1. The character of Jack Bauer was a believable, human being, not an invicible superman who dressed as a power ranger to single handedly take out an entire presidential motorcade. He wasn’t a celebrity crime fighter who got out of situations by shouting “do you know who I am?” and having policemen just run away. The plots were original, not directly lifted from the Bourne Ultimatum (s8ep21)

Guys – just came across this interview with Glenn Morshower (Aaron Pierce)… by the way he’s talking, it sounds very likely that he’ll return in 24: Live Another Day. He seems very fluent spitting out the details on when it’ll film, where & when. Sounds like he’s been spoken to about possibly returning. I know he says that he doesn’t know & we have the same details as what he has told us, but I couldn’t see him knowing these details fluently if he wasn’t going to have a role?

Maybe I’m wrong. Tell me what you think.

I would hazard a guess that the ’24’ producers have maybe made preliminary contact with Glenn (and Carlos Bernard, it would appear) to see if he’s available in the event of him POSSIBLY returning as Agent Pierce… it doesn’t necessarily mean he will, but the writers would need to know well in advance whether he’s even available before they can consider writing his character back into the story much less actually doing so on page!

As writing on ‘Live Another Day’ is still ongoing, the writers are more than likely throwing around all kinds of story ideas, seeing if some characters could be brought back, and them contacting either Glenn Morshower or Carlos Bernard is likely a mere formality at this point, an enquiry of availability, and shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a confirmation of their respective character(s) making a return… it does make me wonder if they’ve made any enquiries as to Mia Kirshner’s availability though!!!